Thursday, May 31, 2012

End of school

The end of school is soo close.....everything is crazy. High school feels this need to shut down like 2 weeks early. My jr high teaches til the last was Lagoon day for the 9th graders s it was nice having them gone all day!! We have to u a bass Guitar by Monday for summer jazz band and have two library books lost that are about 40.00 that we have to find. Oh and summer band is $45. Abi is trying out for her soccer team again. We'll see what the results are in a few days. Today was field day at the elementary school. Big water slide and games. Everyone is dirty and wet. Must have been fun if mud is involved!!! All other fines are paid and Brooke even passed math!!!!! Miracle.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I'm not going to work tomorrow or the next day. Jack doesn't have kindergarten and my parents are out of town so I have no one to watch him. So I get to take the days off!! Can't wait. I asked Jack what he wants to do and he wants to go to McDonald's. K we can do that. I wanted to stain my deck but have to wash it and dry for 3 days.... Been to Relief Society tonight. Homemaking was tonight and it was FHE ideas. Nice! If we ever had FHE they were great ideas. Guess I need to be enter about it. maybe we could have it monday mornings in the summertime!! really. Can't add one more thing to my to do list so I guess I need to remove something from my list. Can't remove motorcycle lessons, work, wash, cooking, shopping. I have already removed cleaning and being kind to others. Not sure what else I can remove. I can probably remove waving on Sundays but I already replaced that with RS Counselor and that is more ttime!! Oh I could remove exercise. (done). We need to ALL get to heaven (well 6 of us) and I think we aren't fulfilling that part of the deal. Been thinking about my friend Becky Beck who had a baby and he lived for about an hour and a half. He had trisomy 13. SOOOOO sad. He is being buried in Malad. Can't imagine having to bury one of my children, although I almost did Brooke. Becky can do it. She Is soo strong and faithful. Been thinking about those motorcycle lessons...$350.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Naughty children

Jack throws his ball on the roof and the only way to get it down is to climb out Brooke's window and retrieve it.  Hmmmmmmmmmm  here they are looking for the ball.

Abi Soccer

We have also been super busy with Soccer.  Abi has played with the same team for this entire year.  She has played Goalie lots.  She has improved her skills.  It is superfun to go and watch her play.

Monster Concert

Abi had an orchestra concert for the entire south end of the district.  It was like 10 elementary schools.  Abi plays the Viola.  It was fabulous and I love to hear her play.  She is in the Red shirt section.  That is for the Violas.

Birthday boy Jack

Jack celebrated his birthday in kindergarten early because his birthday is June 6.  School isn't in session for June 6.  Brooke and I went to celebrate and talk about him and bring a treat.  He was pretty excited to be the star for the day.


We have been super busy with Baseball.  Andrew and Nick are both playing.  We are either at a practice or a game every night.  LOVE it.  They are both doing well.  Nick got the game ball once for his awesome play at first base. 

mother's day

Certainly a nice post from my Brooke on Mother's day!  Nice Surprise.  I did have a nice mothers day except for being sick.  Jack and Nick sang in Sacrament meeting for the mothers day song.  So nice. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chilly Maureen :)

Oh chilly Maureen where would your 5 beautiful children be without you? We would be living on the streets and begging for food.thanks for always taking us to fun new places.

Thank for always taking care of us and loving on us. For always taking us to orange leaf :) and for going to go and see David Archuleta TWICE :). Everyday making sure you told us you love us at least once.

For always being there when we needed someone to talk too. Thanks for taking Andrew to the convention every week so he can chill with his nerd friends. For taking Brooke shopping.

Thanks for always being willing to take Abi to a soccer and nick to baseball. Thanks for having jack he is my favorite.
Maureen you are such a great example to everyone thanks so much for all you do for us.

But most of all thanks for making fun of chilly, and always providing for us even when things were hard. Love you.
Love you to the moon and back :)