Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Had a lovely day with My Cousin Susan and Jessica. lunching and then some shopping then some cheesecake!!! soo fab. Then some of us went to 7 Peaks Water Park for some fun. lots of water slides and pools. post some pics when I take some!! nick who is 8 was loving the slides. feelin a bit brave because he can't swim very well yet!!! More summer school tomorrow!! Wish I weren't soo poor so I didn't have to teach summer school we could just play and relax. It is hard because when Imet home from summer school I'm tired and I still have to wash, clean, cook and everyone has sat around all day and is rip roaring to go do something! Blah!! love them though!

Friday, June 15, 2012

7 peaks and a golf game

Finally we got to 7 peaks Swimming. Just some of the Clampetts went. chilly Brooke, Chily Nick, and Chilly Jack! Oh and me! fun!! couldn't stay long cuz Brooke had to be home for Babysitting! Can't wait to go again and stay longer and see Brooke on some of those slides!! Then we headed to the Rose Park golf course. Andrew, Nick and me! Nick didnt have such a great time...he played in the sand traps for most of the holes. fun to be outside enjoying the summertime with the FAM!!! LOVE THEM!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Summa time blah

So summer time is here!  Which is good.  But I'm teaching summer school.....so that means all the Clemons clan is home alone.  NOT fun.  But I'm totally broke.  I checked my bank balance today, and I'm having a personal crisis because there is NO money and 3 weeks left of this month.  Not sure what to do.  .  .AND if one more person tells me they need something I'm going to totally have a melt down!