Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Who does that really

who does that?


Nick and Cub day camp

Nick went to Cub Scout camp for two days.  He had tons of fun and bought this moose with the money I gave him to spend at the trading post....I know he had soo much fun because he was covered in dirt when he got home.  The obstical (spelling) was his favorite!

Brigham City Temple Open House

 We went to the Brigham City Temple Open House.  It was a beautiful temple (imagine) and fun time was had by all!  especially the shakes we had on the way home

Jack  wouldn't cooperate so he isn't looking
Abi wasn't here because she was at soccer

Michelle's Fam

now he decided to cooperate

Wave Running

We went to Willard Bay with Michelle, Marti, McKenna, Kerry (marti's brother) and his Family, and Grandma and Grandpa.  Kerry brought his wave runners.  And it was soo fun.  I had to drive around with Andrew.  He was Crazy.  I was soo scared.  Brooke and McKenna fell off and Brooke bumped her head pretty good.  She thought she had killed McKenna because they ended up on opposite sides of the Wave Runner....Hope to go again soon!!

Here is a video

And another one

and another

More 7 Peaks Water Fun

We have been going to 7 Peaks water park a bunch this summer.  So fun and a fun way to cool off and spend some time together.  We like to go on monday night for FHE.  Michelle and family has joined us once too that was fun.  Brooke and Abi are brave enough to go down that scarry Yellow and blue slide! 

not from raging waters, but cute