Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A power outage

So our power was turned off yesterday.  It wasn't due to weather...due to lack of payment...The power company just drives around and turnoff peoples power off at random according to chilly willy (that's how our power got turned off...).  The power is now on.(funny when you pay the bill your power gets turned back on after they randomly turn it off). Then we came home and another shut off notice was there from the gas company.  Wonderif the as company just drives around and turns off people's gas randomly too?  I'm sure I'll find that out too.

Friday, October 26, 2012

leaf hunt 2012

This years leaf hunt was our best ever!  We even had a member of Mark's family.  Grace came with us because she is living in SLC going to school and working now.

The leaves entered for competition.  Hard decision

nick and jack

Grace, Brook and Andrew

McKenna and Gma

Grace, Brooke and McKenna

The leaf bouquet.  marti tries to win every year

Blake, Andrew, Martin (in back)

Abi, Kenna and B

Grace, Brooke and McKenna

Andrew and his prize


Nick and his Prize

Abi and her prize

Michelle and Nick
Maureen and Brooke



The gang

And Grandma

The Gools or Abi, Brooke, Grace, McKenna

Maureen, Abi, Nick and Brooke

Maureen and Nick
But we had the usual gourmet hot dog roast and s'mores and chips and cookies.  THEN we had the leaf hunt and Nick won the contest again.  Nick and Michelle seem to be the best leaf hunter partners.  Imagine that.  Then we had the prizes.  They were especially generous this year.  Good thing leaf hunting is around halloween because we have tons of fabulous prizes. 

Decorating for Halloween

this is the door hanger which keeps breaking

Broom parking

Ghosts that Nick and Jack made in school

My favorite halloweeners

Michelle made the gumball thing. So cute.

I madet his too! 
so I'm not much of a decorator.  Really now that is a surprise.  But I do LOVE halloween and am very impressed with the decorations this year for halloween.  I despise Christmas but absolutely LOVE halloween and costumes and CANDY.  Here is a sneak peak at the decorations. Some of them are compliments of Michelle and her generosity. Some of them I actually made.   I wanted this cool candelabra (spelling)  but didn't have any money for it.  Maybe when it goes on clearance after halloween I can get it.  It really was cute. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Golfing, go carts, and laser tag

So UEA break is a bit depressing because we never can go anywhere due t no money.  Not a little money, but I have NO money for trips or eating out for 3 meals a day or for lots of gas.  S we stayed home.  We went to the UEA convention on thursday because I pay $500 a year for membership in the union so I feel like I should go.  Plus they have all kinds of booths of stuff that is fun.  We got lots of candy, pencils, and bags.  Also we bought some really yummy bread and almost bought some cool jewelry.  But but no money prevented the jewelry purchase...Then we got back for football.

Friday we went to Trafalga (because we got in free with our swim passes ) and had a great time.  We rode the go carts and I was the fastest driver. I passed all the other drivers.  Jack was Sooo scared the first time.  We had to beg him to go.  Then he couldn't get enough of it.  we played two rounds of miniature golf and played laser tag.  I have never played before and it was super fun.  I'm pretty sure I was the winner of laser tag too!!

Saturday was football!!!  We played against taylorsville and lost.  Andrew got a penalty for holding in the last two minutes.   No pics his week cuz they look just like last week....

Then Jack and Nick and I decided to go golfing...we went to our favorite course in Rose Park, the par 3.  I love to go there but it was certainly a patience test for me.  Nick was pretty good...well...good enough... But jack...has to break all the rules.  Golf is a game of etiquette.  Jack has to use a driver on the putting green, shouts, and has to clean the golf balls at every hole...but other than that it was fun to be outside on a beautiful fall evening!!   I even had a coupon for golf too!! Brooke and Abi were babysitting and Andrew didn't want to come Because he was sick.

As a side note I did have to go to a faith training this am for religious leaders about domestic abuse.  (I had to go ecause the rest of the RSres was out of town ). So I was there with bishops and Relief Society  presidents.  It touched my heart to listen to theses bishops who are soo concerned with doing the right thing for their congregation.  Really.  Makes you stop and think about how fabulous the church is and how people are soo dedicated to serving.

Oh then after golf we came home and made root beer and had rootbeer wonder I'm in bed at 8:00 pm!!  and we are tending B Davis (my sisters dog) for the weekend cuz they are out of town...(they have money for trips).   Have no pics to post because my memory card was left at school in my computer.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

a pumpkin party

We had a fabulous pumkin carving contest at Michelle's house.  We had a family reunion.  (again)  WE are thinking we don't even have to have thanksgiving because our pumpkin party counts.  Not really, but we are having soo many family reunions lately.  .  .  Blake and Micaela were there, along with Brittany and Mitchell, our soon to be missionary.  Grandma and Grandpa and Andrew were also there.  They had just returned from Las Vegas seeing Mark and getting a retainer (since he lost his at Carl Juniors)  He has since lost his cell phone, and his Ipod charger. Hmmmmmm

Love the pearts.  We are planning on going on a halloweed cruise.  So we'll post pics of that when it happens.  (If we have any money that is)


Jim bob making her jim pumpkin

mckenna and brooke

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Night

It is Saturday night. I didn't have football today because Andrew went to Las Vegas to get a retainer made from Mark.  He lost his as Carl Jrs.  He left it on the tray and threw it in the trash.  Abi didn't have soccer because we went last night and it was her last game.  I could just cat around all I wanted. Bought some Halloween decorations.  shampooed the carpet in the basement and now I'm tired.  Brooke went to a haunted house and Abi is babysitting.  So it is just Nick, Jack and me here.  I wanted to go to Red lobster because it is the last night for all you can eat shrimp.  NO go.  My usual Red lobster buds are now I'm home and it wierd to be here with just them.  Oh chilly Willis here but that doesn't make for much excitement....guess I better get use to it as my kiddies are growing up!!  So fun to watch them.  well most things are fun...but expensive!!!  I hope they can all keep choosing the right.  Oh and Andrew can now go on his mission when he is 18.  he can go after his junior year of High School!!!!  Brooke can go when she is 19!  Abi can have the Kia in 3 years!!!