Monday, April 15, 2013

MVP for Nick

WOW!!  nick was the MVP for the baseball game!!  he hit a double, which another guy scored.  he then stole third base.  He got left on third however.  He was awarded the game ball.  Nick is headed to the Major Leagues.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Here is a pic of Marti when he was remodeling his house.  I think he looks just like his dad.  I am  his favorite sister in law.  .  .Really he likes me the most.  He is my favorite Brother in law.  He is a really good Guy!!


Basketball Nick

Nick has played Jr Jazz basketball this year.  He has done such a great job and LOVED it.  He has improved too.  He practices his lay ups all the time.


Easter 2013

Easter came early this year.  It was in March.  We had a yummy dinner and the gma's house and a fabulous easter egg hunt.  I think the highest egg finder got $11.16.  I think I need to participate.  Marti had to help hide the eggs this year for gpa.  Last year, he took a chair around with him and rested.  This year, he had Marti help.  So fun. 



Jack and Gpa

Abi, Andrew,and jack

The family minus Nick and Blake and McCall and Mitchell

Brooke, Gma, Gpa, and B (the dog)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Brooke is 17

Brooke turned 17 years old!  Wow!  Where has all the time gone.  had such a fun time celebrating.  we went to lunch with Mckenna and Michelle at Zupas.  Then off for some nasty frozen yogurt.  We also had a trip to the Ross ecause Michelle was late (imagine) and got a skirt and a shirt.  for once we didn't get anything for Brooke.  We got home and after Baseball, we had duck cookies that Abi made!  They took her all day and they were soo cute!  we gve Brooke some shorts, a purse and some sandals!
Hope she had a good day!  Love her!

Brooke and McKenna

Duck cookies

Brooke and Flamingos from Hayley

Spring Break 2013

Spring Break .....seems like everyone has gone on some fancy trip somewhere.  St George, California, Mexico, or a cruise.  But we opted today isnt like I didn't want to go on a trip...we just have no extra money.  Pain.  I did clean two bathrooms and cleaned the carpets on the stairs and in my car.  That was a HUGE accomplishment.  I went to the Dr, and drove Andrew on all his errands.  H is like my worst child for giving me assignments.  

We also golfed a few times, which was the first time for the season.

The boys and I went to the Hockey Game for the Utah Grizzleys.  Had a super fun time.  Had to leave early because Andrew had to go to his friends house. we got some free bags and beanie hats and water bottles.  We should have been going all season.  went to a play called The Odd Couple at Pioneer Memorial.  Went with Michelle, gpa and gma.  Loved it!

Then on Saturday we had a miracle.  Brooke went golfing with us.  Her very FIRST time.  She did great!  we started on the driving range, then decided to go on the par 3 course.  It was  
Great until jack and nick decided to fight.  Jack went after Nick with a golf club...then we lost a club and I had to find it a few holes back.  with all this golfing I am not getting any better.  But fun to make memories and spend time with those that matter most to me!!!

Jack, Andrew, Nick

Nick showing us how it is done




Brooke's first golf swing