Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Impact Soccer Tournament 2013

Fireworks 2013

We went to the annual July 3 fireworks in South Salt Lake at Granite High School.  We have been going for a while with the Peart Family.  It is super hot and super fun.  Each year I think it is going to be the last year because they are tearning down or selling granite high school.  But We got another  year. 

Brooke and Favorite

I forgot to bring a cup so I made this one.  It worked great

All my favorites

My other Favorite

Jack doing the shimmy at fireworks


I haven't baked in a while.  Mostly because my mixer died and I would rather just cut some cookie dough from the fridge and bake it up.  Just as good as homemake and much easier.  BUT I saw this recipie for peanut butter filled cookies.  So I HAD to try it.  They were delicious.  Really.  I think we have to try them again.  The recipe is here....


Baseball Season

spring is here which means its Baseball season!  Nick, Jack, and Andrew are all playing ball.  love it.  Jack is quite the ball player.  Nick loves to play Catcher!  Andrew plays second base, right field and 3rd base. 

                                                        This is Jack manning first base

                                                                       Nick being the catcher

Jack making an out
Nick on second base
 Nick hitting and getting out on first base