Friday, August 30, 2013

Chik Fil A Day

Every summer it is Dress like a cow day at Chik Fil A.  If you dress like a cow, you get a free meal. Well, we are all over free Chik Fil A. Brooke even has a cow costume that she sports every year for this event.  The rest of us, print off a cow costume and tape ears and spots on us.  The price is right and the food is great.


Brooke and I were driving along, and Michelle calls to tell us if we go to Hale Center Theater between 10:00 and 12:00 that day during the Doug Wright show, we can get tickets for Tarzan.  So, we did.  We got 4 free tickets to Tarzan, some cookies and we saw Micaela.  So, we went to the play and it was FABULOUS!!!  The Tarzan was super cute.  Kerchak was super cute too.  The price was right and we are thinking of getting season tickets to the other shows!

Brooke, Abi, Tarzan and Jane

Brooke, Abi, Nick

Could you get me some ice?

Jack fell asleep right after school today.  He was soo tired he slept til about 11:00 at night.  He woke up and comes up to the kitchen and has a can of diet coke and asks me 'could you get me some ice in a glass?"  Nice.  I find him in my bed with his full glass of coke on the nightstand and he is watching a movie.  I tell him he has to move and he wants to know where he can put his Coke?  well, over on the dresser by the TV.  He doesn't like that option because he wants to drink it.  So, Brooke brings a chair over so he can have a table for his Coke.

THEN,  later he wants to use the IPAD I was using so he could watch Netflicks.  THEN he takes my lamp off the nightstand so he can watch it with a light on.  I find him in the morning sound asleep watching the IPAd with the lamp, AND with 10 empty wrappers of String Cheese next to him!

What have I created?

Something like this!

This is after the glass of Coke

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Football boys

Football season for 2013 has began!!  Yahoo!  Nick is playing forte first time!  he is workin soo hard!  Sweating up a storm!  He weighs98 lbs so I'm pretty sure he will be a lineman!  football is absolutely the best!  Two hours every night and Andrew and Nick are running their guts out.  They come home  soo tired that they hardly have time to fight.  Andrew didn't tell me how much he weighs.  

Nick was excited because he is going to be on a kickoff team.              

After summer conditioning

Ode to Joy

Nick was learning on the recorder, Ode To Joy.  So he decided to play it on his stomach.  Here it is compliments to Nick and his stomach!!

This is Jack's attempt to Ode to Joy also.  It is short though.

Back to School 2013

I failed this year at Back to School.  We have Andrew in 9th grade, Abi in 8th grade, Nick in 4th grade, jack in 2nd grade and Brooke is a Senior!  wow.  Where does the time go.  So excited for my family to be back learning and making themselves better.  I'm still in the 7th grade and the 9th grade. 

A few pics from the first day.  These are when we were at Grandma's house playing ball after the first day because Grandma was on pick up duty.  Grandma did get some pics of Jack and Nick on their first day.  The rest of them, we missed.  The weeks seem long, but the years fly. We managed to get most everyone some new clothes for school. Including me for a change. The clothes from Spring are about worn out or too small. (too small is usually the case).

I am teaching productivity which means I don't have a prep period and I teach all day and only get a 30 minute lunch break. It is hard, but the money certainly takes the sting out of it a bit. I would rather just teach another class, than go get a part time job at Maverik. I bet Maverik would have good benefits.  All the Coke you could drink! 

Jack in his new shark shirt and Brooke
Jack in Mrs. Haglock's class
Jack and Nick walking from Boulton
Nick in Mrs. Hembry's class
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Abi and Brooke

Fun at Gma's on first day early out


Friday, August 23, 2013

slip n slide

We love to slip and Slide.  We were slip and sliding on the 3 of july right before the fireworks at Grandma's house.   We slip and slide, bbq and then watch the fireworks from the driveway.

Michelle slip and sliding

Swim lessons 2013

Summer wouldn't be summer without a few sessions of swim lessons.  Jack and Nick took swim lessons at Jeri Eggetts Swim School.  It is in her back yard and they loved it.  I think they are even learning to swim.  Hopefully so if they are drowning, they could save themselves.
Obvioiusly I remembered more to take pics during jack's lesson than during Nicks.

Jack taking a dive



Nick drowning

Two swimming boys

Nick saving him self after drowning


Beaver Chair

On one's way to Las Vegas, Beaver is a great place to stop for gas, treats and potty.  At the  Chevron is this Chair.  It is a huge chair and everyone seems to think they need a pic in the chair.

Mark, taken by the gas station attendant

Jack Jack

McKenna and Brooke
brooke and Mckenna



Andrews Yardcare

Summer of 2013 was good for Andrew.  He had football conditioning, and golf league.  And then in July he started doing lawn care with Marti's Brother, Kerry.  He worked almost every day in July and August til school started from 8:00 to any where from 4 to 6 in the evening.  That is a long time to be out in the heat mowing lawns, weeding, and edging.  They would even do some yard clean up.  He came home soo tired and sweaty.  Then in August, he would end at about 3:00 so he could get to football at 6:00.   He is keeping soo busy.  He certainly loved it when he got paid. 

Kerry is Marti's (Marti is married to my sister Michelle)  brother who has a lawn care business.  He has been doing lawns for about 30 years.  Andrews friend worked at Lagoon this summer and Andrew has had a much better deal because he doesn't have to wear a uniform, drive to Farmington and I'm pretty sure he has made more money.  He wore the same clothes everyday in July.  That cuts down on clothing costs.  (we washed them every night...)  When he was finished with that, he would still mow Grandma and Grandpa's lawn and a neighbor lady that needed her lawn mowed.  I guess he can start paying for himself!

The yardcare company

Andykins walking to get a ride

Nick goes to Vegas and Jack to dentist

Our Cousin Stella turned 8 and got baptized.  Stella lives in Las Vegas.  So Grandma and grandpa wanted to go.  Michelle was their driver and Nick got to go for a trip with them.  He wanted to see Stella get baptized.  They stopped in Beaver and took a picture of them in this chair.  this is Michelle in the Chair. 

Jack didn't want to go to las Vegas because he would rather go to the dentist and get two root canals and two crowns.  Jack is also in the chair from a previous trip. 

Jack waiting for his root canals

nick ready for Church, Mark in background