Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Good Motto for Life

We went to the Hockey game.  I had a Bad knee, and the girls were off being a pain somewhere. Blake walked me to my car cuz I left my phone in my car.  So, we were talking about leaving our phones and how it makes us feel naked and vulnerable...So he says before work every day he checks to make sure he has his wallet, phone, keys and Knife.  Good Motto.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Cruise 2014

Three years ago or so, we went on a Christmas Cruise. It was on the Provo River.  We had a coupon and decided sure, let's go. We got there and it is this boat that is pulled along the river with this rope hanging in the middle of the river.  The river is about 20 feet across.  The Captain 'pulls' us along the rope up the river and then back down.  About 30 minutes worth.  There are Chritmas lights along the Sides.  It was kindof a hilarious cruise.  We had Christmas music too.  So, the Captain said he had a special song for us as we came upon this display of Christ he wanted to play.  He played it and it was
"Grandma Got Ran over by a Reindeer'.  Serious.  Then he says, 'oh thats not the one'.  And then played some spiritual thing.  Yes that was a true story.  So, we have laughed about that happening for three years.  With Mitchell just off his mission, we decided to go again.  It was just like we remember, however this time, we didn't get the special song for the Spiritual moment of Grandma.  We missed the spiritual moment this year. We did see the Christ display, but we didn't get the special song.  

Nick and Michelle


Santa attacks on a Canoe on the river with candy

The Display with the Grandma song in the background

Mitchell playing in the playland at Del Taco after 

Mitchell and Jack in playland

Del Taco after the cruise

Jack tired out after Cruising

Nick tired out from cruising

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Here are the Christmas pictures.  Christmas was a bit better this year for me than most. I seemed to get it together. I think one reason is that school was out soo early and so I had like 5 days to finish up shopping, and wrapping and stuff.  I wasn't extremely tired and worn out like usual.  Usually I'm soo tired I just want it over.  It was much more fun this year.  I stressed out less.  I think I did fail some of the children.  I didn't mean to, but somehow they feel like they got the short end of the stick.  I didn't mean for them to feel that way.  It makes me feel sad.  But overall, it was one of my best.  Calm, less stress, and fun.  

love some chinese take out on Christmas day!

Chinese food lunch - yea

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Mitchell is home!

We went to the airport late last night (11:00 pm) to see Mitchell come home from his mission.  We were trying to not be late.  Abi had soccer til 10:00 in Farmington.  Who is late for an airplane at 11:00 at night for soccer?  But we hurried and arrived about 20 minutes before he did.

He looked SOOO terrific.  Soo Cute.  He was having a hard time speaking English after Speaking Spanish for soo long.  It was great to see him.  He is super skinny and had a great suit on.  His companion that came home with him was the same one that left with him.  He was super cute too.  They had another missionary they served with about 2 months  ago meet them.  Well, he was cute too.  I told Brooke and McKenna that they better get over there and get a picture with them or a hug from them! 

Soo fun to see our Mitchman after his mission!
Blake in the hat, Mitchell and Michelle

Mitchell and McCall

Mitchell and Brooke

Gma Lewis and Mitchell, Micaela in the blue


Mitchell and Gma Peart

Andrew and Mitchell

Mitchell and Nick

Marti, Mitchell and Michelle, The Parents

Mitchell and Mark