Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Credit Score

I have thought that Facebook and other social media sites make life harder sometimes.  People only post fun things they are doing or who they are dating or fun trips they took or cool stuff they bought. Which then makes us realize just how boring, dateless or stuff less our lives are.  Or all the stuff people are doing without us.  However people never post their credit score or how much debt they have.  So I decided to write about my credit score.  Because I'm proud of my credit and wanted to post it on Facebook but thought it was a bit showy...I have a credit  score of 750!  That is great!

7 years ago I had a credit score somewhere in the 350s.  I had pages of negative accounts.  Pages and more pages.  I mean my credit score was soo low NO one would refinance my ARM loan on my home.  My interest on my house was 17 percent.  Each 6 months the rate would adjust and it kept going up and up.  I had some help getting into that financial mess.  Someone I know opened credit cards in my name and then didn't pay them.  I also owed about 10,000 to the IRS for back taxes that someone said they had paid.  I also owned a car with 100 000 miles on it and no way to replace it...and owing about $10,000 on it.

So fast forward to now.  I have NO negative accounts on my credit report.  Checked yesterday.  I owe NOTHING to the IRS and  even get a refund every year for the last few years.  I just got a home loan, a car loan (with great interest rate) and bought a couch on interest free financing and paid that before the due date!  I really amazed at how much less stress and worry I have since I don't have wierd people callin me at my house or work or coming to the door because I owe them money (that I really didn't open the acct in the first place).It was total stress.  Still, when the doorbell rings I get this sick feeling in my stomach about who is there to confront me or serve me papers for unpaid bills.  FAB feeling.  

The only people I owe now, house, two car loans, old navy, kohls and jcp.  I do owe one other credit card for $550.  That was for our trip to Moab that was super fun...And only 0.22 on my overdraft.  (it's the end of the month so the overdraft could go up....). Anyway, super proud of myself.  Such a sense of stress relief.  Freedom really comes without having lots of debt.  I really can't say what a fabulous money manager I am without also saying I'm a full tithe payer. I really think that one cannot have their financial house in order without paying their tithes and offerings  first.  (More on tithing later)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hockey on MLK day

We went to the Grizzley Hockey Game on Martin Luther King day.  The game started at 1:35 so it was a great activity for the holiday.  Michelle, McKenna, and Marti joined us.  Marti smuggled a Subway sandwich in his coat pocket and Michelle smuggled a water bottle.  But Michelle got her water bottle confiscated.  Super fun.

The Clemons Clan

Lunch after.  Andrew, Nick, Kenna, Brooke and Abi

The WairHouse

Our cousin, Stella, came to visit. We decided to go to the trampoline park.  We went to WairHouse and jumped on their trampolines for about 2.5 hours.  McKenna decided to join us.  Super good time and super tired after.  I thought it was exhausting jumping all that time.  Andrew didn't come with us.  He thought we were going Minature golfing.  We were going Miniature golfing first, but decided to go jump on the trampoline instead!

Stella, at least part of her



Stella and Nick

Stella on the tramp, and Brooke in the pitt

Stella and Jack


Stella and Nick and McKenna


Nick in the pit

Brooke, Stella, Abi, and McKenna


Stella and Nick

Stella, Nick, Abi and Jack

Monday, January 20, 2014


Comparison is the thief of joy.  this was a quote I heard on tv.  The news story said that people go into debt because of Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media.  Because people are posting their pics of fun stuff and then you start to think "I deserve that trip or new purse".  But no one usually posts their credit score or how much debt they have.  I have always thought that of social media.  People only post fun stuff they are doing and it lets you know everyone else is having fun and what you are missing or not included in. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Can't take back stupid

I was watching Dr. Phil today, and his parting words to these boys who were in jail for 50 years for a burglary that resulted in one of them getting shot, was "you can't take back stupid".  It was something about if you are involved in a felony and someone gets killed as a result (even if that wasn't the intent) then it was considered murder. 
So be careful in your actions and when you decide to go along with the group.  It was one of THEM that got killed not the person being burglarized.  And they are being charged with murder. 
Excellent advice for everyone...
You can't take back stupid.  I'm going to embroider it on a pillow....

Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas poem 2013

so every year, grandpa writes a poem about everyone in the family.  So here is this years poem.


It’s Christmas again – two thousand and one three
Does one have to go all the way to Moab just to get a tree?
Marti is a nurse. He can even dispense a pill.
He pushed a 500 pound lady all the way up a hill.
He went to Canada with Burnis they had lots of fun
Marti had to hurry home to get his darn veins done.
Cleaned our rain gutters. Put up Christmas light.
With a little help from Kerry – everything turned out right.
He goes to the garage to have a little smoke
That’s where he cooks his meat I didn’t mean a joke
At Bear Lake every day he reserved our sand.
When Marti is the host – most things turn out grand.
Abi’s a goalie in soccer. She runs fast in track.
Honor roll in school. What do you think of that ??
She was in the talent show made the keyboard play.
Basketball with the Catholics. What has she got to say ?
Can give a massage to hand or to feet
To Abi from all of us – a Merry Christmas treat.

Hayden gets around in a brand new truck
Has 20 friends till midnight with a little bit of luck.
Student council and seminary is there no end
The one remaining question – is Sierra more than a friend ??
Micaela works at Hale Theatre. Also at Barrel Crackle
She went on her very first – her very first backpack
A death in Ohio Micaela took a trip.
To pay for Brigadoon – that we sort of skip.
A night out with Micaela, Blake thought that would be great.
Turned out to be – a heavy dancing date.

Andrew takes out our garbage; he shovels our snow.
Electric guitar at 7:15 – what a way to go !!
Gambles on Wednesday night – he cut and dragged their tree
Even works with Kerry – that’s impressive – at least to me
Got a sack in football I think it was in a dream
He’s the most expensive player – on any football team.

Paula was released from Sunday School – is a counselor in the stake.
Many times to New York When will Mark’s back pocket break ?
One of the nicest person you could have ever met
One major problem – she got a speeding ticket.
Mitchell’s on a mission – representing us all well.
Has converted most of Colombia as far as I can tell.
Should be home this time next year
Speaking only Spanish – that is what I fear.
Jack loves football – especially Tom Brady.
Usually does his homework That means he gets good grady.
Made 2 goals in a game – thinks Marti is O.K.
Loves cauliflower and dip – what more can I say?
He didn’t like his purple coat – that nice coat he has
Until he found out – on the outside it said Jazz.
Stella got baptized. She likes to play ball.
Best friend is Deacon. Stella’s growing tall.
What Stella does most is look for an elf
Best place to look is somewhere on a shelf.
Any way you look at it – Stella is a jewel !
What does she like best? She likes her Dean Allen School.
Blake likes to keep busy – as anyone can see.
Spends his working hours at A. R. U. P.
He took a trip – Mark’s house was his wish
Backpacking was a different story – you see Blake caught no fish.
He went to Medieval thought that would be good
Only problem was – they took away his foodHe went to the Nutcracker I think he took a chance.
Will he now want to change jobs – You know and turn to dance??
Maureen teaches Cubs. Spends each day in school.
Get 10 days off each year – especially for Yule.
Shops at Van Husen – dresses very lady like.
Almost got lost on the Delicate Arch hike.
Did the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day
Parked her car in a snow bank – what more can I say?
Luke is a student. He likes middle school.
Deacon quorum counselor. Luke must be a jewel.
A champion in track. He knows all the rest.
He’s the tops when it comes to Laser Quest.
Michelle organized our trip to Bear Lake.
Spends her time in Court where she’s usually awake.Writes to Mitchell week after week
Works in primary where she gets to speak.
Rode her bike and took a great fall.
Got a new kitchen This year was a ball.

William came to set up our new TV set.
Spent more time fixing our darn toilet.
He coached football. Took our TV stand out.
Fixing up things is what William is all about.
He replaced some of our lights that were out.
Had a birthday this month – did everyone shout out??
Grace lives in New York you know.
Tries not to miss any Broadway show.
Spends her days at the Teddy Store
Can walk in Central Park if her life gets bore.
McKenna got her medallion if anybody care
I’d be more impressed if she’d pack her underwear.
She works with Kerry always having fun.
What she’d rather do is go for a run.
She’s always happy full of Christmas joys
Her real specialty is Polynesian boys.
Nick played football His team was the champs.
Likes the 49ers – the same team as gramps.
He likes to spin quarters – can make a popcorn ball.
More than once made the quarterback fall.
Takes piano lessons – from his teacher a dirty look.
Only reason for that – he forgot to take his book.
Mark lives in Las Vegas – where he has to wrap pipe.
He takes it all in stride – he doesn’t even gripe.
He went to Notre Dame – about that he gloats
All around the motel room were written Darin notes !!
All the important things in life – that’s what makes Mark care
Had the attendant take his picture in the gas station chair.
McCall is home from Oregon. She really liked it there.
She’s doing well in school It’s chemistry she doesn’t care
She went back to the coast to do a little preaching.
When she goes to church in Utah – it’s Relief Society teaching.
She’s already been a bridesmaid. She can do anything with a broom.
The thing I can’t understand – why can’t she clean her room?
Brooke has a new car. Does it ever get wash?
Rumor has it – went to the dance with Josh.
She went to Tuachan – just how did she dress?
Their major objective – it was Starlight Express.
Her favorite teacher – is Mr. Tator Tot.
Christmas cards with Archaletta – she likes him a lot.
Marlena’s the Queen – the Queen of Bear Lake.
What does she do for me ? Limits my chocolate intake.
She also bought us a brand new TV
It’s down in the basement for all to see.
She lost her friend Sirpa – that’s what we were told.
Tied McKenna’s quilt – I hope it will hold.
Marlena’s my 1st wife – the heck with the rest.
How do I rate her ? I still think she’s the BEST.
That’s about it. We’ve come to the end.
All your Christmas money – I’m sure it’s been spend.
In my fondest thoughts, I hold everyone dear !!
So Merry Christmas to each and a Happy New Year.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Nutcracker 2013

Micaela got Michelle some free tickets to see the Nutcracker.  So Michelle shared her tickets with us.  Brooke and I went to the nutcracker.  I haven't seen the Nutcracker for about 25 years.  I didn't really understand the story.  I'm sure that it is because I'm not artsy enough to understand.  The second half was much better than the first.  It was about 90 minutes.  So it was perfect and a nice evening to culturalize us.  Super fun with these girls. 
McKenna and Brooke

Maureen (oh my)  and Brooke

Michelle and McKenna

Monday, January 6, 2014


Now that's my favorite title for a post!  This time it is ME that got a new car.  My old van had 220,000 miles on it.  I had spent lots of money the past year on fixing it...tie rods, oil leak, brakes, broken something else, tires...on and on.  Plus it just made me nervous all the time cuz it was soo old and seemed to have soo many problems...so I'm driving up to Abi's friends house. Up in Eagle wood and it was up this STEEP hill.  All of a sudden, the car won't shift, and it is like 5 RPMs and I'm going 20 miles an hour.  THEN the engine light starts flashing.  That means stop immediately!  so we did.  We turned around and made it back to my moms house and traded cars.  That was soo scary.  So Marti is buying a new car at Larry Miller Jeep and asks the guy what he has in Vans for me.  Of course he has one.  2010 Dodge Grand Caravan with 48,000 miles on it.  Wow.  Not sure I can afford a new car, but I know my car is on its last leg. . .His name was Darin.

He called and texted me to come in.  It was Christmas Eve...so I put him off and the day after christmas he was calling and asking if he should bring the car to me.  No way that would make me nervous.  So Brooke and I went over and looked at the car.  We took it for a test drive.  Of course I love it.  It was a car with 170,000 LESS miles than the car I was driving.  I felt safe and wanted it so I could drive a car and not be nervous that it would leave me stranded, especially at night.  When we returned from the test drive, he says "pull it up here in the Sold area.

He was right, it did end up being the SOLD area.  I bought it.  They gave me a deal I couldn't refuse.  He was even gong to give me $1,000 trade for my old van.  He said it was going to salvage.  He probably tells everyone that... we didn't bring the van, we brought the KIA because I didn't want to buy a car that day.  The best part was while we were waiting for the paperwork, Darren brings out a bunch of roses for Brooke and for me.  Everyone that buys a car gets them he says.  Really...they must have had them left over from their Christmas party decorations.  But it was nice.  After we signed and were ready to leave he asked me if I wanted a hug.  No...but funny.

So, returned the next day with the van.  The whole time I'm driving out there I'm praying that the engine light doesn't come back on (it had been on since the flashing episode and had gone off on our way out there..) and we make it to the Car lot to get my trade in!  I was soo afraid when he saw it I wouldn't get the 1000 bucks.  But Got the trade in, an extra key, and Marti is getting a 100.00 gift card for gas for the referral!  So, that also made my Christmas great.  A new car.  I LOVE it.  It is a great feeling to have a newer car that will probably start and get me where I need to be.

Brooke and Darren the salesman in the back

Maureen with the "Every buyer gets roses" bouquet.
trying to make the deal...

this is a pic of a car that is just like mine. 

Christmas vacation 2013

We went to the Sing a long and Echos of Christmas - a Nativity at Liberty Park that's outside.  It's my other best Christmas activity.  I didn't take any pictures of it though.  Over the holidays we went miniature golfing and roller skating and saw two movies .  Saving Mr Banks, which was about Walt Disney and how he got the rights to make Mary Poppins.  I loved it.  It got 3.5 stars.  Mark, my brother, saw it and said it must have been 3.5 out of ten stars.  ..haha. On New Years day we went to see Frozen.  The Disney movie about a princess that everything she touches freezes.  Sooo cute.  rumbis after.  That was for McKennas 18th birthday!  Wow Michelles kids are grown up!  mine are close behind!  So sad to see the holidays go and be back to the grind at school.

Abi and Jack roller skating

Andrew learning to roller skate

Abi and Jack again


Andrew and Jack with skate trainers

Nick mad

At Movie Frozen

FROZEN again


The Gang at Rumbi's

The gang again at Rumbi's