Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Mayor

We have just spent the last 3 days watching Andrew in The Music Man jr.. He was Mayor Shinn.  He was fabulous!  He has worked soo hard.  They practiced every day after school for a long time and on Saturdays.  We had to get a black suit at the DI and a bow tie.  We borrowed Gpa's bowtie but no one knew how to tie one, so we had to get one that clipped.  There were 4 performances and I attended all four.  Didn't really plan to, but thought if I have to drop him off and pick him up, I might as well stay for the hour and a half performance.  It was really cute.  I like the idea of a jr version. It was like 90 minutes long.  Just the right amount.  Andrew's friend Justin was The Music Man.  He was great also.  I was thinking that this is a great thing for kids to be doing.  Even if they are not destined for a career.  It keeps them out of trouble and from catting around getting into trouble.  And you can meet some other nice kids.  It really was terrific!  Michelle and McKenna came, as well as Gma and Gpa. Gma went to three performances with me, and Brooke went to two.  Abi and her friend Imogen went once.  Their friend Tillie Neff was also in the play as one of those pic a little ladies. She was great also.  jack and Nick also came, but they only wanted to see it once.  Imagine! 

Andrew, The Mayor, and his Mother


Sunday, February 2, 2014


I have been sick.  Flu.  Couldn't get out of bathroom sick.  It was sat night and didn't get to store.  So I asked Brooke to go to family dollar to get me some stuff.  I needed Imodium (anti diahreal).  I had some but took it to work yesterday cuz I was a bit off.. But it hit Saturday like a vengeance.  And needed some Tums.   She couldn't find Imodium.   So she calls me.  I'm trying to explain to her where it the pepto  bismol, by the tums, maybe by the first aid dept, maybe by Epsom salt stuff.  Who knows but she couldn't find it and I was sure they had it.  I haven't bought this for about 3 years.  I try to have some on hand because if you need it (like its a work day) one really can't go to the store and buy it.  ..

So she finally finds it in the allergy section...who would have thought...$6 she says.  I think that's a bargain.  Oh the family dollar brand was 3.23 for the 24 pack.  Should be good for a few years.  So she goes up to pay..the lady says " oh so glad you found what you were looking for cuz you were on the phone for a long time". Brooke says  "this is for my mother". Lady says " ok we can just say it is for your mother".   Hahahahhaha hah. Brooke was soo embarrassed.  But obviously the lady has never needed Imodium because you can't buy it yourself when you need it!!!!  So glad she bought it for me.  Feeling much Better today.  Right after church started I felt much better!!