Monday, April 28, 2014

Seminary or not

Andrew wants to not go to Seminary tomorrow.  Its Testimony Tuesday. He says the same 4 people get up...(well, then you get up to change it up a bit) and one of them is a girl that always talks about her spiritual experiences working on sunday at pioneer village....hahah  ummmm NO he can't miss Seminary...

Update:  I think he did miss Seminary.  GRRRRRR

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Journal Writing

I follow this blogger who I love.  He is soo funny and witty and spiritual. Love those three combinations in a person...So he said this today.

“Those who do not keep journals will be defined by those who do.”

The link to his original post is here.  Fabulous entry about Journals.  So I have thought maybe this blog is about Journal writing.  I tend to just focus on the happenings about our family.  I need to rethink how to blog. 

Friday, April 18, 2014


I noticed that I have posted 200 times.  WOW.  I never thought I would post more than about 4 times.  Like every other project I have ever started like scripture reading, praying, exercise or quitting diet coke.  I think about how much more I could have posted but as I read back it is soo fun to see the events of our lives and how much fun as a family we have.  When I start feeling bad because we are poor or see people at the beach during spring break and we are home, I read some of the posts and realize that even thought we are poor, we have had some good times.  We are doing fun things and spending time together.  We are trying to be successful.  I'm trying my hardest to keep my family together (minus the fhe or family prayer or family scripture study).  I would like to keep making an effort to post happenings of the family.  Hopefully someone somewhere is reading this.  It may be my children when i'm dead or maybe when I'm dead, it will just exist in the 'cloud'.  But by that time, there will be something other than the cloud.   It will probably just be deleted!  Who would want to read this?  Kindof like my Grandma Stellas diary that she kept for 10 years.  She just threw them away because who would what to read them.  I wanted too!!  She hated stuff around.  I watched her write in her Diary every night when we were visiting her.  It was fun to look back the year before and see what we were doing on the last 4th of July or what she was doing.  She was faithful at recording the temperature.  She would watch the news to get the high and low temperature for the day.    Channel two had the best weather and temperatures for Delta.  Now, you could just look up the temperature for any day on the computer.    Probably Blogs will become like recording temperatures.  Unnecessary in a few years because we will have another way of doing things.....but until then....this is the best I have!  201 of them.

Play Ball

Baseball has begun!!! Andrew, Nick and Jack are all playing.  Andrew is playing at Mueller Park and Jack and Nick are playing at Mills Park for South Davis Baseball.  Andrew has to play at Mueller Park because they are the only league in bountiful that has older than 12.  We have started this week.  It is crazy.

We have 2 new ball gloves, three new batting helmets, 2 new pair batting gloves, one pair new socks, one new bat (soon to have one MORE new bat), a pair of knee savers, a new catchers mit, and no one needed new cleats.  YET.   I think Nick is next.  Didn't think it was soo expensive!  We have about 3 pair of baseball pants but they are looking old and soon to have holes.  May have to invest in some more. 

Absolutely LOVE baseball season.  Baseball is a bit slow sometimes because you only bat like two times a game, but LOVE to sit out side in the springtime and watch them play ball.  There is two great snack shacks and the popcorn and nachos are good.   LOVE it. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Den Mother and a funny

I was thinking right now that I haven't even posted anything about my current church calling.  Maybe because I'm soo busy with work and family that my church calling is kindof at the last minute all the time. I'm the 8 year old cub scout den mother.  I wanted to die when they asked me to be the den leader.  REALLY??  Cub Scouts?

but hey, its a weekday calling for an hour and they are 8 years old so how hard can it be? I also got the BEST partner.  We pair with another ward and she is the Bishop's wife.  She is excellent  Amy Frazier is her name.  So, a good partner I can do it.  Usually I feel like I get paired with people that don't want to work.  But this time, I think I'm the weaker link in the cub scout wolf den.  The boys are super cute.  We have about 5 that come regularly.  They are super wild but super cute and LOVE most of the things that we do.  Jack will be a Cub scout in a few weeks.  I have thought I need to document what we do each week so next year, we have the calling down what we did each week so we just need to copy stuff or gather stuff together instead of do all that AND invent the idea. 

I have really liked this calling.  I didn't want to teach primary each week or be in the nursery or Young Womens or on Homemaking committee.  So where else did I think I would be put.  I think I'll be here for a long time.  No one else would want me. 

I have also never taken a picture at scouts.  I guess I should start taking pictures so their parents can have them when their boys get their Eagle and they need to put together a slide show....

So, one funny thing.  Logan brought the treats and it was easter skittles.  Anyway, we were talking about having candy around our house.  He says 'well, when we have candy at our house, my mom just woofs it down'.  AHHHAHHA  soo funny.  I don't even know his mom but that's hilarious that he said that! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fear and stuck

"Fear will never get you anywhere but stuck where you are."  Love that comment.  Saw it on Facebook today describing someone's not leaving their husband because she was in debt and was scared!

Love it.  Need to think about that!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Used Cars and Church

So I bought a new car.  See post here.  Marti helped me pick it out.  Well, he was buying a new car and just asked the salesman if he had any vans.  So that lead to the salesman calling me.  He asked me about what I was looking for, and if I had a trade in.  I told him I had a 2005 Dodge caravan with 220,000 miles.  Yes that is the correct amt of miles.  I also am a school teacher (21 years in fact) and have good credit.  When he found out what car I was driving, he KNEW it was a sale.  He kept bugging me to come see this van he had.  I kept putting him off.  Its Christmas Eve, too busy, kids schedules...THEN he says well, he will bring the van to me if that is easier.  I didn't want that because I knew I would have to buy it and it would be weird to have him come to my house.  So, I ignored his texts and phone calls.  He didn't have my address. He KNEW if I got there, drove the car, felt the seats, experienced how much better that car drove than what I was driving,  and how much safer I would feel in  a newer more reliable car.  That it would reduce my stress every morning that my car wouldn't get me to work or anywhere for that matter.  A new car would solve those problems.

It got me thinking about that.  Its like  Church.  (yes I just compared church to Used car salesman)  The Lord knows if he can just get us IN the church, to experience the feel of the church, feel the spirit, experience the music that we sing, listen to the prelude, listen to the talks and we are better off.  For me, if I can just show up.  (sometimes that's the hardest part, getting there..)  it provides me an opportunity to feel the Spirit.  Very few times have I gone to church and wished I didn't go at all.  (maybe when got a calling I wished I wasn't there)  And times when I wanted to leave, and didn't, I am glad that I didn't.  On Sunday, when I'm sitting alone, (which is every week in RS) it is the only time all week that NO one has been talking to me.  Its time to just feel.  To let the spirit fill your heart.  The Gospel provides safety and comfort.  I'm always in need of both!


Friday, April 4, 2014

Brooke is legal

18 years ago today, oh I thought I was on Facebook.  That's how everyone starts a post on Facebook about their child.  18 years old today I was two days away from giving birth....then on about the birthing experience.  Bet you are glad I'm choosing to not do that.!  Brooke Erin has finally turned 18.  Yahoo I guess.  Can't believe she is 18.  really.  We went to Chik Fil A for dinner.  Then we had duggar dessert.  I think there is a post about that years ago.  It was Fab.  We gave her shorts, shirt, sandals, another shirt, long socks for roller blading and Cadbury Easter egg candy.  She really wanted pink roller blades.  NOT pink with blue on them  JUST pink.  Well, I have news for her.  Not to be found so she got what we could find.  It was a fun birthday.  Her friend Kenzie too her to lunch at Kneaders and Lyndsay, her babysitting bud, brought her balloons to work and $40.  Soo nice. 

She has turned into such a fabulous young woman.  She just got a 4.0 for her 3rd term grades.  In fact she has a 4.0 for her entire Senior Year.  She hasn't had to have Math this year obviously!  hahah  She ahs tons of friends and tons of babysitting Kiddies that LOVE her.  Riley Bentzen, who is 5, gave her the cutest note in church the other day. It said 'I love Brooke".  He wrote it just for her.  Soo Sweet.  Andrew, her brother, described Brooke as just like Hunter.  Hunter was married to my sister, Melanie.  He said she was just like Hunter because Hunter liked all kinds of HUD.  Brooke is the queen of HUD.  (HUD is a term we use to describe junk or S_______)  That is soo true.  She is wanting HUD all the time.  She loves rubber ducks, whales and anything Disney.  She has a Little Mermaid shirt and Whalesaver sweatshirts.  She would have soo much more HUD if I would buy it.  When it comes HUD if I buy it all the better.  If not, then she has to think about it.  She really is quite the young woman.  Absolutely a joy to have in our family.  She is kind to others and is super fun.  LOVE her to the moon and back!  These pics are all old.  but it shows her hilarious personality and how she is a fan of the HUD!!!