Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jack's Injury

Nick and Jack fight non stop.  So, Jack bugs Nick constantly.  Nick bugs Jack.  So finally Nick had had enough so he threw a water jug at Jack.  This is the result.  He totally looks like he is miserable.  He was just fine, but looks like he is dying in this pic. 

It was a HUGE bruise on his forehead and swelling.  It turned his eye black and blue. 
He looks like he is dying, but he is not.  He had to shut his eye so you could see the black and blue. 

South Davis Junior High

I have been a teacher at South Davis Junior High School for 21 years.  I have never blogged about my job before.  I teach 7th and 9th grade Science.  I sometimes like it, and sometimes hate it.  I LOVE it June, July and August.  It is a hard job, but a good job for Mothers because I am home in the summertime and after school.  I can get people to all their activities because I am finished with work when they are off of school.  The Elementary school is right across the street from my school so that is convenient for them to get dropped off and then I can pick them up after school.  Or they can walk on occasion.  They are suppose to go to Foxboro, but the kids go to Boulton Elementary because its close to my school.  It has to be convenient for the working mother.

Brooke and Abi have attended South Davis Jr. High.  Andrew Attended Mueller Park.  Because he wanted to play Football and  you have to play football within your boundaries.  We are suppose to attend Mueller Park, but Abi and Brooke opted to attend SDJH because they had their friends that were coming here...

I have had 4 Principals, Doug Beer, Karyn Bertelson, Bryon Nielson, and Jeff Jorgensen.  That's not very many for working for 21 years.  I did work 5 years at Woods Cross High School.  But the enrollment was too low, so I had to move to South Davis.  I have liked it. Here is a pic of my room.  It was before Back to school night so it might be a bit messy...but that's usually the case because learning is messy. 

my Science Buds.

These people are my buds I work with.  I am the second from the right, kind of in the back. I don't like full body shots because I need to lose a bit of weight.  But from Left, Kandie Kunzler, then Ralph Brower, Kris Brown, Me, and then in front in the skirt is Katy Wilson and far right is Tina Sutherland.  Kris and Tina are my best buds.

Here is a project my 9th graders did this year.  They are solar water heaters. We were learning about water and its properties. They had to heat 1 liter of water.  We had a contest to see who heated their Liter of water the highest.  It was a fun project. 

Letters some students wrote to me in their English class....

This is me.  yes, all of me....

Travis begging me to not give him a U for being soo bad...funny

Ben reminding me to fix his grade...I need a note so I remember

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer 2014 fun

We have had quite a fun summer.  June has been a struggle because I taught summer school.  But lots of fun.  We had Owls Baseball games, golf, (only a few times), Raging Waters, Fireworks, Bear Lake, Football conditioning, Swimming, Lessons, Andrew Football conditioning, Andrew work with Kerry, Abi soccer CAMP conditioning, Planet Fitness a few times, Trampoline Park with Stella, an

Nick in action

Andrew looking for his ball

Jack taking a chip shot

Andrew showing his stuff



this was the 4th of July fireworks at Granite HIgh School.  We go every year to the Fireworks.  Subway first, then fun!!!  Michelle usually joins us, but not this year.  It was just us! 


Jim waiting for fireworks

game of cards

Jack climbing up

Nick playing a game

Nick and Brooke

Jack coming on down

Nick coming on down

Jack, Brooke and Abi

Brooke on the golf course

Brooke showing her style



Jack in the sand trap