Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween 2014 and a Haunted House

Abi and Andrew both play in the school Orchestra.  Andrew plays for Bountiful High, and Abi is at South Davis Junior High.  Well, they had a fall concert.  The last concert I went to for Abi was 2 1/2 hours LONG.  That was in December when you don't have that long to sit at a concert.  So, I then found out it was a combined concert for the 9th graders at South Davis, Bountiful High, Woods Cross High  and Viewmont High.    OH my word.  That would be EVEN longer.  Well, I soon realized that the concert would have TWO of my children performing.  I would only have to attend ONE concert!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, the concert really was very nice.  It was at Woods Cross High.  I went by myself due to football season for the other boys and Brooke being away at college.  Each group performed like one piece.  It was just over an hour long!  Way to go!  They did a fabulous job!

Andrew is in the back, middle bass player

Andrew in the middle. 

Andrew at the Bass

Abi in the front in white...

Abi in action

Friday, October 17, 2014

Golfing Nightmare

Its fall break today.  We decided to go Golf.  Jack, Maureen, Abi and Nick.  We have this great par 3 by our house that is closing this year...soo sad.  So, it was a beautiful day to golf.  About 3 minutes into our golf, Jack starts causing trouble.  Wanting to not put clubs back, or hitting the ground with the club, or spitting.  Spitting is a pet peeve with me.  Do not spit.  It is discusting and gross and very rude.  He would not stop.  Then he wants to play and count his strokes wrong.  I don't care about that at all. But then Abi decides it is the PGA and it is a big deal about counting all our strokes. Really. It is a par 3 and a Friday afternoon.  We are out for fun.  Jack leaves the putter on the previous hole, and Nick has to go get it.  Jack won't go.  He keeps getting mad, and Abi keeps fighting with him and insisting he count all his strokes....really.  On and on and on.  finally on the 8th hole I had had enough.  I can't stand the fighting or badgering or making a big deal out of something that isn't a big deal.  We left.  Walked to the car and didn't even finish our last hole.  We didn't even get a drink or any lunch.  NO way.  I feel like I am golfing for fun also, and its NOT fun for me if they constantly fight.  After that, I told all of them I am not driving them anywhere tonight  NO where so don't ask.  Really.  Enough.  Such a liberating thing to say no.  So here I sit at 7:30 in my duster in my bed. Love it!!  These pics were BEFORE the fighting began. 

nick abi jack




Brave Football

Sometimes I forget what I post because I am usually posting in a hurry and thinking I will come back and upload more pics or write more.  NOPE.  So, if I posted about Bountiful High Football, here it is again.  Andrew is a Brave and has been playing football for them.  He has seen some playing time in a few games.  He played the last 6 minutes against East yesterday.  I don't see his playing time usually because I don't get out of school until after the game starts and then the Chily boys have their football practice that I have to get them to.  But the East game was on a Wednesday and there was no football.  So Jack and I went to the game and got to see Andrew play football at Bountiful High School Larry Wall Stadium.  SOO fun.  Here are a bunch of videos and pics.  I don't even know what position he plays other than he is on the line.  he is #59

These videos are both similar and him standing.  I'm learning how to upload and my memory card is weird...

he is #59

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Foxboro second ward....

Cover Photo

So we belong to this ward that you really can't explain to anyone.  You don't really get it until you have experienced it for a while.  Mosty testimony meeting at 1:00.  At 9:00 it isn't really much of a circus because all the autisms and weirdos are still in bed.

So one thing that was funny...

 1.  I was in relief society.  There is A sister who is about 18 or  20 and married with a baby.  We were talking about meeting at the church for temple day.  (I was conducting) she raises her hand and Says "I can drive but I only have my learners permit so someone has to go with me ....". Never heard that one from someone in Relief society.

2.  Young women's... The autisms say "I can make the sound of a dolphin without moving my lips".

3.  We are in Relief Society and having Testimony meeting.  A lady who I love says about her husband,  "all he does is B@@@@ about Mormons and stuff'.  YEP that is what she said.  I was also conducting and was like 'ohhhh'.  Love her though. 

4.  I was at wolf scouts (8 year old boys) and the boy (from the 3rd ward so this doesn't count) said 'my mom just woofs down all the candy if we have any at our house'.  hahahahahahah   I don't even know her but I'm not going to tell her if I meet her!  soo funny. I really do love my Wolf Scouts!

It seems to be less weird now that we meet at 11:00.  The 1:00 was totally a trip in testimony meeting.  I also don't like to go to church because i'm the oldest one there and I feel new each week.  There is soo much turn over.  I have been here for 4 or 5 years and still each week I feel new. 

5.  I feel like we live in a singles ward. it is constantly changing. I have lived here for about 5 years and I know less and less people each week.  I could be more friendly, but people just move as fast as you say hello to them or they move even if you don't say hello...

6. One thing, is that the Smith's moved out.  She got remarried and he was a felon I think (due to not paying child support I heard....) and so they had to move.  The one autism daughter moved with the real dad when the mother got married. That was a blessing, but now the apartment complex said he couldn't live there because I think he was a felon...not that I would have a problem with that....hahah  but they took the rest of the autism kids and moved.  That is a bonus of living here, is its soo transient that the crazies move as fast as the regulars.

7.  One thing I have to say about Foxboro, is there is a lot of good people too.  Andrew needed to be Ordained a Priest and there were numerous good men to Ordain him.  He Choose Rick Bentzen who was the Young Men's leader for quite a while.  He was more than willing to do that for Andrew.  There are good men of which I am grateful.  Because how do you teach your son's to be good Priesthood holders if you don't have a good example at home.  Hope and Pray there are good examples at church...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Leaf Hunt 2014

Once again, the Lewis Family held the annual Leaf Hunt.  We go to Mueller Park Canyon, roast hot dogs and marshmallows, eat chips and potato salad.  Then we pair up and go on our leaf hunt.  We are to look and find the best leaf. We go in the fall, because the leaves are changing colors.  We submit them to Grandpa Lewis and he is the judge.  Then the prizes are awarded.  The prizes really are terrific.  Grandpa is the best at selecting the prizes.  One would think that with a degree in Biology, that I would win the Leaf Hunt.  umm No.  Jack and Michelle Won.   really???  We have been having a leaf hunt since I was a kid.  Back then, we drew the prize out of a bag.  Michelle drew a hot dog bun once.  We have never forgotten that.  Since All a Dollar was invented, he has upped the caliber of the prizes.  As you can tell, the prizes were Halloween themed.  We now have tons of college kids, and they ALL come.  Brooke made sure and came up from Snow College in Ephraim, McKenna came up from St George, and McCall and Grace came from Provo.  We LOVE it.  Everyone was there, except for Mark's family (Grace did come) who we missed a ton!

The prizes
The Winners!
Mising rest of mark's family

brooke testing out Gpa's new transport chair
Grace and McCall
jack opening his prize

the gang


Monday, October 13, 2014

More Soccer for Abi

Abi had soccer in Hyrum.  It is about 75 minutes away.  So the only thing we did on Saturday was Soccer.   Jack had fb but his dad took him.  Abi was the keeper for most of the time.  I got some pics of her.  Then in the second half, she was changed to some other position.  So I had to take some pics of her playing soccer instead of just being the keeper.  She is an awesome keeper.  I don't take pics of every game although it seems like I do.

I think that's a goal.  She's on the ground

Yahoo - stopped it


Getting some hints during half time. That's Dave Bush Abi's favorite coach

Abi, number 15 waiting to go in

Abi #15


Thursday, October 9, 2014

A new Referee

Abi and her friend Gaby have been taking the Referee Certification class.  It was three nights from 5:45 to 9:00 pm.  They had such a great time...haha.  They also had to complete these modules online before the class.  Which they did.  It also cost $20 for the class, and $60 to register to be a Soccer Ref.  They also have to get a shirt and shoes.  But now she is ready to be a middle soccer ref for the little kids, or an AR (which is what they call line refs) for the older kids.  If they can get a game.  I think she goes online and tries to schedule. We will wait and see.  Not sure how much more soccer she can ref this season, or if she will need to wait until the Spring.  She passed the test with an 86% and she needed to get at least 74%.  Yahoo.  I would think Refs need 100% so they know 100% of the rules.  Way to go Abi.

here she is in action

West Jordan - Jack

So, I can't keep straight every game and every play for every child...but here is a highlight video for Jack when they played West Jordan.  He is number 77.