Friday, November 28, 2014

Meet the Mormons

I am into posting these pics from google images on the blog....So we went to see Meet the Mormons tonight.  Nick, Brooke, and Maureen.  I had already seen it with Brooke. It is a movie about 6 different Mormons and how they live.   It was soo well done.  I absolutely loved it.  My favorite part was the first part, where they asked people in New York City about what they thought about Mormons and then showed different clips of movies where Mormons were referenced.  Soo funny.   We took Nick because he wanted to see the Navy football coach who is a Mormon.  He was one of my favorites.  

There were six different people.  The first was a Black Bishop from Georgia.  He was soooo young.  I did like him because he was a great guy, but because for once when I watch Mormon things his house was just a normal house.  When they showed it, his wall had some chipped paint and his couch had a cover on it.  The kitchen was modest.  Every time I watch some show on Mormons, their house is HUGE and nice with nice mouldings, and super fancy kitchens with granite countertops....

The others were the Navy Football coach who was terrific.  He said when he went to Navy to coach, he wouldn't hold team meetings or work on Sunday.  NEVER had that happened.  He said others could if they wanted but he was not.  He was not forcing his beliefs on anyone.  He also said that he thought that the Lord wanted them to rest on Sundays, but that didn't mean to not work hard other days.  He said he was at the office at 4:00 Monday morning.  He also said that a dude on his ward said that 'God doesn't care about Navy Football'.  (I thought that was funny...) but the coach (I can't remember his name) said that he thinks that is true to some extent, but that God does care about him and his family and Football is how he provides for his family.  Love him.  He was also a Primary teacher.  Thats fab!

My other favorite spotlight was the Missionary mom.  At first I thought I would hate her because I don't want to hear about others lives that are fabulous.  She did have a nice home. Just like all the other Mormon shows that the Church puts out.  However she did have a child at 16 and her parents were on drugs and she had a son die.  She met the missionaries and changed her life.  That part I loved.  Her son is going on a mission and he is the cutest!  really.  She was born in a trailer park.  She had a less than desirable home life and she ended up with a nice family.  

So, I loved it more the second time.  It made you feel soo warm inside.  I also thought I feel the spirit soo few times in a week.  What would it be like to be more like these people and live EVERYDAY with the Spirit of Jesus Christ.?  I also thought what if I was spotlighted....right I teachers unhappily married are not in high demand to spotlight for their success...but would I be able to testify of Jesus Christ and how being a Mormon changes my life and makes me a better person?  I do think that being a Member of The Church of Jesus Christ makes me a better person.  But I certainly are no where near these people in my testimony!  

Absolutely loved this show.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I may have to see it again with Abi.  

So this pic is of Abi on the right of the dude in the blue jacket. She went and saw the movie with her young women group and Anthony was there.  He was starring in the show.!  He is soo cute. Abi is on one side, and Tillie is on the other.  Tillie is her BFF

Thanksgiving 2014

  Thanksgiving day 2014.  It was a great one.  We started the day off with the Turkey Trot.  Already posted about that.  After that, we went to my sister Michelle's house for dinner and partying.  She really can't be related to me because she is such a good party host and party planner.  We had all the family there.   All her family was there, except for Mitchell. He is still on his mission to Columbia.  He will be home in 21 days.  Mark prayed that we could survive the next 21 days and for day 22 when he is home.  Serious.  So that brings me to Mark's family that was there.  They were all there.  They don't have any missionaries yet and Grace goes to school in Utah.  I think it was their year off for Paula's family.  All of my family was there.  Including my children's father.  He just gets in the for another day.  And my parents were both there.  

We had a yummy dinner of turkey of course.  Mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, yams, stuffing, Mexi Dip, cheese balls, Swigs cookies, and more.  Michelle did a fabulous spread.
We also played the traditional Thanksgiving Bingo.   Grandpa brings his Bingo game, and has fabulous prizes,  similar to the leaf hunt prizes.  Super fun activity to play on thanksgiving.  Michelle also had some thanksgiving hats to make and wear.  That was fun too.  

Mark sent me a text saying that he thought today was a 10.  It really was.  Everyone seemed to stay around and not be anxious to visit the other family and not appear like they are obligated to come.

Love them so much.

concentrating on Bingo

prize table


Our Thanksgiving hats they made

Christmas is coming

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Christmas is coming.  Today is November 28.  The day after Thanksgiving.  We had a great Thanksgiving.  The problem with Thanksgiving, is that Christmas is around the corner.  Christmas is very stressful to me.  I don't have any money so a holiday that is VERY expensive makes me very crazy and anxious and worried.....because when you can't make ends meet and you live so meager, how do you meet the very expensive Christmas and gift giving?  I have hated Christmas for many many years.

I don't hate Jesus.  I actually love Jesus.  I love singing Christmas songs in church.  Love being the hymn leader during Christmas!  Just dislike Christmas with all its expenses and stress too.   I remember reading last year or somewhere a quote I think from Matt Townsend but i can't find it now of course, that Christmas is stressful, mostly for mothers.  However, it is about making memories.  Thats about right.  So, I am trying to have a new attitude about Christmas.  We have our Christmas card made and sent to Costco.  Compliments of Brooke and our pics yesterday which were also due to Brooke.  I'm just going to have to somehow make it work.  I'm going to be excited for all the Christmas songs in the stores that I have heard a million times...not sure i can listen to FM100 in the car though....It is about making memories so I need to make them better.  Here's to Christmas....I hope...

Okay so just found this quote.  Spent all night looking for it and never thought it would be caroline kennedy...Love it though...

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Family Pictures

We decided it was time to get family pictures taken.  I really am not a fan of taking pictures because it just is a pain.  Its hard to get everyones hair cut, and new clothes that match and shoes and a time and it all costs money!  I could get everyone to match if I had lots of money.  Well, Brooke decided we needed to go to Fotofly and have them done.  So we did.  They did such a fabulous job!  LOVE every one.  Here is just a sampling of them.

Waiting for pics

Brooke, age 18

Nick, age 11

Abi, age 14

Andrew, age 16

The Boys

Jack, age 8

Turkey Trot 2014

Thanksgiving started out with the Turkey Trot.  Andrew, Abi, Brooke, and Maureen decided to run a 5K race this am.  We ran it last year with The Pearts.  They didn't join us this year.  Brooke forgot her running shoes so conveniently, I had an extra pair from my birthday last year that were brand new.  They didn't fit me and couldn't be returned...sure did like them though..It was super fun. It was in American Fork at 8:00 am.  We were the first on the start line and we were off.  I was left in the dust.  Andrew, Abi and Brooke were much faster than I.  The first mile was at the Target store.  I made it past the Target store before I had to walk.  The course was to Target, around the Cinemark, through the back of Home Depot and Walmart around their dumpster (that smelled horrible) and then up to the finish line!...I had lots of fat jogging, but not as much as I thought.  I told them to come and get me when they finished...but they didn't finish that much ahead of me!  I couldn't believe it...I was slower than last year but a few minutes...i'm older and fatter this year...

The head guy said to the first people to follow the red van (leader car) and the rest of you just follow the people in front of you.  So Brooke followed the people in front of her, and they lapped the Home Depot TWICE!  She could just cut off her time by 3 or 4 minutes if she could have followed the correct course!  Abi took second place in her division!  She finished in 28 minutes and won a Pumpkin Pie!  WOOT WOOT!  We stuck around for the raffle and Brooke and Andrew won the raffle with a Pumpkin pie and Andrew won a Turkey!  Super fun beginning to the day!  Hopefully I can post our other times when we see them posted...

UPDATE:  Abi time 28:10  2nd in her division, 35th out of the women
                   Brooke:  43:28 19th in her division...but she did have an extra lap around home depot...
                   Maureen:  47:14  10th in my division...there were only 11
                   Andrew:   39:11  11th in his division....

Andrew and Brooke in their age group had all the fast finishers in their age group.

Brooke, Maureen, Abi, Andrew

Getting ready to trot

Our shirts!  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

End of Term

So, the End of the term came and went this year.  I haven't ever posted their grades...not sure why, but here is Andrew's report card for first term.  His first term of High School.  He did very well.  All A's and one B.  Not sure you can see the pic.  I found the report card under my bed and decided I should take a pic of it.  Great job.  He even succeeded to NOT get any U's for Citizenship. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

The BEST Concert

Abi and Andrew both play in the school Orchestra.  Andrew plays for Bountiful High, and Abi is at South Davis Junior High.  Well, they had a fall concert.  The last concert I went to for Abi was 2 1/2 hours LONG.  That was in December when you don't have that long to sit at a concert.  So, I then found out it was a combined concert for the 9th graders at South Davis, Bountiful High, Woods Cross High  and Viewmont High.    OH my word.  That would be EVEN longer.  Well, I soon realized that the concert would have TWO of my children performing.  I would only have to attend ONE concert!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, the concert really was very nice.  It was at Woods Cross High.  I went by myself due to football season for the other boys and Brooke being away at college.  Each group performed like one piece.  It was just over an hour long!  Way to go!  They did a fabulous job!

Andrew is in the back, middle bass player

Andrew in the middle. 

Andrew at the Bass

Abi in the front in white...

Abi in action

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Championship game 2014

Jack played the championship game today against West.  They lost. It was a tough team.  West was their only loss during season play.  West averaged 42 points per game in season.  The score was 20 - 6. So we did great only letting them score 13 more points than we did.  No one scored in the second half of the game.  Jack had a good game.  He even recovered a fumble.  YES did you hear that?  He recovered a fumble.  I'll post pics of that (I think later...guess I didn't need to inform anyone of that because if I post them, then you would never know I said that..)  Abi took lots of video of the game.  It was been such a great football season.  Today was the end for all.  Can't wait for next season.  Nick said he is for sure playing next year.  Andrew, maybe not.  Jack was a yes.

Jack I think is second from the right because he is NOT an X and he plays on either side of the center.  The other dude has a X on his helmet.

The mother sporting a Bountiful Jersey

The fans of Bountiful wearing their Jerseys

Jack #77

Jack #77

jack in stance on left

Jack middle guy in his stance

jack to the right of the center

Jack is #77

Jack is the middle white guy next to the guy with the X on his helmet (he is the one most on the ground)
Practice under the lights at Bountiful High so prepare for the big game.  That's Jack there somewhere


standing under the ball

Jack is on the far left

Jack in the middle coming through

Jack in the stance with pink socks