Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I Want to Be There with them

My cousin posted this video of another cousins Wedding.  Not sure how it came about, but My dad took the video.  Someone took it to Costco and they converted it digitally somehow and then it was uploaded to Youtube and shared with us.  The year was 1974.  Movie cameras were a novelty.  My dad was the only one to have one.  I haven't seen this video of the wedding until this year, 2016.

This is the video above. (obviously).  As I watched this video, I was taken back to my childhood.  (I am also in the movie...I was 8)  These were people that I know and Love.  Some of them have passed on.  My Grandma Stella and Grandpa Fon,  Aunt Joyce, Aunt Nayon, my sister Melanie.  There were also pics of younger Uncle Bob and Uncle Dale.  And Cousins who I love.  Scott, Craig, Kris, and more.  Really, I watched this video about 4 times.  Being nostalgic.  What it made me think about though is how much I love those people.  And how much I want to be with them again.  I want to see Grandma and Grandpa again.  Miss them  They were so kind.  Aunt Nayon and Aunt Joyce have such good memories. I think that must be what it is like crossing the Veil at death.  Seeing all these people that are rooting for you on the other side!  People that were such a part of your life.  People that are kind and wonderful.  And feeling like you are 'home' when you get there!  I want to have them greet me at the Gate!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve + Christmas

We have partied for a few weeks.  Sunday was our Christmas party with the Grandparents at their house.  We ate dinner, and had a program, read the poem that my dad writes every year, and passed out gifts.   So, that leaves us on Christmas Eve with no party to go to.  We have gone to Temple Square in the past years, so we did the same this year.  It is kind of crowded but nothing like you would expect.  It is fun to see the lights, walk around outside, and see the Nativity that is presented on the grounds.  Then we head to In N Out burger.  Its the only place open on Christmas Eve.  This year it was busy.  In years past, we have been there alone.  I guess word is getting out that it is a great place for Christmas Eve.  The best part is we didn't have to cook.  Today I could just hang out and wrap presents.  Mark's family went this year.  They have been in Vegas the previous years so it was fun to have them along.  We did miss Hayden however.  It is Mark's son who is on a mission!

Clemons Family

Clemons kids

Jim and Abi

Waiting for us in the bathroom

The entire family

Michelle gave us this letter C that lights up after our events out!  soo cute.

our Stockings.  They were the stockings Melanie used. so now we use them.

For the past few years, I have given them a gift on Christmas Eve.  It has been Pajama pants for them to wear that night.  We have like 3 pair of pj pants and just didn't need anymore.  So Nick suggested on a whim that maybe we should get blankets.  So that's what I did.  We got blankets.  Nick, Jack and Andrew got Football and Abi and Brooke got a grey design.  I don't even think Nick remembers that he suggested this gift!

While the above slept with their blankets, Santa was at work.

This what it looked like when I went to bed

This is what it looked like when I got up later
When we got up, here are a few highlights of the present unwrapping.  That is Jack with Tom Brady socks.  He is the quarterback for the New England Patriots and Jack LOVES him.

Nick and jack are HUGE football fans.  Nick is wearing a Rob Gronkowski Jersey from the Patriots (he says he has too many Tom Brady jerseys so he wanted a different one) and Nick is wearing Clay Matthews from the Green Bay Packers.  His Bud Stella also loves Green Bay as a side note.  Stella is Marks daughter.

Brooke an Abi in awe at the Jerseys

This is my new favorite wrapping.  I use to love Nordstron boxes, or those blue Tiffany boxes and now I LOVE these gift bags from Charming Charlie.  An Accessory store.  Love them  Always something promising inside.

This is Jim with her Harry Potter socks from Andrew and Abi.

These tubs and from Stella, a Patriots and a Green Bay tin with popcorn.

Jack hugging Nick when he realized we got some game system.  XBox one I think.

This is Andrew.  The only pic i got of him today.  He is in the front.  He wasn't that excited about most presents...clothes and junk.  He got most of his Christmas already.  A new Snowboard and LAX equipment and registration

Brooke and Abi with these emoji pillows....not sure why they got those....Brooke wants the 5.00 that they cost.

Nick in his hooded towel.  Last year there is a joke (read the post from Dec 2014)  Brooke was walking downstairs with a towel on and slipped and the towel came off so Nick was the one standing there so he saw Brooke in her skivvies...Brooke got a velcro towel last year to prevent another accident.  Nick got one this year too!  He is  modeling it.

Toasting the Holiday with sparkling grape juice from Trader Joes.  Jack was not a fan.  Brooke thought it was okay.  I like it too.

We order Chinese food on Christmas.  Here are the remains.  I was too slow on the camera this time

One thing this year was a bit less stressful.  Not sure why, maybe because I seemed to have more money and that takes away tons of stress.  I did discover when there is less stress, the Holiday is way more fun.  Its easier to enjoy the many events that are available because one is not stressed the entire time or very tired like usual.  It was a great Christmas with tons of activities leading up to the holiday.  Love this family of mine!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Festivus 2015

Festivus is a holiday for the rest of us.  It was explained on an episode of Seinfeld.  George Kastanza loved Festivus.  There is a hilarious 6 minute Youtube video explaining it.  Here it is.. Hilarious.....

You put up a Festivus pole instead of a Christmas tree.  It is the day before Christmas Eve and we can air our grievances.  Another blogger I follow, listed her grievances for Festivus.  So here are mine...they are not in any order.  I have thought about them for a few days before I publish.

*People that back into parking stalls.  It really doesn't save time.  Just irritates those who are waiting to drive by while you pull out...I have noticed that it is just men and lesbians that back in.

*People who are constantly late.

*Women who don't work saying how tired they are...or how many things they have to do....well, I have just as many things to do AND 40 less hours to do them since I do work...

*People who park right next to you in the parking lot at the same time. (at the store or church or work.  Everyone has to get out of the car so give me room to get out)

*People who are rude to sales people, fast food service workers, grocery store clerks and teachers...

*People who call and leave a message and say "call me".  well tell me what it is about so I know how much time to allot so I can judge when to call..................Grrrr

*People who are on their phone constantly...

*Seeing Xmas instead of Christmas written on only takes about 3 seconds to write the whole thing out....

*working soo hard and having soo little.

*everything I do is mediocre ...due to being a working mother...not enough time to do anything decent...

I think I will have to celebrate festivus every year!  what are your greivances  ??

As I just typed this, I realized that my greivances really are just that...little annoyances...I have been thinking about them all day since its Christmas and I haven't moved far from where I am sitting now.  Really how fortunate I am that these little petty things are my greivances.  yes I have more annoyances, but that is really what they are.  Annoyances...thats fortunate in my book!

North Pole 7 Peaks style

Nick....still laughing about this one
We went to the North Pole at 7 peaks in Provo.  It is a water park turned into a winter event.  We got to slide down one of the water slides in sleds.  That was fun.  We took our picture in this cut out.  We took our picture with Santa and got some cut outs to decorate ornaments at home.  It was fun and included with our pass of All Passes we get for the summer.  Only a few of the family went with us.  Maureen, Brooke, Nick and Jack went from my family. Michelle and Marti went from her family.  Her kids were all busy doing other things.  We had to postpone it from earlier in the week because of snow so some of them couldn't come due to schedule.

Brooke, Me and Nick

Michelle, Marti and Brooke (I think)

Jack, Brooke, Maueen and Nick in that order left to right

The Clemons that attended.  Maureen, Santa, Brooke, Nick and Jack in the front

Marti and Michelle

Nick and Marti

Maureen, Marti and Nick

Maureen and Nick

Jim and Jack 

Jack and Nick with sleds walking to slide...blurry

Del Taco after

Michelles senior drink.  They asked her if she wanted the senior drink.  Well, they didn't ask me that.