Thursday, January 29, 2015

Soccer Las Vegas

Abi had a soccer tournament in Las Vegas.  We decided to go and the entire team stayed at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino. 

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This was a selfie in the elevator at the Suncoast Hotel.

We made our reservations and were off.  First stop was in Beaver to take a picture in this big chair outside. Kindof a tradition.  Here we are.  I am not in the pic, because I am taking it.
Brooke, Abi, Nick and myself were the ones to go on the Trip.  Jack decided to stay home. 

The chair at Chevron in Beaver

We got there, on Friday night and met up with Mark who lives in Vegas.  We went over to his house and chatted for a while, then went to Metro Pizza for Dinner.  Its Nick's favorite.  He ate there when Stella was baptized.  Good food and good company.  Luke, in the corner, is in 7th grade.  He  says that he is learning about the most boring subject in Science.  (I am a science teacher so I like this topic)  He hated Rocks and Minerals.  The ONLY thing worse than Rocks and Minerals is Soil.  That is what he is studying now.  Soo funny.  Super fun.  Nick slept over at Mark's house with Stella.  In fact, Nick spent the entire weekend with them.  They went to the trampoline park, out to Five Guys for lunch, swam in the hot tub, and played animals.  Saturday night, Mark came and picked us up and we drove on the strip.  We ate dinner at Pei Wei and Nick says to Mark, if you could, please bring me back a number 15 from McDonalds.  Who says that.  So we did.  Stella got left overs from Pei Wei.  We got there and she says 'I got left overs"? 

Metro Pizza with Mark's family

Abi played 4 games.  They won two games, and tied one, and lost one.  They took 3rd place.  The last game, she convinced someone else to be the keeper and so she got to play the last half of the game.  So that was fun.  They had a team party at the bowling alley for the hotel.  We didn't have to go.  yahoo.  We needed to take Brooke home, however, due to Hailey's emergency ear wax incident, we were able to meet her friends in Nephi that were coming from SLC.  So I didn't even have to take Brooke to Ephraim.  We had a great time.  Abi took 3rd place in the tournament. 

Abi is #15

Abi is #15

Me watching the game...

this is good action shot.  Abi is the keeper

Abi going for a ball
Abi got to play in the game
more playing ttime
Abi running she is the middle girl in black and blue

Waiting for the ball

Abi had a soccer tournament in Las Vegas.  We went and stayed at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino.  I wasn't really that thrilled with going to Vegas because I don't want to drive my car, or spend the money.  But we did.  I didn't take very many pics of our trip other than her soccer pics and they really aren't that great.

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I cannot get ahead...

So, when I titled that post a while ago.  I have been frustrated because very month i am over drawn, and it seems i'm saying 'oh next month, I won't have all of these expenses'.  Dec was Christmas, Jan I had to register my car, so February was my month.  Plus February is only 28 days long so three less days so I thought February i can make it to the end without overdrawing or having to use my savings...

Well, January along with registering my car, I had to have surgery.  I went to the Doctor on a Monday and had surgery on Tuesday.  When I was talking to the Surgical Center to get my instructions, they said 'oh and you need to bring $2600 with you for your copay'.  OH.  What?  I didn't have I talked to the boss.  He said i could pay cash, and get a 20% discount...right.  Or, bring half which was $1300 and I could make the rest in 6 payments.  Oh, that put the payments MORE than my car payment.  So, I did take in some money and had surgery.  I got set up for the payment plan.  He did say if I got the cash together by the end of the month, he would still give me the cash discount.  I would work on that.  Well, My dad heard I was short on money.  So he said he would help me out some.  He did.  He gave me $500.  He said he would help me, but I really thought he would forget.  (he is forgetful now...)  But NO.  I got a check for
$500 bucks.  Yahoo.  So thoughtful, so unnecessary and soo appreciated.  He is always thoughtful like that.

It was almost the end of the month so I needed to figure out my bill.

I got some more from my savings, and went over there to pay another $1100 so I could get the cash discount.  The girl says well, you owe one fifty five.  DANG.  I owe 1500....She said 'oh wait' and walked away for a minute.  I'm thinking its MORE than $1500.  She come back and says  its $155 to pay your bill in full.  WHAT???  She said it wasn't as much as it was quoted because the doc didn't need to do all he thought he would need to do.  I about kissed her.   I paid my $155 and left.  So grateful that it worked out and I didn't have to pay the other $900.  So really that is a huge blessing.  Just when I feel sorry for myself, I end up having enough money.  Once again, things worked out.   I typed the title of this blog WAY before the end part of the bill.  So, maybe I can get ahead....

Until i went to the Dentist in February.  I have to have a root canal and a crown.  I was walking out of the office and 'oh that will be $440'.  .  .  .   my tooth really did hurt $440 dollars worth however...
The dentist did give me some antibiotics AND 24 Lortab.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Jack gets Baptized

Finally!  Jack gets Baptized.  He turned 8 in June.  It was Jan 3, 2015 when he was baptized.  So, why was Jack not baptized in June? Well, he waited for Andrew, his brother, to turn 16, so he could Baptize him.  Andrew turned 16 in August.  The problem then, was that it was football season.  We have football EVERY Saturday til the end of October.  Jack would NOT hear of missing football.  Then his football team went to the playoffs in Nov.  Then, it was scheduled for December.  That meant that Brooke and McKenna would have to make a special trip home from College to come.  So we decided to wait again until January.  Which was still over the Christmas vacation.  That meant that Brooke and McKenna would both be here because it was their college break, and Mitchell would also be home from his Mission on Dec 18.  

January 3, came and yes Jack was Baptized.  Jack was Baptized by his brother, Andrew Lewis Clemons, and Confirmed by his cousin, Mitchell Lewis Peart.  Good thing we waited for Mitchell so he could confirm Jack.  
The other benefit to waiting, is that Mark's family was able to come too.  Mark said he was coming up to Bountiful because he had some time off.  So his family was there too!  It was a super fun day.  Really.  We had Pizza after at Grandma's house.  (since I am under the weather with my meniscus troubles)  

Happy we finally got him Baptized.  Happy Andrew and Mitchell could be there to help out.  Love Covenant keepers. 


Andrew and Jack

Andrew, Jack, and Mitchell

Nick, Jack and Stella

Gpa, Gma, and Jack

The whole Family

Jack opening his gifts

Luke, Mark and Paula

Brooke and her babysitting buddies

Abi and Andrew

Andrew, Jack, Mitchell and Brooke