Monday, August 31, 2015

Back to School Dinner Part 2

So, school didn't start last week, so Sunday, I decided we would have another Back To School Dinner.  We had another fabulous dinner.  We had lasagna, garlic bread, and salad.  It was delicious.  Then we had our favorite dessert again.  Chocolate pudding pie.  Crust on the bottom, chocolate pudding next, and then cream cheese on the top.  Delicious.  Then another thing, cool happened.  Rick Benztgen a member of the Bishopbric texted me and offered to come over and give each of them a Priesthood blessing to help them all with the school year.  He is also the one to Ordain Andrew to a Priest last year.  I'm appreciative for Covenant Keepers.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

First day of School 2015

First day of school is always Bitter Sweet.  Its fun to have a routine again, and get to see all the friends, but sad because summer is over.  All the fun and just not having to go anywhere is behind us.  I think about that the next time we are care free everyone will be a year older.    Brooke is in her second year of college at Snow College in Ephraim.  Andrew is a Junior, Abi is a Sophomore, Nick is in 6th grade and Jack is in 4th grade.  I am still in the 7th grade.

Abi and Andrew

Nick and  Jack

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Last Day of Summer Jordanelle trip

The last day of summer Michelle calls and asks if anyone wants to go to the lake and go wave running. Well, YES we all do.  I unfortunately had to work.  So she took Jack and Nick.  They had such a great time.  Really.  Nice so I could go work and not worry.  I did have to drive them to meet her in the middle, but other other than that, it was great!!  Soo fun


Nick (thats Jackson in the water)

Jack did say that Mitchell said he would pay him if he threw the bread they were feeding the ducks over by Jackson (their other nephew) so the ducks would go over by him.  Soo funny.  Mitchell makes me laugh.  Michelle didn't get any pictures of that.  I wasn't there to get any either.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Back to School Dinner

I have these two friends that have back to school dinners and introduce the family theme for the school year.  I feel bad that I'm not soo into spirituality 24/7.  So this year, we had dinner.  It was our favorite, Chicken and potatoes and green beans in a pan with butter and Italian salad dressing mix poured over the top.  We also had corn on the cob.  We also had a dessert that is called something like chocolate pie.  It is crust on the bottom and then chocolate pudding and whipped cream on top.  We ate dinner and then decided our theme would be the theme for the Young Women a few years ago, 'Be Strong and of a good Courage'.  I LOVE that scripture.  I have thought about that when it as the Young Women's theme about my own life.  Be Strong and of a Good Courage.  Do what is right.  All the Time.  Love it.  We didn't have Father's blessings like my friend Rebecca has with her children, but we did sit around and chat about all the things we need for the coming school year.

Calculators, back packs, school fees, clothes.  We chatted about Soccer for Abi, since she just made the Bountiful High Soccer team.  And Football for Andrew since he is playing football for Bountiful High this year.  We are definitely 'Home of the Brave' at our house.  hahaha  Bountiful high's mascot is the Brave.  I love that ending line to the National Anthem.  "and the home of the Brave'.

I also went to Bountiful High School.  Weird that now my children are attending my same school.  You would think that I really liked High School.  Nope.  Hated it.  Its weird to go to Bountiful High for functions after I have graduated 30 years ago.  Yes, 1985 I graduated.  I can't wait to watch my Braves in action on the field.  WAY TO GO!

Baseball Camp

Jack and Nick went to the Woods Cross Baseball Camp.  It was put on by some players at Woods Cross High School.  I happen to know the kids because I taught them in 7th grade.  They were such cute boys. They had a great time!  It was super hot and super fun

Friday, August 14, 2015


Summer is almost over and we have only golfed one time. So, Friday  night, we decided we need to go again.  Nick didn't have football, so Brooke (who has golfed about 2 times in her entire life) and Nick and myself went to this new course.  Fore Lakes.  Our other course has closed that was near our house and I was soo sad.  So we found this one.  It was a really fun course.  We had a great time.  Jack stayed home because he was at his friend's house so we left without him.  There was no fighting or throwing clubs because people were mad.  It was a great activity.  Brooke did very well even though she hasn't been a ton.  She did need to use her left handed clubs more than once.
Brooke is taking golf lessons at Snow in the Spring.  I need to take Golf lessons too.  We stopped keeping score after about 6 holes on accident.  We also lost about 5 balls in the water hazard and I was the only one to end up in the sand trap.  Success!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

BYU - 30 years later

Tonight I went to dinner with some of my BYU roomates from like 30 years ago.  It was soo fun to see all of them.  And hear about life happening to all of them.  None of us are dead, obviously.  But it is fun to see that we can still have things to talk about years later.  Interestingly, we have all graduated from College.  Only two of them from BYU.  I graduated from Weber State, and so did Nancy.  Liz graduated from University of Utah.  But all of us graduated.   Yea for us.  I was the only one that hasn't had a missionary.  I also have the youngest child.  One of us has been divorsed, and one of us wants to get divorced.  The other three are happily married, at least I assume they are.  

Nancy Roberts, Shaunelle Holbrook, Liz Gudgell, Nanette Larson, Maureen Lewis

I'm also the fattest.  Nice...Such a fun group of girls.  I am on the end.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Jimbob in Action at Utah's Hogle Zoo

5.00 pic.  you had to donate 5.00 to conservation to get a picture with this bird...

pic with this bird was free..

Eagles nest

Brooke or Jimbob as we like to call her, has worked this summer at the Utah Hogle Zoo.  Michelle and I went to see her in action.  She helps with the Bird show  by ushering and opening the doors and releasing the pigeons on cue from the Bird show dude.

Here are some pics

Brooke on stairs ushering

Michelle, Nick and I went to the Bird show.  We walked around the zoo after.  Jim joined with us.  We rode the carousel and train too.

(I wrote this post and then noticed that all the pics are messed up the order.  
so anyway, some of them are of Brooke in action at the bird show, and some of them are of us walking around after.  Her big moment is releasing the pigeons for the Birdshow.  She says 
Steve the head guy at the birdshow gets mad when you are to slow opening the pigeons .  Oh maybe they are doves.  Anyway Jimbob released them very quickly....)