Friday, September 25, 2015

Bountiful vs. Pleasant Grove

I feel like all I ever write about is soccer and football and more football.  But thats all I have to write about since thats all we do.  Andrew played the entire game against Pleasant Grove.  The final score was 28 - 30.  BHS won!  Yea!  He has been having trouble with his wrist and needs to get it taped by the trainer.  He still plays though.  

It was fun to watch but very hot. Some of these videos are not that great because I was holding an umbrella and trying to film.  I was about to melt sweating to death.  I also had to leave early because I was selling concessions at the RSL Soccer.  I should be able to make all the rest of the games.  

He plays right by the Center.  Jack says he plays Guard.  Left guard.  He is #61 so watch for him below.  (funny, I'm sure not a soul is reading this and when I die, it will be lost in cyberspace because no one will want to read it...)

Andrew has worked so hard.  Summer conditioning and working out in the offseason,  He is at practice every day.  It is paying off with him seeing soo much playing time.  

These are the pics from the Bountiful High Facebook page.  They are much better than I can take.  Andrew is the one with the taped up wrist and he has these high top red cleats that are Under Armour.  He is #61 and usually plays right next to the center.

He is on the left side of the center...

number 61 right there!!

61 is on the left

His arm is down with the tape on it.  Its the third arm from the left

its the one with the tape on the arm.  Second from left

He is the one leaning over in the front

Look for the tape ,  

#61 in the back on the right side

right there in the front #61

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Today Andrew wanted some Imodium.  He was a bit worried for his football game and his condition.  He took some to school...

Abi was looking for her Acid reflux pills.  She had a flair up of acid reflux on tuesday between games and didn't want that to happen again.  I'm assuming she has her inhaler for her breathing problems....

Nick was looking for his Myralax.  Opposite problem of Andrew.  He has had a flair up for a few weeks hence the visit to the ER a few times... I feel like a pharmacy.

I on the other hand, just take about 6 pills.  Thyroid , arthritis, nerves, fiber, glucosamine, baby asprin.  Thats my daily regimen.

On this same note, Brooke also takes medicine for her seizures.  It is only $475 a month.  Cost me $50.00 per month.  Now its down to $175 per month and I only pay $15.  Guess she's worth $15.00 a month.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Homecoming Bountiful High 2015

Andrew went to Homecoming. His date was Delaney Byrd.  Andrew got some new clothes and looked smashing.  Delaney's brother plays on Nick's Football team and her dad is the coach.  The dad told Nick if she didn't have a good time, then Nick had to run...hhahahah  I hope Nick doesn't have to run.

Soo Cute.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bountiful vs Park City

Bountiful High girls soccer played Park City High.  In Park City.  I drove up there after school.  Made it just in time to see Abi.  Abi did such a great job.  Stopped soo many shots they took on her.  She dove a ton.  Once I thought she hit her head on the goal post.  Which would not be a good thing for her since she had that concussion in the spring.  She said she didn't hit it.  She pulled her head back and her neck is sore...

Fab job.  She even got to ride home with me.

These other pics are from another game.  Woods Cross I think. someone else took them. Abi is in the Keeper shirt.

I am sitting in this picture on the sidelines

Monday, September 7, 2015

Church Shoes Are So Versatle

Jack slept over at Michelle's house.  He went with them to mow lawns.  I get there to pick him up, and he is mowing in his church shoes.  I didn't know church shoes could double as lawn mowing shoes.

So what happened is he left his VANS out in the back yard so they were soaking wet.  So he had to wear his church shoes because that is all he had!  

Nick all stopped up

This is at lakeview
Nick has been extreme pain this week.  He has missed 4 of the 8 days we have had so far for school.  He says he doesn't feel good.  He wants to stay home from school and football.  It has been quite a week.  So, I am tired of him saying he is sick.  So off to Instacare.  Nick has missed way too much school.  We spent most of our time talking about Nick and having trouble breathing.  So he prescribed an inhaler and steroids.  He said Nick was fine to go to school tomorrow.  That eve he didn't want to go to football.  of course.  Then he is crying and can't get his breath.  I decide that maybe we need his inhaler.  We both drive to Target to pick it up.  I go in and wait for like 15 minutes while Nick is in the car.  I take the inhaler out to him and he uses it and seems better.  We get home and also use the Nebulizer that we have had since Brooke was a baby.  I was amazed that I could find it and a new set of tubing AND the medicine that was 10 years old.  So he seems okay.  Other than he missed Football.

Then, he goes to school for ONE day.  The weekend is here, and he plays football, then the same routine starts the next week.  He complains he doesn't feel well.  He does this all the time so he can stay home from school.  So, around 8:30 pm he comes up and says he threw up, and is screaming that he is in intense pain in his gut.  SCREAMING.  I didn't know what to do.  I didn't have a car.  Andrew and Abi had it.  So when they got home, an hour later, he was still screaming.  I took him to Lakeview Hospital.  They gave him Morphene, atavan (for anxiety) and something for nausea.  They
also did blood work and urine work.  The blood work came back and he had a Neutrophil count of 15 000 which should be 5 - 10 thousand.  That bothered the doc.  He suggested that we needed a CAT scan to rule out appendicitis.  So, we did that test.  He said the appendix was enlarged, but not inflamed.  Which meant it wasn't an appendicitis but could be.  (I think that is what he said)  He called Primary Childrens (since Lakeview didn't admit children) and they said to come in.  So, at 2:00 in the morning, we are driving to Primary Childrens Hospital.  I assumed to be admitted.  We are in the ER for about 90 minutes and the Doc comes in and says they had someone read the CAT scan and it looked good.  Nick was cured.  They sent us home.

I went to the Pediatrician since the hospital told me to.  She diagnosed him as being constipated and prescribed Miralax.  Then spent the next 60 minutes telling me he needed a different diet and to eat more vegetables......really.  Never thought of that.  She has just cured obesity in America.  Eat more vegetables.  That night, Nick goes into another screaming fit and carrying on.  Chilly Willy takes him back to Primary.  I thought for sure that appendicitis was acting up.  Gets there, and does an X-ray of his gut.  He has a blockage in his intestine kindof high up in his stomach, they also prescribed Miralax and Ex lax to get things moving.  They thought that he could get the blockage to move on his own.  Once again he was sent home.  We both missed school this day, and decided to take Miralax and get things 'moving'.  He did get things moving.

He seems to be much better now, and everyone thinks he is crazy and doesn't want to go to school.  Is it Emotional?  His grandma asked me about 6 times.  His teacher called me also.  Which was very nice.  I appreciated it.  She wanted to check in on him to make sure she wasn't too mean to him. Nope.   He did go half day and then all day the next day.  Played football on Saturday.  So now, he seems to be cured.  He doesn't seem to like Miralax.  Too bad.  I can't wait to get this bill.  I have already paid the $200 copay for the ER.   I bet that isn't even a dent in the bill!!

He liked the remote to the TV that the sound was coming out of it

Primary Childrens.  He likes the socks they gave him

Seems to be feeling better.   Morphine does that you know!

We had to go 4 times because he was screaming soo much....variety in the IDs


Sunday, September 6, 2015

Church going boy

This is my Nick on the left wearing the BYU tie.  The other kid, Ethan, mom took this pic at church because they are wearing rival ties to church.  Nick picked this tie out so he could be Ordained to be a Deacon.  These are his new church clothes.  !!  This pic made me smile.  We have a huge rival in our ward.  Soo cute that they both wore their ties the same week!!  Soo cute!

Braves soccer

Abi made the Bountiful High Soccer team. She is the keeper so she is always wearing that green jersey. Here are some pics of her games.  Some I took and some I didn't. Its fun to watch her play.  Every time she goes down for a save, I get a little paniced thinking she will hit hear head again on the goal post. So far, she's been good.  There was one close call but she didn't hit it.


Abi tribe playing with Jack at Half time

Friend, Abby Tribe and two friends from EFY that rode their bikes to the game