Saturday, January 23, 2016

January Golf

Went to Mulligans today for some golf.  They had been advertising that you could still golf in january at their course.  8 of the 9 greens didn't have any snow.  no carts though.  We decided to go.  It was soo cold that we decided to use the driving range instead.  It was heated.  However, we got the only spot that wasn't heated.  Nick got another spot in a heated area and it was much better!  So fun to golf in January.  We will keep trying and when it gets a bit warmer we want to try to golf!

Abi and the guy next to her that moved so we could be next to each other

Nick and Jack waiting their turn...surprisingly not fighting

Jack and Abi

Nick showing his style in the heated spot

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Spaghetti Squash Chicken Parmesan

I have a goal to cook dinner more.  So, here was an attempt at that.  It was fabulous.  I LOVE spaghetti squash and we got 4 at the farmers market.  I got the idea here.

Anyway, here is how it turned out.  Abi and I are the only ones to eat it.  But it was good and much better than expected!

soo good.  don't mind the old dirty pan.  Its the best one

Monday, January 18, 2016

Sometimes the Lord can count on me

I have been called to be a Primary teacher. I have never been a Primary teacher.  Its kind of wierd that I have never been one.  I am a teacher by trade and I come to church each week.  I was the Primary Secretary for a few years and Loved that.  And I was in Cub Scouts.  That's the extent of my Primary service.  I have substituted a few times however.  I always thought I would say no to primary.  I work with children all week, so I am NOT working with them on Sundays...however, I said yes.  I have a great partner and I think it will be fun.  We are teaching the 5 year olds.  Not much cuter than 5 year olds.  We will have the Bishops son, Jack and the First Counselor's son, Connor, and the other Counselor's Daughter, Danika.  Not sure why they choose me, other than I am there every week.  I guess an old crusty body that shows up is better than a young, sleek body that doesn't...they had trouble with their teachers not showing up.

I thought when I went in the office, I thought they were calling me to Camp Director.  I guess I was soo relieved that I decided to say yes so I wouldn't have to plan camp!

MLK day 2015

We went to the Hockey Game today since we are out of school for Martin Luther day.  I have never LOVED Martin Luther more than today when we have the day off.  Andrew took Nick and Jack to the game because I picked up Brooke in Brigham City since she spent the weekend at Utah State. Then Brooke, Maureen, and Abi showed up at the game 30 minutes late. Parking is free when you get there 30 minutes late.  There is something soo fun about hockey. I love it.  We all love it.  All 6 of us went to the game.  Andrew said he was leaving as soon as I got there to go to the gym.  He stayed to the very end with us all.  Its fun to go with them.  Even if it cost me 3 chicken baskets and two drinks!

Abi, Nick and jack

chicken basket are $5.00 so we had 3

At our last hockey game, Jim won a $50.00 gift card to Maverik.  She had to stand up with a Nitro Card (reward card) for Maverik.  They choose her!  I should have won since the card was mine!!

Then after, I came home and made 5 freezer meals for later.  I shopped for them over Christmas, and now now we have 5 meals that I can put in the crockpot before work and have ready when we get home.  They will probably be nasty.

oh success!!  here are 5 meals!!   Hope they are good!

We have Teriyaki Chicken (2)
Broccoli Alfredo
Black Bean and Salsa Chicken
                                                        I will report how they turn out!!


Jack loves the New England patriots.  He got this Jersey from Christmas.  He set it out on the bed for school the next day.  He put it on the bed nicely with Gronkowski face up.  He has never put an item of clothes neat anywhere.  Nor has he cared if they were on the bed or floor or trash.    

Friday, January 15, 2016

Project Bookshelf

So I have these  bookshelves.  I have had them for over 20 years.  They are brown. I didn't think much of them, except recently when I thought they were ugly.  So I decided to paint them, and if I dind't like them, then get rid of it.  There are two that match.  I only have room for one of them in the basement because part of the ceiling is low and the bookcase is too tall....random info.  So I decided to paint them white.  It took quite a bit of paint.  Here is the before pic.

Before (don't mind all the mess)

Here is the after pics.  I was going to use Chalk paint which is the new paint, but I had some white that I used.  I might paint them with chalk paint later.  Since Chalk paint is the new paint for furniture that is suppose to be fabulous!

After,  Still a bit messy, but I sure like the white better.  (I took it in the dark so the glare from the light)

I think it turned out much better!  Now when I organize and decorate it it will be sooooo nice!

Here is the pics above my bed. I am kindof impressed with it.  It is also a work in progress!!  But so far I LOVE it.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

My Christmas Gifts

 I had a very nice Christmas.  Other than the great time we had at al of our functions.  I got an Ipad, sweatshirt, diet coke, lotion, and pans from Chilly Willy.  I also got licorish.  It was Fabulous.

Nick made me this card at school, that says Fleece navidad, and on the front is a sheep.  Get it???
And that geometric ball that when I found it, it was crushed.  I asked him about it and he said he wasn't interested in it that much.  I LOVE it.  I Love anything my children give me.

These pictures loaded in a different order because I added some later, so thats why it seems unorganized.  Anyway, hereis the IPAD.


I got some other gifts too. Abi and Andrew gave me these bathballs that are FAB.  They are huge and dissolve in the bathwater.  They smell so nice!  I used the orange one, and found a slice of orange in the bathwater.  The entire bathroom smells soo good and calming.  I used all of them over the holidays.  I have to go get some more!   They were good for arthritis too.  So thoughtful!

Here is the tube of them.  So pretty!

I also got  gift care to one of my favorite stores.   TARGET.  That was from Jimbob.  She knows i LOVE target.  I have to spend it ONLY on me!

This is the sweatshirt.  Fleece on inside


Calendar made by Jack!!  LOVE it

So Loved my Christmas Gifts!  I am always surprised when they remember me.  I am appreciative that they just thought of me in any way.  Love them so much!  

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Family Prayer

So, I have tried to have family prayer and family scripture study a few times and failed.  Mostly because it is hard and I was the ONLY one in charge and encouraging it.  Some of them would come and
 sit and s
leep...chilly willy was the worst.  Then I got too tired or football started, lots of excuses.  Then we started praying in the car on the way to school...sometimes we all had our eyes open, sometimes just me because I was driving during the prayer.  Then Andrew got a car and drives himself and Abi to school....more would think it is not that hard to do just that.  Not sure how I can expect my family to get to heaven if we can't even pray together.  It is hard for me to have Family prayer when Chilly willy is there too, because i don't want to think I am encouraging an eternal family with him....however, he is still around and I need to have the rest of my family pray.  Not sure why I am thinking about this now, to type this, but it has been bothering me lately.  Guess its time to act again...

Saturday, January 9, 2016

No wonder I am Fat

Its no wonder I am fat.  I am soo tired all the time.  I just want to go home and sleep after work. I think I am suffering from SAD, seasonal affective disorder that you get in the winter time.  The other problem that has sufaced is the arthritis.  My feet hurt...that is due to tendonitis Posterior something tendon is inflamed.  That is due to an extra bone in my foot.  I have done steroids and am suppose to wear a boot.  The boot is a bit hard to wear because when you drive you have to take it off...and i think well I am just running in for a few things....and the condition persists.

My knee hurts.  When I start to move, it hurts and it takes a minute to get moving.  I went to the movie last night and it hurt the entire time sitting there.  Then when I tried to stand up and walk down, it was soooo painful.  I am trying to get these shots that work in half of the people.....have to get it approved by my insurance....and i just changed insurance....pain.  So I go to the gym and do the elliptical or arc trainer.  I do think it helps when I exercise.  The movement part, but not the weight loss part.  I did feel soo much better on Christmas vacation I think because I wasn't going to work and standing on that hard floor...but I have to keep my job.  At least for another 10 years...I need to move because I have too many stairs.  Stairs are the worst part...I take Diflocenac for my pain arthitis, glucosamine chondriotin, Tumeric, Tylenol every day just to keep it down.  Not sure any of them help.

Plus I just want to come home at night and watch Netflicks and eat something yummy.  I deserve it...I need to go to the gym on some nights after school but my knees are killing me.  . . . vicious cycle.  Now that football and Christmas are over, maybe I can do that.  (I didn't go this week because the gym is soo crowded the weeks after Christmas.  It wasn't crowded during the holidays however)  This is a rampling post.  I also LOVE Cinnabun that they sell right down the street at Maverik.  YUMM

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

This is My Fight Song

There is this song out called "This is My fight Song" .  Its got a pretty catchy tune.

And as you listen to this song, it says This is my Fight song  Whenever I hear that part, I just want to shout that this is MY fight Song.  It makes me think I am fighting for this life of mine.  I want to say to my children "This is YOUR fight song".  Because I am fighting for them.  Everyday I work and work for THEM. I think and worry and worry and try to help them be better citizens and better people and stay off drugs.  Everything I do is for them.  I am willing to FIGHT for them.  I am willing to be there for them.  I am not sure they know this about me.  It is true though.   I will fight for them,  I will be their biggest cheerleader.  I want them to succeed MORE than anyone in the whole world.  (except God)  I want them to be happy.  Thats why I am soo tired all the time.  I have had to work to support them to have a roof and food and clothes and a car and gas.  Look around and people are doing just that in soo many better ways.  They have a nice house, nice cars, big yards, mothers that stay home, nice clothes, fancy trips...Its HARD and I feel like I am failing every. single. day.  However, this is MY fight song.  I am fighting for You and for us as a family.  Because I LOVE them.  This is our family theme song...and no one knows it but me...."This is my fight song"

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Junior Jazz

It is again time for Junior Jazz.  Nick and Jack both play.  I love Jr Jazz because its soo low key.  Nick is practicing at 6:030 AM two days a week.  So thats kindof a pain.  I take him, then I go to work early, Andrew drops Jack off at Grandma's house, then Grandma picks Nick up at Practice and takes him to school!  But Nick goes every time.  Good for him.  Jack plays at Mueller Park Jr high and Nick plays at the Rec Center.  It can only last an hour because of the game after it.  They both have new basket ball shoes too.  That should make them SOO much faster!

And Andrew is a coach for his friends Jr Jazz team.  Their name is lady Slayers.