Sunday, February 28, 2016

Nick 30 years later

This is Nick. 

Mark works with this guy below.  He is an orthodontist with him.  Mark thinks he looks just like Nick.  This is what Nick will look like in 30 years.  I hope so!  I hope he is an orthodontist

This is what that Orthodontist would look like in an Elf Cutout!  hahahahah

Friday, February 19, 2016

grizzlies Hockey again

Went to Grizzlies Hockey on Student night.  I was looking on the Grizzlies facebook page and found this pic of their biggest fan!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pink eye and a tooth Ache

I have Pink Eye.  It is conjunctivitis which is an inflammation of the membranes in your eye.  Usually when you have Pink eye it is only one eye that is affected.  If it is both eyes, it is usually allergy (fun fact from the Dr today).  My eye has been hurting for the last two days.  I went to school and everyone is like 'oh what happened to your eye'.

I decided no one needed to look at a gross eye all day and since I am contageous I decided to take the day off tomorrow.  Yep,  Drive my kids to Gmas house and then drive back home.  I am in pain after all.

Jack, has also been under the weather.  He has a HUGE bump in his gum right under his tooth.  It is a huge wad of infection because his tooth is rotting.  Mark couldn't see him on Monday (President's day) because he was sooooo busy.  He gave him an antibiotic for the infection, and it has helped.  Jack needs to pull the tooth out and infection should be much better.  He was in soo much pain, he even poked the zit thing with a pin and the infection came oozing out (sort of).  He doesn't want to go get it pulled so he better get wiggling.

Monday, February 15, 2016

A Day of Love

I am not a big one to celebrate valentines day.  However, I love these people sooo much in my life.  I had time this year to do a little shopping.  We had a great Valentine dinner of Chicken Cordon Blue and Rice and Green beans.  Sooo good.  We made sugar cookies and decorated them, and then I had some gifts of socks for them.  I bought a random amount of socks that I thought everyone would like some of them.  I put them in a container, and then they could choose whatever pair they wanted when it was their turn.  Really, who would have thought socks would be a big hit or so expensive.

Andrew's socks 

That is a container of about 16 pair of socks, covered with valentine candy. 

This was the after, but look how creative I was with the table runner and green valentine heart in the middle?  That is pictures of wisemen, and sheperds and an Angel and baby Jesus left over from my primary lesson.

Valentines day is fun like Halloween.  You can do something or nothing at all.  Jack and Nick addresed valentines for their class  Nick was sick (supposidly) so he didn't go to school on valentines day.  So, jack ate all of nick's candy for his valentines.  It was only fair, because Jack addressed all of Nick's valentines because he was sick.  Which was out of character for Jack.  He thought it was fun....Jack had a cute box that had the Patriots on it. I don't think I had a picture, but if I find one, I will post it.  Valentines for the class is about 8.00 if you want to addd some starburst or skittles.  Or about 4.00 if you don't.  Thats why I LOVE it.

oh Chilly Willy gave the kids some valentines too.  He made them on the computer that was unique to them, and then gave them some money and attached it to their favorite candy.  Cute.  I got some Under Armour Slickers (my favorite slickers) and some Red Vines and a Red Lobster gift card.  My favorite place to go with my buds.  

Jimbob is EVEN more popular.

President's day was Hockey day for us.  We have been to hockey on President's day like two times.  last year, and this year. We LOVE hockey.  It was especially good because there was lots of fights and FOUR players got 10 minute penalties which took to the end of the game, and another player got thrown out of the game.  Soo exciting!  However, Jimbob was lucky again because she held up my Maverik Nitro card and we yelled, and she won a snowboard!  The other game at Christmas time she won a $50.00 maverick gift card just by holding up the same card!

The rest of the hockey was fun. chicken baskets for 5.00 and drinks for 100.00.  But who wants to go to a game and be thirsty.  Abi, Nick, Jack, Jimbob and I were part of the 7598 people that attended today.  Andrew didn't go because he had crossfit.  Good for him.

Jacks 'tom brady' socks that he wears with his sliders.  They are cool.

The best part of the game for me, well, besides the fights.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentines dance for Andykins

Andrew went to the Valentines dance.  He had his Jr Jazz team each write a letter on their chest spelling 'sweethearts'.  Then took a flower bouquet (that Brooke had gotten from some boy), and asked Cate if she would to to sweethearts with him.  Soo cute. I wanted to come and watch, but he didn't want me to.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Popular Jimbob

posted on Facebook on the crushes page....Brooke is a hot item!!

#10591- That girl who is obsessed with whales... I think her name is Brooke? She's cute.
Brook-e Clemons
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