Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rookie of the Year

Abi decided to play Golf for Woods Cross High School.  She had a great season.  She played Varsity and Junior Varsity at times.  Her first tournament she scored about 132.  The last match of the season she got 101.  Wow!  She worked hard.  Practice was every day after school for over an hour and a half.  She had some great coaches.  She went to the End of Year banquet and received the award of Rookie of the Year!  She also lettered in Golf.  Congrats Abi!

Her coaches said she and this other girl would be playing first and second next year.  They also asked if she had a birthday coming up, and if she was planning on getting some new clubs?  I guess she will!

Way to go!

Can't wait to see what next year brings with the new clubs!!

Here is an article that appeared in the Davis County Clipper about WXHS golf

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Maureen's new golf clubs

Abi being on the golf team has sparked a new interest in golf for us.  We went golfing and I have the OLDEST and HEAVIEST clubs of everyone in our family.  The new clubs now have this 'ping' sound when you hit them.  It is really cool.  So my old clubs don't do that.  My old clubs were a starter set and half as many clubs.  So, here are my new clubs that I got for mother's day!!  I love them.  

I even tried them out.  I can't say that my game is much better but I look much better and they are way more fun to golf with!!  I'm sure my game will improve immensely in the future.

And I look sooo much better!  Love them!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Nick Baseball 2016

This was another day that Nick was just helping out with the snacks at Jack's game

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's day 2016

I absolutely love Mother's day.  Wow, did you ever think that I would say that?  I was a disliker for a long time.  But now, I have gotten over other mother's being so perfect.  And just embrace being a mother.  There isn't anything I would rather be than a mother.  well, okay, maybe an astronaut, but I couldn't make the weight requirements.   I didn't have to teach primary because our ward let's the women have the time off to attend relief society.  So I got to do that which I haven't done for about 5 months since I have been a CTR primary teacher.  It was nice to go, except another lady had on my same skirt.  She looked much better than I did.m

I got some new golf clubs.  Fab.  Love them. I have even tried them out already.  (this post is late)  and a can with some flowers in it from Jack. Abi made me a mug with Diet Coke written on it and a note inside.  She knows I love Diet Coke!   Love Love everything.  Nick said he was going to give me a Bass solo.  I am still waiting for that.  I better cash in on that soon before he gives the bass back for the summer.

Love them so much.  Love when they remember me for anything.

 Jack also made me this picture at school for Mother's Day.  Love it.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Clear for another year

Time again for my mammogram.  Well, actually 9 months overdue.  I usually mamm-o-squish in the summertime.  However, last summer I didn't get around to it.  So I got to do the old mammo at the mammogram bus that comes to our school in the parking lot.  Nothing like having a mammogram in your school parking lot.  However, it took about 15 minutes.  It was slick.  So, now I don't have to look forward to that in the summertime.

And the best part? I am cleared for another year!

Monster Concert - yes, another one

Nick has played in the Orchestra at Boulton Elementary this year in school.  He plays the Double Bass.  The largest instrument EVER.  He has hauled it into the school every Monday and Wednesday.  He goes every Wednesday early before school for orchestra.  He had his Monster concert last night.  It is every Elementary school in the South Davis county. Like 15.  So it was huge.  Each department of instuments had their own color of T shirt.  Nick had Red for the Bass section.  Nick was so excited for the concert.  He did a good job.  The pics are from far away so they are not very good.  But you can see the amt of concentration he has!  Good Job!

Nick is the middle one smiling

wow, carrying to the car.  I always thought, play the flute.  smaller.

Nick said he would play me a Bass solo for Mother's day.  Awe,.....can't wait.  What a great gift!

Snow College Grad 2016

My Jimmy graduated from Snow College with an Associates Degree in Science.  Wow.  Thats soo cool.  Way to go Jim.  She did it with a Scholarship for two years.  oh and she graduated Cum laude which means she had a GPA higher than a 3.5.  Wow, that is even with Math and Chemistry classes.  

Graduation was at 10:00 in the morning so I decided to go down the night before.  I didn't want to get up at 4:00 in the morning to make the drive.  Michelle came with me so I didn't have to go alone.  We had a great time!  So proud of Brooke

Brooke and Hailee her roommate for those two years

Coco, Brooke and Alvaro

Brooke, Hot Garrett, and Hai

Brooke, alone pic, from her bud Andrew's dad

Brooke is he one looking up at me...

My view of graduation

Brooke walking across.  My old fashioned camera is not good

Our Graduation party!  We even got the current year 2016 graduation plates

Brooke in he Alumni T-shirt

You know, love my Brooke. She is so talented, funny, sweet, kind, and hard working.  She can do whatever she wants in her life.  Whatever she decides to be, she will be great!  So excited to see what she has in store for herself in the future!

That is brooke with the skull on her shirt.  I would rather she not hang out of windows in the future.  That is her dorm window