Thursday, June 30, 2016

CTR 5 Primary Class

 I have been teaching the 5 year olds in Primary.  They are in kindergarten and preschool for the first half of the year, and now with the fall coming, they are in 1st grade and kindergarten. They have been so cute.  The girls are so easy to please and want to please us.

The boys, well, they are all boys. But they are super cute.  I get a bit stressed each week that I have to teach, but it has been good.

Here are my kids.  Well, this is only half of my kids...I can't remember to take a picture of them so here is one of them during sharing time...that is my team teacher Janel Haws.  love her too.

They are so funny.  One week, someone asked if we were awake in Heaven.  They are so concrete in their thinking.  One of the boys said their dad was sick.  And you should SMELL the bathroom when he is in there.    Loved that one.  My favorite was a girl said that her mom got a pair of handcuffs for her birthday!   I can't even look at her mom without laughing!!!

This week, one of them looked at my hand looking for my wedding ring...where is your wedding ring?  Are you married?  Yes, I am married I said.  He says "You have to be married because you have her..pointing to my daugher Abi who came to primary that day.  Yes.  I have to be married...
To have kids.

And today (a few weeks later) Janel was telling a story about Mark.  And one of the girls that doesn't come a lot says 'Oh when I hear the name Mark I think of my Youtube channel Mark ...and I couldn't get the rest of it).

Then we were talking last week about how many temples were being built right now....they guessed and the answer is 16....and Danica says oh 16 Temples being built and 1 Swig.   That is a place to get drinks and cookies!

I remembered to get a picture today while Janell was teaching...They were doing some kind of maze.  But, there is most of them...

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Jack's 4th grade program

Jack had a program for the 4th grade.  He is the last of the Clemons to be in the Utah Program. It is a bit sad to shut that door.  He did a good job and actually sang most of the songs.  He even did the Square Dance part.  He didn't want to wear long pants like pioneers, so he choose to wear shorts.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Jack Baseball 2016

Andrew coming to watch and have some nachos

getting the 2nd place trophy in the tournament

Nick helping out with the snack shack run...

Wanna Bee Zookeeper

Here is Brooke at the Utah Hogle Zoo.  She is feeding the giraffes.  Brooke wants to be a zookeeper.  Looks like she is on her way.

Jack turns 10

Jack just turned 10.  Can't believe it has been 10 years since he was born...blah everyone says that!!  Jack kindof got the short end of the stick on his birthday this year.  It was the first day of summer vacation, and it was also the first day of Summer school for me.  Then after summer school, Michelle, Brooke, McCall, Jim, and Abi had a golf class.  Nick also had a playoff game.  So after all of that, it was like 9:30 before we could celebrate.  I asked him if he wanted to celebrate the day before, and he said that you can't open your presents early...okay!!  He wanted Costco pizza and Duggar dessert.  YEA!  I can do that.  We called in pizza before we left our golf lesson so we could make sure and be there before it closed.  Success!!

We Love Jack.  He loves everything about sports.  I mean everything. He can tell you every player and every rule.  He loves Football, and baseball I think the best.  It is fun to watch him. He could work a bit harder on school, but hey, who has time for that when you are busy catching a baseball!

he wanted a swimming pool for the back yard.  Here are Nick and Jack.  

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This pool is what jack wanted.  A pool for the backyard.  He and nick had a blast in it for a few days...then pop.  Nick popped it when he dived in!!!