Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Chili Willly doesn't feel so great

Chili Willy has not been feeling so great.  He came home from work on Thursday and didn't go to the Bat boy with Jack or Nick.  He went to the Doc on Friday and said they ran some tests.  He also didn't go to the family bbq and fireworks on Friday for July 24th.  He went back on Saturday am to the doc.   By Sunday, he took himself to the hospital.  He was admitted because his blood sugar was over 1200.  It should be around 150.  According to the Nurse that was my friend, she said "he is VERY sick'.

He was on an insulin drip and has his sugar tested every hour and they called the Doc.  He looked horrible and was asleep most of the time when we were there.  His blood sugar was 237 by Monday and then they took him off the drip and helped him with a shot of insulin.  The diabetic educator came around and taught him about diet and how to manage it.

Day one visiting with Andrew in back

Day 2

Brooke visiting and practicing with the walker

Abi visiting on day 2

Chili was finally discharged.  He was sent home on Insulin and some pills...metformin and something else.  He has low phosphorus so he had to drink some phosphorus drink...Yum...The pharmacy couldn't fill his prescription because it was written a wierd way...so took it to Walgreens (a different pharmacy) and they figured it out.!  Yea. It was 30.00.  bargain .  Thought it would be more.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

A small blessing

I only get paid once a month.  This month has been extremely hard.  We went to Bear Lake and when I got home, I had about $400 for the rest of the month....That was like 3 weeks.  Not sure how come Bear lake cost soo much...food, gas, gas, food...life jackets, paddle boards....

Another reason is that during the school year, I have been teaching an extra class each day.  And that money doesn't come in July...

So I opened up the mail one day, and I found this refund check from the Dr.  It was for 50.00.  Wow.  That really did help buy some gas and stuff!  Wow,  So grateful.


Today in church we sang this Hymn.

I asked Michelle and Mark what this hymn reminded us of.  Yep, they both got it.  It reminded me of my Grandma Stella.  We sang this song when we came to Delta to church.  I can hear my grandma singing it.  Grandma was a worker.  She was not lazy ever.  

Then during Sharing Time, the kids were sitting on the floor like pioneers.  I can't sit on the floor very long.  Well, I can sit on the floor, but I can't get up very gracefully in a dress.  So I left and went to Maverik until our class time!!! I only got the Large this time instead of XL because I had until I got back to the church before I had to not drink it. . .

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Surf and Abi soccer

Abi changed Soccer clubs this year. She has played for FORZA for about 5 years, and this year, she followed her coach to SURF.  The other change, is that she didn't try out for Keeper. . .She tried out for a field player.  So, they had their first tournament in Logan.  We drove to Logan on Thursday, AND then again on Friday.  They took 3rd so we didn't have to go again on Saturday.  They did a great job AND Abi got to play on the field almost the entire time!  It was fun to watch her play a different position than keeper.   I didn't get as nervous as I usually do when the ball gets near the goal.  I will have to get better at taking pictures.


Jack, Nick and I went to the dentist.  We went to Mark, my brother who moved to Monarch in Orem.  We pass about 4 other Monarch Dentists on the way to his office...He must be pretty good.!!
Jack and Nick both got a clean bill.  Well, Jack has a bunch of cavities but they are in baby teeth so we are waiting to see if they hurt or fall out first.  He needs to brush more.  Nick didn't have any cavities, surprisingly.  But does need to up the oral hygiene.  Maureen, on the other hand, has a HUGE cavity that will also need a crown...:(  It doesn't hurt....Mark said that was the idea to fix it before it hurt...So I have to go back for that fabulous appt.

I didn't even get any pics at the dentist.  However, we did get pics at Chik fil a After...

Jacks new hair

Jack never wants to get a hair cut.  And if you know Jack, you cant make Jack do anything that he doesn't want to do...especially something like hair cutting.  Well, finally I talked him into a new hair cut.  Here is what he got.

I really like it.  He looks so much better.  We just need to find the hair gel that they used.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bear Lake Part 3

Here is everything else.  Here is a video of Nick riding the kid toys at the pizza house.  The last day we stopped at Jake's for Lunch...I promised Nick we would stop there so he could eat their food since he missed going with the group before that!

At Jake's Nick, Abi, Brooke and Maureen in back

Grandpa staying in the car while we ate

Brooke and McKenna riding the kid toys

Videos of Jack running and landing on a tube.   He was having soo much fun..

Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Lifeguards

Andrew and Abi have both been working this summer as Lifeguards at 7 Peaks Water Park.  Both of them had to get certified.  It was quite the task to do that.  They had to swim quite a long distance, and then get a 10 lb brick off the bottom and swim to the side without using their arms... It was physically grueling and LONG certification.  They are both fit and strong so I knew they would do it. They have worked hard this summer.

Here is a picture of Andrew leaving for Work.  He wouldn't cooperate and take a nice pic...But wouldn't you want him to save you??

He cooperated a while later for my sister, Michelle.

Here are some pics of Andrew in action at work.  I only got lifeguard pics.  No security.  But Football has started and his shifts are limited.  

This is Abi in her lifeguard wear!  I would want her to save me too!  Today a girl said she liked her life guard Tank top, and a boy said he liked her whistle...funny.