Monday, August 29, 2016

Back to School and Timmie's mother 2016

The 2015-16 school year is upon us.  It comes faster and faster each year.  Seems like yesterday that I was taking them all to Childcare and now I let them all drive.   

Abi a Junior, Andrew a Senior

Jack, 5th grade

Nick, 7th grade
This is after school.  We were playing Timmie's mother.  It is a long tradition that comes from a TV show, Lassie.  Back in the day, Timmie would come home from school every day and his mother would have him cookies or a snack and he would tell her about his day.  So, we like to play Timmie's mother on the first day of school and come home and have a treat and tell everyone about their day!  It was a super fast event today because I had Back To School night and had to get there early so I could get a parking spot close to the door...since I didnt want to walk forever!  Nick had football so he didn't get to play.  We had Klondyke bars...would choose something else next time...but they were better than nothing.

Nothing like the dishcloth sitting in the middle of the counter...

This is Nick getting on the bus for Junior high.  He is the only one to take the bus.  Andrew was suppose to, but I drove him since I was going to Grandma's house anyway and it was just up the street.  Nick gets to ride.  Brooke stalked him to make sure he got on the bus.  He said he could do it himself.  

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Converse and a sleep over

Jack has been sleeping over at Grandma's house for about two weeks. He calls me every day about 10 times and comes home on Saturday night so he can go to church with us.  He doesn't want to go with Grandma.  He will also come home if we are going swimming.  He won't come home if we are going shopping for school clothes.

Grandma did get him to go shopping at Famous Footwear.  He decided on some Converse.

They were buy one get one half, so Grandma also got a pair!   Certainly a win for me!
He didn't want to come home because no one bugs him at her house.  He can watch TV, play the computer or Kindle all he wants.   There is plenty of food.  He said he got Grandpa about 400 cokes and ice.  Grandma said he was a good help with taking the groceries in the house and carrying things downstairs or helping grandma get some food.   He did come home for the first day of school.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Braves vs Lone Peak

The Football season opened with a game against Lone Peak High School.  It is preseason.  Lone Peak is 5A and Bountiful is 4A.  Well, it was quite the game.!

Andrew started the game and played almost the entire time.  Talk about a good time.  He did a great Job.  According to Chili Willy, Andrew is the slot guard.  I think that is also a nose guard.  I think he was the best on the field!  But I am his mother!

He did such a good job.  They lost the game 31 - 13.  However, that is less than they lost last year.  

This was from the BHS facebook page

He is #61 in the middle of the between plays

getting instruction from the coach for the next series

on the kick

sidelines with his friend Boon #50 who tore his MCL in the game

Andrew and Boon, and Boons dad and the trainer...
Cheering section - Gma and Jack  + nick and chilly that came later...oh and me taking the pic


Andrew just gets nailed to the ground about half way through.  Gotta hurt!  

Its hard to get pictures of him in action from the stands with a phone...But it was super fun to watch him play with the big boys!  Can't wait for the rest of the season!

Eagle signed, sealed and delivered....

Andrew has been working on his Eagle Project.  He or we made Plaster of Paris shapes from cookie cutters and donated them to Primary Children's Hospital.  He also donated  paint and brushes.

They are for the patients to paint while they are staying at Primary Childrens Hospital with a lengthy illness.  We had hearts, circles, ninjas, shamrocks, stars, mickey mouse and others.
.(more on this later..)

Andrew got his project finished, and now he needs his paperwork turned into the Scout office, BEFORE his 18th Birthday.  He is about one month out to his 18th birthday.

He got the last merit badge signed off last Sunday.  His Family Life merit badge.  He was finished. got the paperwork signed, and then needed to meet with the Stake guy. (according to the Scout leader)  So he made an appt with Him.  Andrew went to the appt and the guy  thought it was for the proposal for the project.  He didn't even need to meet with him.  However, he did tell him we needed to turn in three things.  The Eagle Scout application, Eagle Scout project and a Life Statement.  Oh dang.  Well, the paperwork wasn't hard, except he had to list every merit badge and date of being a Life and a Star and when the Court of Honors were.  Well, we did the best we could.  We got a print out from the Scout office (thanks to the YM Secretary) and guess what?  Some of the Merit badges he has earned were not listed!  We did have blue cards for them.  Except camping...which he earned recently.  He ran over to the Scout Master and got it signed and then to the Bishopbric member and got his signatures.  Really, I should have been more on top of this and checked.  I didn't know you needed to...He got all this filled out on August 15.  We wanted to turn it in early, just in case there were some issues.  Plus I had to go to work on August 19.  His Birthday.  We worked on his Life Statement.  Not sure how to do it, but looked up some for examples and wrote that.  This process took way more time than I thought.

Turning it in...waiting for her to check the application over

Finally, Tuesday, August 16, up to the Scout office we went.   We made a copy and turned it in.  The lady looked at it and said he didn't have Lifesaving recorded....oh my.  He is two days to his 18th birthday.  We are out of time.  However, we had the blue card at home so we took a picture and emailed it to her.  He is finished.  Turned in.  Whew.  Job well done!

Football Conditioning 2016

Andrew has had quite the summer.  He has worked a ton at Seven Peaks.  He worked Security for part of the time, then as Lifeguard the rest of the time.  He has also had football almost all Summer. Once Football started, he went to conditioning from about 7:00 am - 10:00 am, then he went to work from 11 to 8:30 most days.  Wow!!!  That was for almost the Entire Month of July and some of August.

Then, Two a days started.  Practice is from 7 - 10 am, then again at 10:30 to 1:00.  You could go home for a while but you have to be back at 6:00 - 8:00 pm.  He didn't work this week.  He did work on Saturday since they didn't have practice.  He was very disciplined and put himself to bed by 10:00. (even on carpet install night).  It was nice to not have to wonder when he is coming home since he was the first one in bed.  :)

I can't wait to go to the games on Friday night.  He will be on Varsity this year so I will be able to go to all his games because they are in the Evening!  I still fit in my Bountiful Football shirt from last year!  Win for me!  Go Braves!!

This is the best picture I could get from my car driving by

Andrew's new cleats

Andrew's mess from conditioning, and work...

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Andrew is a hottie

The other day I walked outside to leave, and this is what I see on Andrew's car!   Not sure who the guilty party is....

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Eagle Project delivered to Primary

Andrew delivered the project to Marie at Primary Children's Hospital.  He made an appt and we showed up.  I told him I wanted to go to take pictures.  I was so glad I went.  I took the pictures and the lady was soo very nice.  She said that she liked his shapes because they were big.  Others have used sucker molds and so they are tiny.  Wow.  She took his picture and my picture.  I told her I didn't want to be in the picture because it was Andrews deal.  She said all parents say that but she likes a picture with the parents and a picture with just the Scout.  She said that is exactly what Donny Osmond said too when he brought his son up.  It was really nice.  It took all of about 10 minutes.