Wednesday, November 30, 2016

With God, Life is oh So Good.

Saw this on Facebook.  Good Motto for me to remember.  I have never heard her speak or read her books.  But I love this quote.

I have no other words of wisdom to share, just that.

"We are preventing underage drinking..."

I cooked dinner on Sunday.  I usually cook on Sunday.  Usually.  It isn't a production and I am not sure if we sat the table.  The problem with dinner at my house is that 3 of the 5 children won't even touch what we are eating unless its pizza, chicken nuggets or fast food.  We are not having those choices for every meal.  Sunday, everyone needed to come upstairs and at least sit and tell what you learned at church.  Everyone came up, except for Nick.  We yelled and he still wouldn't come.

Andrew yells, "Nick we are preventing underage drinking, so get up here'.

There is an Ad campaign around stating that the best way to deter underage drinking is eating dinner with your family....

I don't think we talked about alcohol however....:)

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Family Pictures 2016

Another year has come and gone and it was time for the Family Pictures.  The day before Thanksgiving we are out of school.  So we ventured to Camera Shy.  It is soo much better that my kids are older and can get themselves ready for the most part and everyone cooperates,,,,mostly.  No tickling the mom (which I actually hated soo much) it is just take the picture.

Love them!

Here are the stress relief pictures while we were waiting...