Monday, December 25, 2017

Abominable Snowman

We love all things Abominable Snowman.  A few years ago Jack was terrified of the snowman.  We must have been watching Rudolph and was super scared.  So ever since, we have loved the snowman.

So, I was watching TV this season, and look who came on the TV.  Yes, the abominable snowman. Don't mind the old TV that I got at the DI for 10.00.  It works with an antenna and is still going strong. 

We had some abominable snowman shirts from a few years ago that we got at Target.  We bought all they had.  And so this year we found some other shirts.  Here is Brooke sporting one.  I had one just like it that we wore for the Christmas season.

This is also her wearing it on Chrismas morning...jack just happened to walk over her...

We also waited until like the second week of Dec to get a Christmas tree.  Nick and I went over to Smiths at 5:55 and picked out the cheapest tree we could find for 39.99....They were closing at 6:00.  Nick loaded it in the car for me and dragged it in the house and we put it in a stand. I was kindof impressed with us. 

However, it didn't get decorated until Christmas Eve.  I certainly don't care about things like that, and no one else wanted to bother to decorate it.  But Abi came through and did it. 

Way to go Abi!

Sing A Long 2017

Our Annual Sing A Long was a hit as usual.  We get there early to get a good seat and to get the food for half price!!! 

We had most of our family there.  We even had Grandpa there who doesn't like to go places much now.  He even walked down a few steps to where we were seated!

Here is the group!  

Stella and Nick enjoying their 1/2 price concessions

McKenna and Brooke

Brooke..wearing Gma ugly Christmas sweater

The goal for the Sing A Long is to make it on the Jumbo tron.  Success!!

We did miss Abi who was at work, and Andrew who was at College or working at his Christmas job at Walmart.  

Friday, December 22, 2017

My Tooth Took a Turn For the Worst...

So, I go to the Dentist yesterday to get my crown glued in....I also had this piece of tooth that was still there. Mark decided we better take that part out so we don't have problems with it.  I don't know if it wouldn't fit right or don't want to take the crown off later and then have to deal with it.

However I had to go see his bud, the Oral Surgeon.  I went to the Bountiful officetoday at 7:00 am and his bud the Oral Surgeon took my tooth out.  I have been on pain meds all day and I will tel you they are making me fall asleep.  I don't remember when I have taken them before being this tired and feeling weird.  But, it is kind of a cool feeling because I can't go anywhere!!!

I have not had any teeth pulled since my wisdom teeth when I was 18 so I didn't even think about the pain meds....I was planning on going to the gym later today.

Now I have to wait like 5 days until Mark can glue the real crown in place.  It is Christmas weekend.  So for now, I am fixing to find a show on netflix and watch it for a few minutes until I fall asleep again!!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Food Bank 2017

We volunteered at the food bank again this year.  For some reason we volunteer at Christmas time like the first day of Christmas break.  Michelle of course arranges it and we go and sort food.  It really is kindof fun to do that and isn't hard.  We should volunteer more often but we have tried to sign up and all of the volunteer positions are during the day.  We did our duty and ended up at Crown Burger!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

2nd Best Day of the School Year

Today was the LAST day of school before Christmas Break.  It is a fun day, but kindof hard at the same time.. People are in festive moods and the kids are mostly good and a bit wild.  I managed to get about 3 gifts from students.  It is super nice that they even want to give me anything at all. Some years I get like 5 others 1 or 2.

I especially think it is nice when they include a note that is short and sweet that says they appreciate me being a good teacher or putting up with their bad class.  At least one or two of them see that I do try my very best to be a good teacher.  We also got a ham from the Admin.  I hope I can find someone to eat it. . .I don't like ham.  But it is a nice gesture.

I am super tired.  It is a hard week.  It means the year is almost half over.  Wow.  Can't wait for the Break. I have no money but it is fun to just not have to go to work and watch Judge Judy.  I think I will do a puzzle too.

Here are two notes that I got with presents from the kids.  Love them. 

Saturday, December 16, 2017


Our ward put on a Nativity for the Christmas Party.  Well, so how does that affect me?  I haven't gone to a ward function in years....however, this year Jack had a part as a wiseman or the King and I had to play the piano.  So that required me to attend.  I think I'm good for ward parties for a while...

It was a super cute nativity.  We spent quite a few hours practicing and I was amazed that it came together like it did.  Jack was a fantastic Wisemen and the piano was faaabulous.  Well, ok maybe not fabulous, but it was decent.  Brooke and Nick came to watch too.  The food was weak.

Jack is in the middle in the gray dress
 We changed his costume for the actual performance

Brooke and Nick came to the Party to watch Jack and Lois play the piano.

Brooke also came to Primary after the Nativity.  Nick was also there helping out.  Brooke had to sit over there to stop them from talking so much...

This is Brooke's friend...this is his favorite part of the Samuel song...

We were singing in Primary and Brooke was filming.  That is Jack that got banished to the corner by another lady because he wasn't behaving...hilarious.

A bit theatrical

Micaela texted Michelle and said there were some extra tickets for Aida playing at Hale Center Theater.  So, we got the code and Brooke secured us 5 tickets.  We took Gma and Mark and Michelle were there too.  It was fabulous!  Really.  Jack of course didn't want to go.  He hates things that he doesn't know what they are.  Nick, Marlena, Maureen and Abi went and Loved it.

That was Tuesday.  Then on Thursday, we also had tickets to see Newsies.  That was playing at Pioneer Memorial Theater.  Michelle, Marlena, McCall and Maureen went to that one.  It was also great!  We saw it at Tuacahan an I thought they were both excellent.

Then Saturday Night, Brooke and I went to the Sugar Factory Playhouse to see The Five Carols.  It was 8.00 so the price was right.  I had never seen this one and thought it was good.  Feeling a bit cultured this week!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

My Colon -

Well, its that time in my life.  I have turned 50.  Actually I am 51.  I have needed a colonoscopy for an entire year.  I have rescheduled it about 8 times because I couldn't get someone to take me.....or it was too busy or it was summertime.   I even made time to take Marlena to hers.  Finally, Dec 7 I made time and Michelle volunteered to drive me home.

Two days before at 7:00 you stop eating.  Then, at noon the next day you take FOUR of these pills (laxatives)  Then at 5:00 you mix an entire bottle of Miralax into 2 bottles of gatorade.  And drink a glass every half hour.  Then 5 hours before your test you drink another 2 glasses.  My test was scheduled for 7:00 in the am so I had to get up at 3:30 about and drink the other two glasses.  The process cleared you right out!!  It wasn't that bad, but I didn't plan on going anywhere.

Michelle picked me up and drove me.  They gave me this fabulous drug and it was very slick.  They take you back and before you know it, you are out.  And about 15 minutes later you walk out.  I felt great.  We went to Costco, Target and then to lunch of course.  I would rather have a colonoscopy than go to work.

There is a downside...I did have two polyps removed.  They were pre cancerous or something like that so I only got cleared for 5 years!!!! dang...

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Abi goes to Winter Formal

Abi went to Winter Formal (something like that)  with Jared Young.  She ordered her dress online and it was beautiful.  I'm a bit skeptical about ordering things like that online but it worked out.  She also has some pageant shoes she got.  She is ready for her audition for Joseph. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

2nd place loser ...

We have had this weight loss contest at work.  I decided to try it because If I get any fatter, I will not be able to even move... We decided to compete in teams so I was part of the 9th grade team.  It was over 8 weeks I think and we had to weigh in every friday and submit our weight.  I actually did it.  I couldn't believe that I did it.  I submitted my weight to someone else.!

So, since I am writing this down I must have done ok.  Who writes about a weight loss contest that they didn't win (I didn't win but ), here are the results...

Subject: Team Weight Loss Challenge Final Results
Team Results
4th place = 7th grade
17.1 lbs lost
1.55 % loss

3rd place = 8th grade
31.6 lbs lost
2.3% loss

2nd place = 9th grade -  I was part of this team, destined for 2nd place....
46.1 lbs lost
2.7% loss

1st place = Classified
63.2 lbs lost
5.48% lost

Individual Results
3rd place = Esperanza Pacejka
7.45% loss

2nd place = Maureen Clemons
8.02% loss

1st place =
Erin Williams
10.42% loss

I about died.  I have actually lost more than that because I lost a few lbs before the contest started....but hey, 2nd place is grand.  No one notices though I think because its like when you gain 20 lbs, no one really notices.....Here is to the next 20 or so...!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

kindof odd

So, 8 weeks ago, Chili Willy left to go to Arizona for a visit with his Brother and sister that he hasn't seen for about 10 years.  We haven't seen him since.  He says he is having eye trouble and can't drive home.  Not sure what to think about that.  Wierd he is staying.  I'm sure he has lost his job.

Then, the day I have my tooth out and am asleep due to pain pills, he shows up.  He stays, for Christmas and then one day he is back in AZ.  I have been use to him working all the time and coming home after everyone is asleep and leaving before everyone gets up.  So not seeing him was not a big deal.  But one time we locked the front door on accident and so I knew he didn't come home.  I asked him where he was and he said he was at work.  12 hour mandatory working for the next two days.  Ok.  Then he texts me a few days later, and says 'we have to talk'.

It hit me that he was back in Arizona.  Yep.  He said he has gone back.  There is no way for him to get to work in Utah without driving.  We do live where Bus routes are not very good.  Well, unless you are working at the Church Offices downtown can you take a bus.  So, he went  back because he was making 6.00 more an hour and can take a bus.  Ok. As long as you pay the bills.

Then he says its my fault because I never have time for him.  I am always on my computer.  Well, we did go out to lunch and shop at RC Willey for a dishwasher and he never mentioned he was going back.  He said he didn't know for sure that day. Well, he sure could have said 'I'm thinking of going back'.  Its  not that I miss him or want him here, but I am tired of finding out days later and having to figure it out where he is...

His sister messaged me and I asked her what he is doing there.  She asked me what he had told me.  So obviously they are leary of what he told me.  She said he isn't staying with him but she thinks working kindof a ways away from where she and the brother live.  If that is true then he must be paying rent.  Seems like to me a job that pays more (according to him), and that you have to fly to Utah and then pay rent isn't really making much money.

Reminded of Judge Judy who says 'when things don't add up, it is usually because they don't add up".  Yep.  Can't wait to find out the outcome.  He is paying the bills he is suppose to for now anyway.

UPDATE:  It is January 26, 2018 and he is still in Arizona.  It has been 3 months.

UPDATE:  It is January 27, and he walked in.  He had a small backpack and got there around 11:00 am.  He paid Abi to take him to Target to get his medicine.   Abi said it took a while because they were not already filled.  He fixed my computer, fixed brooke's computer, cleaned the basement.  Then Sunday when we looked for him, he was gone.  Soo weird.  I wish I could parent only a few days a quarter. He said he did everything I asked and he had to be back at work on Monday.  Ok.  Could have told someone that you were only here for a day.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Crown - not thankful, but thankful for Mark

About a week ago, I had this irritated gum problem.  like it really bugged me.  Called my local dentist.  come see me was the response.  (like what did I expect him to say)  A few days later, I noticed a tooth was lose....dang.  Then, walking in to the gym, my tooth falls out and onto  the floor.  It was actually a crown.  So that was better than a tooth.  However, when a crown comes off, there is part of a tooth sticking out in your mouth.  NOPE.  There was nothing left.

Visited my dentist today.  (he is my favorite dentist)  He said what we should do is take off the crown behind it, and make a new one piece crown that would take the place of both teeth and anchor the crown that has no teeth to the one behind it.  If that makes sense.  Genius.  So, he drilled me all up, and got me ready for a crown.  Mark is the best dentist.  Takes such good care of me.  He also takes such good care of my family.  He is one of the funniest people I know.  And has the kindest heart too.

THEN we decided to play golf AGAIN.  We tried to get into Lakeside in West Bountiful.  It was full for the day.  so back to Fore Lakes.  We love that course.  Nick, and Abi and Maureen played again today.  It has never been this warm on Thanksgiving weekend.  Jack, Brooke and Andrew didn't want to go.  They are such party poopers.  I think I was the best today.

That is Abi in the background ...looking for her ball I think...Nick is in the front.  Those are my clubs in the bottom right corner....

We also went to Uintah Golf and looked at all the cool golf stuff they have and we want but won't get...

We got home and Brooke and Andrew put up the Christmas lights while we were gone.  They did a great job.  Even cleaned out the rain gutters while they were up there!