Monday, February 20, 2017

Sweethearts for Andrew 2017

Since Andrew is the boy, I only get to see him sometimes before his big dance.  Tonight was one of them. Sometimes they get ready at his friends house.  But not this time.  Here he is before the Dance.

Here is his date.  Cute!

Friday, February 17, 2017


My favorite thing (well one of them) is to go to Red Lobster with my buds.  We have not been lobstering very much....must have busy lives or something.  But last time we were at Lobster, our friend Linda was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and didn't tell us.  So, she has had her treatments, and she thinks she will at least have until Summer.  She looks pretty good for someone who is dying.

She says she had chemo and it didn't shrink her tumor in the lungs.  It took care of the tumors/cancer in her hips and somewhere else, but didn't shrink.  So they can't remove it.  She was having more tests and not sure what was next.  Love her.  She is one of the smartest, kindest, and just a good soul.  It is wierd that she likes to lobster with us.  She likes shrimp though.

This lovely lady is friend Janet gave me this Flamingo calendar and the small lobster up in the corner for my birthday!  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  we have a thing for Flamingos.  What a great gift!  I don't have any pics of Janet today but need to get them soon. Janet is hilarious.  She is always soo poor, and tonight she had the shrimp and steak, a side of scallops, a fancy drink, and an appetizer.  LOVE  Have whatever you want. Thats the beauty of Lobster.  Next time I think I'm getting a side of Scallops too.  They looked great!

Here is a pic of my Lobstering buds.  We are missing one, Jen, Linda's daughter.  She is an Asst. Principal so she is being a principal this night.  We missed her.  So nice to have buds.  If you notice, Lynne and Maureen are wearing flamingo glasses.  This night we went over to Linda's to visit her after her cancer diagnosis.  But this is the only pic I have of all of us.  

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Funny Jack

Found this video on my computer at school.  It was a snapchat so I am not sure how it got there...

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's day gone bad

Valentine's day. It has taken me a while to embrace this day...Its really about loving the people around you.  My students wished me Happy Valentine's day...Thats what it is all about.  Just Love.

I went to the store two days before Valentine's day and saw the valentines...It never occurred to me that Jack needs Valentines.  The rest of them don't need them.  I wondered if he needed a box?  Well, yes he did.  He forgot that detail.  Here is his Box.  It is a Patriots Box.  His favorite team.  Only wrote on some of the valentines....only put his name.

So, stopped at Papa Murphys for some valentine's shaped pizza - and Bread.

It was great.  Great Valentine's day dinner.  It was time for the party.  I had a bag of socks for everyone to choose a pair.  They were not dumb socks.  Under Armour, Stance, Nike, Nike Elite...not the tube sock variety multi pack.  As I was getting them out, Nick decided he didn't want to come upstairs because that meant Jack would get on the computer, and Jack and Andrew started fighting.  Which I am sick of.  I can't stand fighting.  Next thing everyone is yelling.  So, the party was over.  Picked up the socks and ended that.  They are in my car now to return.  Brooke did get hers since she got hers a day early before she went back to Utah State.  Now I can get my $100.00 back.  Probably more like $150.00 since it was for 7 people...I am not returning my socks I picked out.

Andrew went to the gym and brought me a peace offering (I think).

Grandma came by and left some valentines and a dozen donuts.  We LOVE donuts.  Here they are, Nick has saran wrapped them and put them in the cupboard...I think so they are hidden from everyone else.

I did find these donuts in a sandwich bag hiding in the Tupperware drawer.  He wanted them for breakfast.  He is smart.  

Chili did give me some shirts and candy and a Target gift card.  Which was nice.  and I'm still taking all the socks back.  

Sunday, February 12, 2017

100,000, Dr visit and a bruise

Found this picture on my phone...not sure who this injury is but looks bad.  So I want to give sympathy for sure.

My car turned over 100,000 miles.  I still owe so much money (Its not an expensive car) but hate to see it getting older.

Nick is on the wrestling team.  He had to get a physical.  Here he is waiting for the check...

Andrew wants protein bars everytime I go to the store. Cheap protein bars...well, protein bars are not cheap.  These are not even the right ones.  But its all they had at the new Lees.

These Pants are Jacks.  He did this at school.  We call this the butterfly stretch. . .good thing he had a sweatshirt on and it was winter!!!  He did this in the morning and just wore them because he knew that I couldn't come and pick him up since I was at work.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Maybe this is Brooke's real dad

I think this is Brooke's real dad....the resemblance is uncanny....


or Andrew too...

Nick on the Klondyke

Nick went on the Klondyke...which is a winter camp up in Soldier Hollow.  I thought for sure he was freezing last night because they slept in tents and it did nothing but rain.  He said he was warm...thats good considering he didn't even take any boots.  Enos, the leader, had an extra pair he brought and nick used them for the foot race since his feet were soaked.

The leader sent these pics...Nick graciously took last in the foot race...Those were nice boots though