Sunday, April 30, 2017

"Mom, did you want a drink?"

Andrew says to me "Mom, do you want a drink?"  Oh I would love one. Where is your Maverik card?  Oh, and can I get one for me while I am there?"

And I thought he was just being nice to me...:)

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Senior Prom

It is Senior Prom.  Andrew is leaving.  It is kindof uneventful if you are the boys family because you might get a picture of him when he is leaving and might not.  He was in a hurry right now because 45 minutes before he was suppose to leave he decided to iron his shirt.  The Iron leaked some rust stuff on his white shirt.  He had to hurry and wash his shirt again before his date. Luckily it came out and I got home in time to iron it the second time.  Since I am an expert at not getting rust on your nice shirts from Nordstrom.  He looks soo handsome here.  This is his last dance.  Awe my Andrew is all growed up.

This is the best picture I got of him and his date at the dance. .. They look cute!

Fast Forward to next week.  It is Woods Cross Prom.  

Here is Abi and Josh Horrocks

Hopefully Josh is a good sport because he was welcomed by this.

Andrew had to hurry and change because he too had a date to the Woods Cross Prom.  Easton, Jack and Andrew were taking some Woods Cross Officers that didn't have a date to the Prom.  So he had to go fast.  See Pic at the top for What Andrew looked like!!

Andrew also went to Senior Prom at Judge Memorial High School.  

Friday, April 28, 2017

Play Ball!

Baseball season has begun.  LOVE some baseball.  Especially when it is a  nice night and the snack shack is open.  Jack has had a pretty good season so far.  He is a pretty good catcher too.

It was a bit muddy at this game.  And he had to slide last time around the bases,  He is On deck here.

Jack played a few more games...They lost in the first game of the tournament.  Sad it is over.  It was fun.

He also pitched a few times this season.  Here is Nick being the catcher warming Jack up.

Clear for Another year

I pulled up to school and this was in our parking lot.

What a way to start your day.  I had an appt after school for the annual Mamm-o-squish.  I had all day to look forward to the appointment.  Yahoo....Well, the squish was uneventful and I got a chapstick and a mirror and a hair tie.  

Then I got this in the mail.

Clear for ANOTHER year! Success.


Here I am waiting for the Stake President for my Temple Recommend.  I had the Bishop sign it like 2 months ago, but it took me that long to remember to go to the Stake President.  My bud Rebecca would be so impressed. Now my goal is to use it before it expires.  I  am making a list of things to do this summer and I am going to put Temple on it.  I can make it happen now that my children are a bit older.  LOVE!  I sure look old however...

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Queso, dizzy and necessities

Monday I had to stay at school because I didn't have a car.  I needed a ride home.  No one could come and get me until like 5:30.  I always have tons to do so I did get a lot accomplished.  But by the time I got a ride, I was exausted.  Chily Willy came and picked up Jack and Myself.  On the way home, we stopped and grabbed dinner.  Yahoo.
Have to have the queso dip!

I woke up and here is where Nick slept.  He had a bowl of rolls, a coke and candy wrappers under the couch....nice!

Video I found on my phone of Jack

Soo tired I decided to take a bath.  Here are the necessary supplies


Monday, April 17, 2017

The Lees

Image result for lee's grocery storeWe finally got a grocery store near our house.  It is like 2 minutes away and I LOVE it.  The closes real store we had is like 15 minutes.  So every trip for one thing took forever!  I try to go to Lees at least once a day....that is not a good thing.  It was heaven because a few Saturdays ago, I went to Lee's and then to Maverik and home in 40 minutes.  Didn't leave the house again until Sunday!

They have Texas Donuts, regular donuts, Sushi, French Bread, Aggie Ice Cream, Apple Fritters for Fritter Friday (can you see a problem here), and plain old groceries!  I even filled a Prescription there.  Welcome to the neighborhood.!!  I might even want to get a job there!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Church and Easter Lessons

Andrew had to teach Primary today.  It was Easter.  So I helped him with his lesson.

Andrew putting last minute touches on the lesson arts and crafts

While Andrew is preparing his lesson in church, Brooke and Abi are using the Dominoes that were left over from LAST weeks lesson and building a Tomb.  Then having Tomb wars during the meeting.  Brooke's toppled over in the middle and made a huge noise.  

Here are the lesson preparations..

Here is the end result from Primary.  That was the lesson.  Brooke went and helped Andrew today!  Each of those paper bags had information inside that went with the Letter that spelled Easter.  

I didn't teach today.  It was my partners turn!


Easter is one of my best holidays.  It requires some candy(always a favorite) and then whatever you feel is necessary. I usually get the kids some shorts and a shirt for summer.  Everyone needs new shorts and shirts for Summer.  I also love Singing in church "He is Risen".  .

Here is my pile of stuff for Easter waiting to be folded and put into baskets.

 Finally what I got it organized into.  I don't think I had much luck on the clothes department.

That is Nick asleep on the couch...and his bedtime snack of pringles...:)

We had our Easter Egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpas today.  Here we are getting briefed on the rules.  You can find 5 eggs.  If you touch it, it becomes one of your 5.  Ready , Set, go.

Andre reaching up for one on the light

Brooke getting one out of the tree

Brooke and McCall


Luke and Stella 

Nick and Gma in the background

Jack, Stella and Gpa.

Brooke at Baby Animal days in Logan.  Random.