Monday, January 15, 2018

My Leg

So had a mishap the other day.  Not a big deal, then I noticed my entire leg was bruised.  It kindof hurt by the end of the day.  And then around my socks, I got these rings.  I think it was blood pooling and it was swollen after standing on my feet all day.  I think it looks worse than it really is.  It keeps spreading, and only hurts in a few places.  Good thing it is not summer for short season or I would have to be wearing boots!!


It is Jr Jazz season again.  Love it because you sign up, show up, and play.  The games are an hour and the practice is usually an hour a week if they have one.  The only problem is that sometimes the parking and seating at games is limited, however, this year, the Rec center was not crowded and Millcreek where Nick plays only had one game so it was super slick. 

Jack - notice the new basketball shoes

Jack is wearing the blue jersey 

That is jack 33, and his friend from football is 22

This is Nick in the green.  Not sure who the photobomb person is...

Here are a bunch of videos that I took, Jack wanted them so he could post them so I am not sure how good they are, because I Just uploaded them now because if I don't do it now, it won't happen....Not sure if there are any of Nick but I will get him next time!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Christmas 2017 in the Books

Here are the Stockings from Christmas.  I personally hate filling the stockings.  Nothing but a pain.  However, this year, look how clever.  Everyone has their favorite chips at the top of the sock.  Andrew has Veggie Straws, Brooke has veggie straws in the shape of mickey mouse ears, Abi has boon chik a pop, Nick has pringles and Jack has Tackis...(some hot chip thing).  Now that took a lot of thought!  There are also peppermint twinkies on that chair.  They were cool because they were red, but they did disappoint.  I only had one bite of one and when I went back to try another one, they were all gone.  So they must have not been that bad!

Here are all the presents.  Quite a lot of presents for a bunch of poor people.  That is quite a nice tree.  Abi decorated it the day before Christmas.  We are last minute ers...

That box jack is leaning on is a basketball standard for Nick.  Thats the only pic I got of that gift...

This is Brooke with that Bag from the apple store.  That bag is  kindof like those Nordstrom boxes we use to get.  They are pretty promising what inside is pretty good.  She did get an Apple Watch.  Some fancy one that she thinks is better than sliced bread.  She thinks I need to get one!

Abi got a computer and a blender (that she wanted) but not sure where those pictures are...

Andrew got money for housing and some clothes that he took back.  Not sure where those pics are either

Jack and Nick got a PS4.  Some game system.  That didn't make the picture line up either.

Nick got a Green Bay Packers Sweatshirt.  He LOVES Green Bay

Brooke did get this Mermaid tail.  I have seen them for little girls but never for Adults.  But whoa there was one for Adults at Wal Mart.  Jim is all over the mermaid tail!  It is soo fitting for her!

I didn't do too well on the pictures.  I was really just enjoying the day.  We did get our annual Chinese food take out from Sam Pan later in the day.  It is the best.  Nothing like some chinese food on Christmas!  It sure beats cooking something!  I am not a fan of Christmas.  However this was a pretty good Christmas.  I wasn't stressed like usual and just enjoyed the entire day. 

Christmas Eve

We have for the past few years gone to Temple Square for Christmas Eve.  We have had our family party the Sunday before Christmas, so we all need somewhere to go Christmas Eve.  However this year, Michelle wanted to switch it to the night before Christmas Eve.  Marti had to work on Christmas Eve.  Ok.  Deal.  So here we are on Christmas Eve at Temple Square.  Abi couldn't go with us because she was working and Andrew was still at School in Cedar City.  He has been working at Walmart for the holidays so he had to stay and work.  Notice Chili Willy is in the pic.  He came from Arizona for a few days.  He has been working in Arizona lately!

In N Out was the usual dinner stop after. It didn't disappoint.

That still left my family with Christmas Eve open.  We went to Church on Christmas Eve.  Attending Church was super nice.  Abi rocked it with the Ward Choir as the Pianist.  She was a Rock Star!

So we decided to go to Hogle Zoo and see the Zoo Lights.  We happened to meet Michelle there also, because Marti ended up NOT working.  It was super fun to walk around and look at the lights. We also got a pretzel, garlic bread and hot chocolate since Brooke was with us and she gets a discount on refreshments!  We were living it up!  Went home and finished wrapping and went to bed!  Fabulous Night!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Abominable Snowman

We love all things Abominable Snowman.  A few years ago Jack was terrified of the snowman.  We must have been watching Rudolph and was super scared.  So ever since, we have loved the snowman.

So, I was watching TV this season, and look who came on the TV.  Yes, the abominable snowman. Don't mind the old TV that I got at the DI for 10.00.  It works with an antenna and is still going strong. 

We had some abominable snowman shirts from a few years ago that we got at Target.  We bought all they had.  And so this year we found some other shirts.  Here is Brooke sporting one.  I had one just like it that we wore for the Christmas season.

This is also her wearing it on Chrismas morning...jack just happened to walk over her...

We also waited until like the second week of Dec to get a Christmas tree.  Nick and I went over to Smiths at 5:55 and picked out the cheapest tree we could find for 39.99....They were closing at 6:00.  Nick loaded it in the car for me and dragged it in the house and we put it in a stand. I was kindof impressed with us. 

However, it didn't get decorated until Christmas Eve.  I certainly don't care about things like that, and no one else wanted to bother to decorate it.  But Abi came through and did it. 

Way to go Abi!

Sing A Long 2017

Our Annual Sing A Long was a hit as usual.  We get there early to get a good seat and to get the food for half price!!! 

We had most of our family there.  We even had Grandpa there who doesn't like to go places much now.  He even walked down a few steps to where we were seated!

Here is the group!  

Stella and Nick enjoying their 1/2 price concessions

McKenna and Brooke

Brooke..wearing Gma ugly Christmas sweater

The goal for the Sing A Long is to make it on the Jumbo tron.  Success!!

We did miss Abi who was at work, and Andrew who was at College or working at his Christmas job at Walmart.  

My Leg

So had a mishap the other day.  Not a big deal, then I noticed my entire leg was bruised.  It kindof hurt by the end of the day.  And then...