Sunday, March 18, 2018

Baseball Tryouts for Jack and Snowy for Nick

Jack had tryouts for Baseball.  Here is Jack in action.  It wasn't really tryouts, but placement.  He did a good job.  It was changed to inside due to snow.

Nick on the other hand, had Rugby practice outside.  It was a bit snowy.  Good for him for going.  He had to take hand warmers and toe warmers.  He thought the toe warmers were the best.  He is in the red sweatshirt

Friday, March 16, 2018

Church Ball

Nick has also been playing church ball.  He Loves it.  He has even made a few baskets.  They made it to the playoffs or whatever that means.  They had to play a team to decide who went to region or somewhere like that. They were short players, so Jack who is 11 went and played with them for a while so they wouldn't have to forfeit.

Jack is in the yellow shirt (not number 17) and Jack is 13.  He was a great addition so they didn't have to forfeit

Here is Nick going into the church ready to play basketball.  I have a key since I need to practice the piano for Primary so he comes with me to play basketball.  It is a sweet deal actually for both of us.  He gets to play basketball and I get to practice.  Nick is really a pretty funny kid.  He is fun because he will do most anything.  He will talk to anyone and is constantly talking.  He really has turned into a pretty funny kid.  

Stretch Throat

Jack has been sick for a few days.  He stayed home from church because he was sick and his throat hurt.  I don't usually believe them when they are sick on Sunday.  However, he was super sick on Monday too.  So that night I loooked at his throat (since I know what I am just sounded like something smart people do...) and it looked awful. 

This is a pic that I found on my phone that Jack took so he could see it...soo gross.  Anyway, he had Strep throat.  One of my kids called it Stretch throat so that's what I think of when we have strep.  So, he opted to NOT get the shot in his bum and take pills for 10 days. (who does that?)  but he missed school another day til the meds kicked in.  So glad I made him go to the doc.  He was fighting me all the way...but she said he got the award for the grossest throat of the day.

Here is jack asleep in the bathroom because he thought he was going to throw up and wanted to be close to the toilet.  Good move actually. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Wax Museum for Jack...LAST one

I am getting a bit excited for all these 'last one' items for elementary school.  I have really had enough of all the extra stuff that elementary brings.  Just do a Science Project, just make a costume for the wax museum...its easy if you have time, money and are creative.  I don't have any of those three!

Jack was Argus.  Something about having a lot of eyes like over 100. So we made this costume with eyes.  There are more than 100 eyes on him. 

This is Jack at home before school. I wanted him to wear the leaf wreath.  It is kindof greek I thought.  

This is what he said when kids came around and pressed his button on his hand.  I was glad I got to go to school and see the Wax museum.  It was super fun.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Orchestra Concert for Jack

Jack had his first Orchestra concert today.  It happened to be at my School.  The 6th graders from the feeder schools had a concert with the Jr High.  It was at 4:30 which was a fabulous time.  THE best concert.  At my own school and at 4:30. 

He did a great job. 

                                       He is in the red shirt in the middle playing the cello. 

Here are some action shots of Jack.  I see all these parents videoing the entire performance and wonder what they do with it.  Who would want to watch the entire thing again...well, here is my footage of the concert.  My phone was dying but I think this is enough footage. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Some favorite things

Nick needed a shirt for Gym.  I suggested this periodic table shirt.  He said NO that is dumb.  I thought a Periodic Table shirt would ALWAYS be appropriate and it is mostly white which is that the requirement says..

Jim went on a trip and this is how she left her bed.  That is her mermaid tail.

This is Melanie (my sister) and myself.  I'm on the right in the leather coat.  We are at Hogle Zoo with Blake and Mccall our Niece and nephews.  Wow, that had to be the 80s.

This is my Grandpa Fon.  He lived to be 100 and has been dead about 17 years.  I miss him.  He was so kind.  He married my Gma when he was 50...and when you think of him being 50 and never been married you would expect him to be a bit ornery.  NOPE.  He thought we were the greatest!  Which is a total compliment.  He LOVED us to visit and help him with the chores.  really.  And you know he had to be thinking....'oh let's get his over with that these dang kids want to go with me to feed the cows....'  He acted like we were the best and we were such good helpers! 

Oh this is Blake my nephew .  They were both wearing their overalls.  

This is my Gma Stella and Gpa Fon.  And their  house in Delta.  Such good memories.  They are holding Blake my nephew.  They have been dead since most of my kids were born.  I miss them both so much.  They were so kind and thought we were the greatest thing ever!

And this is Sushi from Lee's. It is our new favorite thing.  Well, a close second to peanut butter balls.  But we have tried Trader Joe's, Costco and Smiths Sushi too.  We like Lees, Costco, Smiths and then Trader Joes.  So yum,

And if we are lucky, at Lee's they have these little things of Wasabi.  It makes it so good and hot that your eyes water!  Love it.

This is my favorite shirt now...It says "Just Say Moe".  This is a horrible pic of me, but I have been wearing it now for a while.  My friends Lynne and Janet gave it to me about 30 years ago and I still have it and just found it again.  My nick name was Mo.  So fitting.

My Favorite Ninjas

Here is a picture my dad made of my kids for a book he made.  They are for sure my favorite NINJAS!!!  They were so cute.