Saturday, July 7, 2018

HUD - continued

I started getting rid of stuff over Spring Break, then had to stop because School was back in session and Spring is busy at my house.  Then Summer School, and now I am finished so I was back at cleaning and getting rid of HUD.  I cleaned the garage right after going to the gym.  I didn't even change my clothes.  I had already cleaned a lot of the stuff out, but didn't finish.  There were still bags of garbage from before!! 

I moved everything out, and got rid of so much stuff.  I emptied TWO dressers that were out there with tools and HUD in them.  And installed ONE shelf on the wall to house all the stuff.  That way the floor has less stuff and less place for spiders.

Nick helped me a bit and we swept out the dust and leaves and garbage.  Then hosed it out.  It was such a chore.  We moved so much stuff back, and let the garage dry.  Next is to spray for spiders before we put stuff really back.  I do have three file cabinets out there still, and I think they can be condensed down to ONE.  Who needs all that paperwork anyway.  Car loan paperwork, and mortgage papers.  I really wouldn't even know to look out there if I needed that info. I would just call the bank for it...thats the next project...

THEN cleaned out the shed.  There were about 11 cans of paint from the previous owner...which was 10 years ago...Some of it was all dried out so I could toss the cans in the trash.  A few of them were full gallons...I took them to the Landfill to the hazardous waste center.  That way they dispose of it properly.  I have toured the landfill and know the hazards of getting that stuff in the ground water..:)

I am doing this facebook group challenge to get rid of 2018 things in 2018.  I have this chart that I mark off everything that I get rid of.  I don't think I will make it, but It feels good to mark off the boxes when stuff leaves!!  I am only about 700 items.  But feel SOO good!!  I could probably cross off another row with all the stuff I got rid of!

Random, but I am trying to get my house in order.  I am also trying to get myself in order...I think it is hard to get yourself in order and make correct decisions about life when you are surrounded by chaos and HUD.  It is cleansing to get rid of excess stuff.  It is hard when you are poor because I am constantly thinking, what if I need that??  I might need those kids toys...But my goal is to get my house in order.  All parts of my house!!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Warrior Rugby with Nick

Nick played rugby this spring.  Another reason I couldn't get my dishwasher installed...
His team got the opportunity to go and help with the professional Rugby team the Warriors.  They play at this new stadium in Herriman. Here they are..Nick is in the blue shorts...

They got to help with the tunnel when the players ran out on the field.

Made it on the Jumbotron.

They also did this thing at halftime.  They were practicing right here.


Jack went with me to the game.  

here they are after the game.

These are random rugby pics...they uploaded the same time as the above so I decided to leave them here.

Car Trouble and a New Dishwasher

June was very expensive.  I was driving around one night, and thought my car was making a funny noise.  Oh I can get it checked out in a week on Friday.  Well, it kept making this noise, then got worse, and I noticed that the RPMs were very high.   Then it wasn't working at all.  The car would be on, but not go.  We almost got stuck in the Del Taco Drive through.  I had to just gun it to get out.  I finally made it home.  It definitely needed to go to the shop.  NOT in a week.  I thought I will call a tow truck in the am.  We didn't have summer school, but we were suppose to go to the school to work.  I decided I wanted it to be over, so I drove it.  It was super scarry to drive to the shop!  I mean, so scarry.  Every time I had to stop was frightening that I wouldn't start going again. I had two very busy intersections that I was petrified to go through.  THEN I get to the last left turn into the shop and a guy turns right in front of me!  I get stuck half way up the driveway to the shop.!  The nice guy was out side and came over and talked to me and said to leave it.  (really?  it won't go..)  He was surprised that I made it.  Me too.  It was a HORRIBLE.!  I mean I have PTSD just driving up there and just driving in!  The Worst part....I got a call and it was the transmission.  $3500. WHAT?  My heart stopped....The guy asked if I was still there....hardly I'm about to die.  Is my car worth that?  He said yes....ok.  The other part is that I wouldn't get it back until the END of the next week...grrr.

I was very lucky that I had  my friend going to summer school.  So Abi would drop me off at her house and she would drive me to school and back.  So Nice.  I had to borrow my mom's car too just to get people places.  I was really glad to get my car back even after 3500....

THEN, last December, my dishwasher broke.  I am not sure what was wrong, but it wouldn't turn on.  I could call a repairman, but that would be at least 100.00 to just come out and see what was wrong, and then the repair.  It is a 10 year old dishwasher and my friend that lives near me had to replace hers recently.  Our houses were built around the same time by the same Decided to NOT fix it and get a new one.  Problem is, I don't have any money...each month I had more expenses than I had money.  We have been without a dishwasher for SEVEN months.  WAY too long.  Actually, I did have the money, but couldn't find time to get it installed with going with Abi to golf and Summer school.  I didn't feel like I could take the day off for the dishwasher when I was already missing so much school to go watch Abi.!  (which I wanted to do more than get a dishwasher)  

So, finally the day came!  They were coming.!  I moved out the stuff under the sink about an hour before they were to come.  Low and behold there was a LEAK....they showed up and wouldn't install it if there was a leak.  WHAT?  so, they dropped it off and I had to get it fixed then call them for redelivery.  

Tried to find a plumber...texted my friend who suggested one, then my other friend got back to me and said her plumber was her husband...and she would send him over.  Ok.  So, he came over, said it was this pipe and he had one at home and would be back.  He came back, and fixed it.  It took about that long!  I did need to get a different part because he thought it would be better but it certainly would have be ok for an install.  So, tomorrow is the day.  Here's hoping for a smooth process,  can't wait to wash dishes.  Now who says that?

AND here is the new dishwasher!!  Yahoo.  Doing my first takes 2.5 hours for a load..that seems like a lot but SOOOO excited to wash dishes now.

On another note, my favorite place to shop is or new store, Lee's.  The produce is fantastic and the produce manager always seems to talk to me and tell me how fabulous the produce is.  He  has no kids.  I found that out on father's here's to shopping the produce.  LOVE having fresh produce.

Nick and I needed to shop for something...can't remember.  But with Nick we seem to end up at Buffalo Wild Wings...It was pretty good. I  just wish we didn't need the Onion rings too.   They were good however.  It is fun to bond with Nick.

Cracked Vase and 50 lbs Brooke wants to go to Zoo School  One of the requirements is to lift 50 lbs of feed without appearing to be Nick and I bought this 50 lb bag of salt for the water softener so she could practice...

Nick reminded me that he had no trouble putting it in the cart and carrying it into the house....

On another note, I wondered where my candle holder went.  I was in the basement and noticed that my candle was just hanging around.  Where was the candle holder?  It bugged me and bugged me. Like who would throw it away?  I mean, I got it at a garage sale and I painted it silver. It isn't like it was very expensive and I really cared.  I just wanted to know where it went.  After a few months, I was in the bathroom in the basement and looked in the drawer.  There was my candle holder and it was broken.  hmmmm that makes much more sense.  But still, why not fix it or just throw it away? 

So, I glued the base on and it is good as new!  

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Owlz Baseball

Jack was the Honorary Bat Boy again for the Orem Owlz minor league team.  He gets to spend time in the dug out and get the bats...He  did such a great job they gave him that bat that one of the players broke while batting and a ball from the game.  He had to buy new baseball pants for the game. I thought I was getting him temple pants buying white....!

It is fun to watch him get the bats, take the balls to the umpire and take the umpires drinks.  He takes it very serious.  

This was our cheering section.  Grandma, Brooke, Nick, and Andrew Dearing (brooke's friend).   So glad they could all come so I didn't have to sit alone!

Summer School

Sometimes, I teach summer school.  One never knows if the program is going to go.  We had 4 teachers for Earth Science Summer, and then the program got cut and we had less kids.  So we were down two teachers. One being me since I started as an extra in the first place.  Then, this year at the last minute, the Biology job opened up so I have been teaching Biology this summer.  

Summer school is different because you have the kids all day and usually you don't have any behavior problems.  Which means you can do all the fun things.  We only had 7 students this year.  I can't believe they decided to have the program go with only that many.  But I am glad we did.

We had such few kids that we covered the material so quickly, that we decided to go on a few field trips with the other Science class.  It was taught by my friends however, so that helped.  We went to Antelope Island and heard from a naturalist about the food chains and things that live out there and their adaptations to living in that environment.  We also went through the visitors center.  This
is a pic of some cool charts in the visitors center.

We also went to the Fielding Garr Ranch.  It is an old ranch that was active a long time ago.  And it is now a museum..It has a fresh spring near so thats why they can have such green grass.  There are also Bison there.  These were pretty close and the farmer that was there, has to drive a golf cart to keep them at bay. 

It is hard to teach and be gone all day, while my family is home all day making messes and sitting around. Then when I am home and tired, they are ready to go somewhere.  I came home one day to this on my bed...guess it as a good day watching TV in my bed.

We also toured the water treatment plant.  Here is a sign about water treatment with ozone.  I was going to make a ppt about it and never did.  

Glad it is over.  It was good money because we get paid teacher wage by the hour and it is just added on to our regular pay.  No insurance taken out or retirement because that has already been taken out of your regular pay.  So it is especially sweet.  

Sunday, July 1, 2018


Summer is finally here.  These are the last pictures of Jack's baseball.  He made the All Star game for his team.