Wednesday, November 15, 2017


We had our usual dinner of Papa Murphys pizza in a pumpkin shape.  Here is our festive table....not that festive this year but I did remember to get a halloween tablecloth...

I gave out about 250 pieces of candy.  Usually we are around 350 or more.  I had 400 pieces of candy and had about 110 pieces left so I assume we ate around 50.  It was a beautiful night and fun to see all the kids dressed up and having so much fun. 


On Halloween, Nick had his CCR.  Its a meeting with the counselor at school for his college, career, readiness appt.  First off, I went to the halloween parade at Jack's School.  Jack was a Football player.  Then Nick and I went to his CCR and Nick decided he needed some lunch at Iggy's because it was soo stressful for his CCR...

Here is Jack at his Halaloween parade.  He didn't cooperate much for pictures.  He is in 6th grade now...

After Lunch, Nick didn't want to go back to school so we made it a day of golf after.  We asked Abi if she wanted to go with us and we met her at the Rose Park Golf course for a round.  It was a super beautiful day of golf and we had a great time .  Plus it was Fall rates so we got two golf carts so we didn't have to exert ourselves and walk!!

Monday, October 30, 2017

B Davis and Lola

Michelle's family went to Disneyland.  We stayed home.  So we tended Michelle's dogs that are these little things.  B and Lola.  It was fun to tend them.  Things were going fine until B got sick and threw up some gross stuff.  I didn't want her dying on my watch.  She did recover.  One night I woke up and there was Lola staring at me in the face.  She had gotten out of her kennel.  Guess Jack didn't shut it...

Jim getting B and Lola excited for Halloween

It was fun to have them. I miss them actuallly ...and I'm not a dog lover...

Leaf Hunt

Annual Leaf Hunt.  So, this leaf hunt we have every year is hilarious.  It started many years ago, and about 10 years ago, we resurrected it.  We head to the canyon to have a cookout.  Then we divide in pairs..someone NOT from our immediate family and try to find the best leaf.  Then we submit them and Grandpa judges the best Leaf.  Then we get prizes.  Thats it.  It is funny that all the big kids always come!  It is super fun and a great tradition!

Mark,Hayden and Sierra

Nick and Abi

Grandpa judging the leaves and the prizes close by

This pic is hard to tell but Gma had some halloween candy that was sticks and they looked like cigarettes.  So we are all smoking in this picture.  So funny that gma is providing cigarettes

These are the girls.  Such good looking girls
Sierra (hayden's girlfriend) McKenna, Stella, Grace,McCall, Brooke, Micaela, Abi, Brittney

Abi choosing a prize for her leaf

This is gma, gpa an Mark, Maureen and Michelle

Here we are all smoking with Gma's cigarettes

We should have added smoking to the party long ago.  It certainly jazzed up the party!


snowbird has customer appreciation weekend in which you bring in 3 cans of food and get a free tram ride.  Well, we were all in.  The only day we could go was Sunday.  I got a substitute for Primary Piano and for Sacrament waver and we were off.

The plan was to hike down.  So we needed to get there so there was enough time to hike down before it was dark.  The plan was to meet Michelle and family at 1:00.  We were there at 1:00...Michelle didn't role in until around 2.  Here we were waiting for her.

So, Jack decided he didn't want to hike down.  The tram ride wasn't his favorite part either.  He was a bit scared of heights.  I don't love them much either...but I wanted to hike.  So, Jack and I didn't hike.  We just hung out at the top for a while, took the tram down and got some pizza.  Then we went on a short hike to see if we could meet the group when they got to the bottom.

Good time was had to all Hikers.  I'm all in next year. ...


We had our usual dinner of Papa Murphys pizza in a pumpkin shape.  Here is our festive table....not that festive this year b...