Monday, October 26, 2015


Email received from jack's Teacher.  Its his first all year for no missing!!1  Yahoo

Class Report
Latisha Jensen
Maureen Clemons;
Mon 10/26/2015 2:23 PM
Hi Parents!
We are sending home missing work letters a day early. This will be the last missing work letter before the end of the term. If your student is missing something please help them to get the work in as soon as possible.
Have a good week!
Mrs. Jensen
Congratulations!!  My records show Jack has no missing assignments for the week(s)of 24-AUG-2015 thru 29-OCT-2015.

Boulton Elementary

Saturday, October 17, 2015

UEA weekend 2015

UEA was lots of fun. We started out at the Dentist.  It is now our Uncle Mark who is our Dentist.  Nick below, is in Mark's office messing around on his phone.  So, Everyone was cavity free, except for Abi and Nick.  Jack has tons of cavities but most are in baby teeth that will fall out soon.  Nick and Jack have some improvements in dental hygeine.  

Then the girls went to my favorite place.  Red lobster for all you can eat shrimp.  Its my favorite place to go with my buds.  So now I took my favorites to the Lobster.  What fun.  And especially fun because I had a gift card from Chilly Willy that he gave me for some holiday.  Can't get enough shrimp, salad, cheddar bisquits!  

UEA we did the shoot around.  Shoot a basket and choose a book.  Barnes and Noble provide the books.  We all made the basket and got to choose.

sitging in the Dentist chair...

We decided to try some golfing the next day.  Love to get out and golf.  You can see by these pics that our form is terrific!!

must be the 19th hole..resting..

So fun to spend time with those that I love.  Glad they want to hang with me at UEA convention, and golf and Red Lobster.  (they didn't have a choice on the dentist...)

Monday, October 12, 2015

More Soccer

Bountiful High Soccer Season is now over.  Here are some last pics that I found on Facebook that the officers took of the soccer team.  A few are of Abi.

Abi is wearing the green.  She is the keeper.  In the top photo, she is near the left side across from #21.

Here is her injury to her right leg.  A girl got her with her Cleet.  At least it wasn't a head injury.  

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Obviously Something Is Wrong With Me

As I have read some blogs  (usually I swear off blogs because I don't want to see their lives with husbands that go to work and the mother stays home and they have a nice house and blah blah) or mostly facebook, lots of posts have been filled with conference messages and how much they learned and loved conference.  I blog about watching a Tattoo Show with Jack......Bad Ink............i'm so going to hell.  It is a really good show though.  22 minute episodes.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bad Ink

Jack and I were watching on the computer a show.  Its our new favorite show.  Called Bad Ink.  It is filmed in Las Vegas and the star Dirk and Rugger go around the strip in Las Vegas looking for Bad Tattoos and fix them. What a nice show for a mother and son to watch.  I tell him we don't ever get tatttos and he says "you tell me that every night'.  Yep I do.  We need Season 2 to be on Netflicks soon.  We have watched all of Season 1.

Onside Kick return....and an Interception by Jack

Oct 3, 2015 Jack was on the onside kick..  The ball was kicked, and then he ran.  The ball bounced off the other team's helmet and Jack caught the ball!  These pics were taken by a dad.

Jack is #77

Then a while later, Jack had an Interception.  Her are the pics of that!  Compliments of that same dad!

He is #77 on the right.  To the left of #37 in the green

now you can see him on the right in pink socks

Waiting for the ball

There in the middle about to catch it

Caught!!!  Yahoo

Jack has the pink socks slouching kindof in the middle

second from the front

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday in October

Sataurdays can be a bit of a challenge.  Today started with Nick needing to be at Football at 7:45 am.  We left our house at 7:30.  Andrew had to be at Football at Bountiful High at 8:00 am so I dropped both of them off. I went to target and then came back after I filled up his water jug at Maverik.  As I pulled in the parking lot, I realized that we had the half time treats.  panic.  I hoped I could get home to get them in time.  However, Chilly willy was bringing them.  He had gone to work and was home in time.  OH.  Good.  After Nick's football, We headed home to get Jack ready.  Oh, and now Andrew, Chili, and Abi went to Sports Authority in this gap of time looking for Andrew some kindof compression shirt for his Football career.  I think they found one.  .. ..

Oh I picked up Andrew after his Football.  We left for Centerville around 11:30.  After we pulled in the parking lot, jack said he was hot and wanted a short sleeved shirt.  AND he forgot his mouthguard.  you CANNOT play without a mouthguard.  Nope.  Nada. Even if your mother says its okay.  you cannot play.  So I head to Big 5 to get him another shirt and a mouth guard.  Success.  I found a shirt and a mouthpiece.  The problem was that when we got to football, the mouthpiece was too long in his mouth.  However, a nice dad said he had a knife in his pocket so we cut off the back of his mouthguard.  He changed his shirt and had a new mouthpiece.  He also forgot his water jug, but Nick didn't drink much out of his, so Jack used Nick's used water...

However, after all that, jack played a GREAT game.  He intercepted the ball!  Then on a kickoff, the ball bounced off the helmet of the opposite team, and Jack jumped up to get the ball.  So, he got the kickoff return!  Yahoo.  I guess that was worth a new Under Armour shirt and mouthpiece from Big 5.
After that, we headed up to Mueller Park where Abi was reffing.  We stayed for about 30 minutes, and then Jack and Nick were fighting and kicking so we left.  Andrew and I went to Trader Joe's (my favorite store for feeling like a tree hugger) and got some cool food like cookie butter and whole wheat hamburger buns.  Went and picked up abi, and chili was also there to get her.  So I left and went to Dollar Tree for my favorite Halloween decorations.  I found a few things I liked and so will hopefully decorate tomorrow.  It ends up that Abi almost had to be the Center Ref.  She was the only Ref that showed up for the last game.  However the coach of the other team was a certified ref so he helped her.  Whew!  dodged that one.  She is a few $$ richer now!

After that, I stayed home and rested.  My feet hurt all the time now.  I have tendonitis in my left foot so It was killing me.  It was a super fun day.  I absolutely LOVE football season.  Its crazy busy, but soo fun.  And I love wearing my new Bountiful Football shirt!!!