Wednesday, March 26, 2014

REAL and selling hot dogs

Abi plays on an expensive soccer team.   Forza. So, there has been a fund raiser opportunity this season.  REAL of salt lake, the professional soccer team here in SLC, has a fund raiser.  We can man the snack shacks.  So, Wendy Neff (Abi's friends mom and my friend) and I went to volunteer to sell hotdogs, beer, nachos, drinks and candy.  Yep, Abi and her friend, Tillie can't go and help because they are too young. So Wendy and I have an extra job....So, we left an hour early, and then got there to set up.  We cashiered for the entire game.  It wasn't hard but it was new so I felt flustered most of the time.  My job was to ring up the order, and take the money.  We were suppose to have a runner to fill the order but I was on the end and the runner mostly stayed in the middle so I had to fill most of my orders.  I don't really like selling beer.  I am not good at filling it without foam, and I don't like IDing people. There was one guy who I thought might be drunk.  Legally we can't sell him beer if we think he is intoxicated.  Fortunately, the lead person was standing there, and so he helped him.  He did sell the beer to him.  So, hey, that's not my doing.  We ran out of large beer cups, hot dogs and popcorn.  WHO runs out of cups? Really?  oh and we ran out of beer too.  Can't believe we had all these people there to buy beer and we run out.   I had a super nice guy helping me so it wasn't too horrible.  We cleaned up and left.  7 hours later we got home.  I was SOOOOO tired.  Really.  That night I woke  up with killer shin splints.  Not sure if that was from the REAL game or from the run I had before the game.  But I thought I was going to die.  I found out that we made about $95.  So that will go toward her soccer fees.  I think it might have been worth it for $95.  I guess we split the earnings with everyone in the stand.  I was afraid we would make $40 bucks and that's NOT worth it!   

Monday, March 24, 2014

Never Pass Up

I was watching dr Phil today.  He is a therapist with his own show...anyway, today he says to this lady that keeps interrupting him... he says " I am thinking of a quote m dad said to never PASS up an opportunity to shut up.". Wow.  That's great advice for all of us.  Never pass on an opportunity to keep your mouth shut.  And listen could also be added....

Monday, March 17, 2014

a step

We watched a video today in sunday school.  It was a video clip from Jeffrey R. Holland.  He says
there is a quote that says "a Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".  Then he adds, so watch  your step.

Wow.  That was sooo true.  Watch your step.  I think it was a Mormon message for pornography but really it could be applied to all things.  You can step the right direction or the wrong direction....

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Couch to 5K

Brooke and I have been training for another 5K.  We did the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving but now I'm trying to really follow the training program better so in 8 weeks I should be able to run a 5K.  Maybe run the whole thing or 2 of the 3 miles.  The training is slow and I am not seeing much progress. It has been only 2 weeks and it isn't getting any easier for me.  My feet still hurt.  I do realize I'm hauling a good 50 lbs over.  I'm still classified as Obese.  (or just plain discusting)  I haven't really got a grip on the eating.  Adding more veggies but have a thing for Peanut Butter M and M's.  Our 5k we are doing with Marti is in November which is 8 months away.  But we are trying to run a 5K before then......................Here's my theme I need to remember...

Ashley Allen Ziegler's photo.

Facebook Mistake

So, looking around on Facebook today.  Found someone from high school looking on someone's friends...that lead to looking at more friends they had and people from High School.  NEVER should have done that! Nothing like seeing all these people with fancy jobs....owner, Dr at Holy Cross, CFO, Accountant, Stay at home Mom, blah blah blah  all their fancy houses that they are sitting in, and their skinny bodies. 
Because they don't have to work or have a job with flexible hours...

AND their trips they post about, and their children that are able to go skiing.  I Sooo wanted to be able to ski and do fun things with my children.  There isn't much better in life than a great day skiing in the mountains.  It is awfully expensive.  Really.  I thought for sure marrying who I did that he would be a good provider.  He was ALL talk.  ALL talk.  Bull S#@$@ talk.  It has been nothing but bills and dishonesty which has lead to criminal behavior...  (this post wasn't suppose to be about that)  I wanted so much to take the day off and take my children to Alta or Snow Basin or Snowbird.  I LOVE looking at the coats and clothing at sporting good stores.  Wish I was buying skis for Christmas or goggles or helmets or cool coats.  Instead of things like clothes and shoes and practical things...

I have to realize that they are all super fabulous children.  Really.  I only have to fight one of them to go to church and he has come around for the most part.  Jack is the first one to leave Sacrament meeting to get to class.  Which is such a switch from about 3 months ago when he refused to go at all!  They can all read and get good grades. They have lots of friends and are very nice to people.  Andrew walks down to my parents house after school on Wednesdays and takes their garbage out.  He also mows their lawn and we all shovel their snow.   Abi helps gma with her Kindle and computer.  Brooke is always willing to drive someone places when I can't quite figure out how to get everyone where they need to be...I hope they realize that I work soo hard to provide for them.  I have come up short soo many times.  Soo many more days in the month than I have money.  Our house has really never been adequate for our needs.  Too small.  And now we are in an area where we just don't fit in.  Its affordable to live here, but our ward is way too young and transient.  Oprah Winfrey said that no one on their death bed said that they wished they had a bigger house or nicer car.  I think I would because it has been such a struggle for me to provide what little we have.  I do wish I have been a better provider. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Basketball boys 2014

Jack and Nick are playing Jr. Jazz basketball this  year.  Andrew is not playing.  He is too old.  Jack plays in the instructional league which is an hour long at the Rec Center.  He shows up and plays basketball for an hour with a lesson first.  He is really good and isn't afraid to tell you just how much better he is than the other kids.  I'm not surprised because he is a bit feisty.  Nick plays his games on Tuesday nights and has practice on Saturday mornings.  He has had two games so far, and has made a basket both times.  The second game, his team scored 6 points and he scored 2 of those six.  He also got a rebound.  Good Job for Chilly Nick.


So Jack and Nick were playing the game of LIFE today.  Jack went to get married and got a boy.  He says oh I wish you could marry a boy because I would marry William.  (his friend)  Nick said oh we can't marry boys that would be gross......

Spring Forward

Tonight is day light savings time.  We turn the clocks ahead an hour so we lose an hour of sleep.  not really a big deal even if you forget.  You see for a long time, we didn't have cell phones or clocks that would change the time for you.  You would have to remember to turn our clock ahead so your alarm would ring on time to get you to church.  Really not a big deal unless you were giving a talk or leading the music.  However, for some that work on Sunday it is a bigger deal.  Melanie (my sister)could NEVER remember day light savings and she worked on Sunday's as a Pharmacist.  So she was an hour early for work in the fall and an hour late in the spring.  It became my calling to remind her on daylight savings time.  I think of her every time change because I'm suppose to call her.  She doesn't need a clock change anymore.  It isn't because  she stopped working on Sundays but she stopped working.  She stopped breathing.  She's dead now.  And has been dead for 6 years.  It was a good thing because she had suffered sooooo much.  Drug and alcohol and mental illness are a difficult combination.  It was a bad thing because now her boys don't have a mother.  They are stuck living with their awful, sorry excuse for a father now.   And we haven't seen them for two is cruel sometimes