Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Patriots and 49 ers

We LOVE football at our house.  Jack is a die hard Patriots fan.  Well, we are also Die Hard BOUNTIFUL Brave fans also.  They play Football for Bountiful Braves.  They wear bravewear almost every day.

Tom Brady is the quarterback for the New England Patriots.  Jack LOVES Tom Brady. We were eating lunch at Chik Fil A, and I had Jack ordered for himself and paid.  They asked his name and when the order was ready, they said 'Tom Brady' your order is ready.  He had told them his name was Tom Brady.  Soo funny.  And every morning when Jack gets out of the car for carpool, Mr. Hemphill says 'hello Tom Brady'.  Jack LOVES it.

That's Brooke with his Patriot shirt.

Jacks socks from under Abi's bed

Church socks

Nick is a 49ers fan.  He likes Collin Kapernick.  Don't even know how to spell it.  Not quite to the same degree that Jack likes Patriots.  Nick doesn't have 49ers socks but we will have to get him some. 


We go to church every Sunday.  As I write on this blog, I notice I don't mention much about Church or our faith.  These are Sunday pics randomly...

Jack in front, Andrew and Abi

Abi and Andrew

group shot

Abi, Jack and Andrew

Jack's Church socks - Patriots

back view of the patriots socks

Score and a kick

Yahoo.  First time EVER.  A Clemons scored in a Football game.  Usually we are X men which means you are over the weight limit and you have to have an X on your helmet and you are not allowed to carry the ball.  Well, Jack is NOT an X man.  He was one pound under the weight limit.  So, Jack was allowed to carry the ball for the extra point!  AND he scored!!!  Never has that occurred in the history of the Clemons family!! 

Way to go Jack!!

he is #77

He is in the middle and you can't see his number.  He is to the right of #40 in the gap

to the right of 40 again

He's on the left

He is in the middle with the red socks on..Great pic. 


Then we had Soccer.  Abi was having a great save, and the girl happened to kick her in the Nose!  She got a bloody nose and had to come out to clean it up and get it stopped.  Dave ( the coach) had a towel she used.  Brooke got all the blood off her face and she was ready to go in again.  She was super tough.  She says it hurts bad and is a bit swollen.  Her left eye is a bit black and blue in the corner.  Only a mother would notice that part though.  I'm just glad she missed the teeth.  She just got her Braces off this week. 

Trading who is going in for keeper

that's her friend Gaby next to her

she's back in after her bloody nose

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mark's family

We don't see my brother Mark's family very much.  They live in Las Vegas.  He is a Dentist and he doesn't take much time off.  When his family does come, they spend most of the time with her family and stay in Alpine where her sister lives.  So we usually don't get much time to see them.  I found some pics on Brooke's computer that had Mark and Luke and Hayden in them from a few yeas ago.  They were riding their bikes at Snowbird and Michelle and I tagged along with them. 


Mitchell (he's Michelle's son)

Shelby haydens friend

Mark and Luke


Luke again

Mark and Luke on the ski lift

Luke looking over

Mark in action on the slide

Mark and Luke resting after slide

Michelle, Mark and Luke

Monday, September 22, 2014

NIck and Jack Football

Nick and Jack both played football.  Jack played against Highland and Nick against Copper Hills.  I think.  They both had good games.  Nick had the halftime treats.  Apples precut from Costco and Grapes.  Good choice.
Here are some random pics.  hate to blog after every game because the lineman do about the same thing.  Jack said he sac'd the quarterback.  I didn't see it.  Great job boys!
 These are not from the same game, but I put them all here...

Jack on the ground

Jack hurt again

Jack and coach Brian Duryea walking off field after injury that was short lived






Not sure who this is

Nicks the lineman in front of 24 with the gray socks


Nick with the long straps
I think jack is second from the back.  Someone else took this
Jack in middle, #77