Friday, June 28, 2013

Tuachan 2013

Oh our annual trip to St George and Tuachan was a success!  Michelle, Marlena and Maureen went to see Mary Poppins and Starlight express.  They were both excellent! I almost liked starlight express better because it was soo entertaining with them on rollerskates.  We stayed at the Crystall Inn thanks to Martis IHC discount.  good breakfast and nice pool.  We ate, slept, shopped, got a pedicure and went to the theater.  What could have been a better trip?  Oh only thing that could make it betters that my mom paid for the tickets, gas, hotel and pedicures!  and the highlight was going to swigs that served dirty diet cokes (diet. One with coconut in it-I don't like coconut so I did t get one) AND the best sugar cookies that they frost as you wait!  Love getting a fab diet coke AND a cookie AND at a drive through!  Can't wait for next season!

Michelle in the chair in Beaver

Beaver Chair

Lovely ladies getting a pedicure!

Those are some nice looking feet

Partying with the boys

Brooke and Abi have gome to girls camp.  I didn't hae to teach summer school so the boys and I Partied.  first we went to Cabellas and looked around.  They have a huge fish tank and cool displays of wildlife just like in a natural history museum.  They also have some fish to feed and a shooting range.  We bought some hats and some candy of course..

We went to lunch at Chik -fil-A.  Love us some chicken.

Then we went to Trafalga and rode some rides ...okay just that waer one (line took forever and it was hot) and did some mini golf in the black lite golf course.  It was pretty fun but sure hot.  We decided to leave to get home to golf again on the real golf course.  It was fun except Jack likes to come after people with his golf clubs.  The guy gave all of us the 2.00 coupon rate when I only had one coupon.  We had to have a slurpee after all of that.  I was soo tired and hot when we were finished.  LOVE spending time with the boys!  (I also had the lowest score in the golf too!!)

Shooting range at Cabellas

feeding the fish

Climbing wall at Trafalga.  Nick go!!

Jack on the climbing wall

Girls Camp 2013

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Trekker

Andrew just got home from trek.  We bought his pioneer outfits at the Deseret Industries and his hat at the wal-mart.  Who would have thought to get our trek stuff at the Walmart.  He said he had such a great time, but not ready to go again for a while!!  It was quite the sight when I dropped him off at the Church and picked him up.  Seeing all these faithful souls (the adults were the cream of the crop for our youth..) in pioneer skirts and bonnets and slacks and long sleeved shirts and suspenders ready to go on a long hike to increase their testimony of Jesus Christ!  I just stood and watched Andrew help unload and watch the hugs.  I wish I could have gone but I would have needed a Pa!

Helping unload the Trailer.

Andrew and his friend Kellis