Thursday, July 26, 2012

4th of July and watermelon winner

4th of July we went to the River Meadows and had a 4th of July BBQ with Aunt June.  Abi, jack, and Nick participated in the water melon eating contest.  Abi was the champion.  This is two  years in a row.  We had a fabulous time at the BBQ.  Good food, bounce houses with water, watermelon eating contest, races, and face painting. Aunt june came for about 10 minutes.  She said she didn't feel well.  So we took her back to her apartment.  We will miss the party next year! 

Golfing with The Clemons Boys

 Here are the Clemons Boys on the golf course.  We have been trying to improve our golf game!  We have this fun golf course down the street so we try to go there as much as we can.  Nick got golf clubs for Christmas.  LOVE LOVE these boys and to golf with them.  I got the lowest score on this round.....

Theater camp for Abi

 Abi went to Theater Boot Camp this summer for two weeks.  She loved the classes and at the end they had a performance.  This is Abi. she was Also with  Brooke and her friend Gabee.

Dress like a Cow Day

Brooke Loves Cows.  Chick Fil A every year has a dress like a cow day and  you can eat for free if you dress up as a cow. Brooke conveniently has a cow costume.  So she wore that and the rest of us had to make our own costume.  


Brook-e and Maureen



Chilly Brook-e

A Graveside

My Aunt June passed away on Thursday July 19, 2012.  We had a graveside at the cemetary. She was buried in the Spanish Fork cemetery y by her parents and my two sisters.  My dad dedicated the grave.  Very nice.  Then we had a picnic at the church. so fun to see everyone.

Jess and Robb
dedicating the grave

Gma, gpa, michelle, maureen, Abi, Andrew, Mitchell, jack Mckenna

Andrew and jack