Friday, September 30, 2016

Beyond Tired

It is Friday night. I am Beyond tired.  It has been quite a week.  Teaching is so hard and tiring. I am constantly from 8:00 to 3:00 have people bugging me...constantly commenting to me and wanting me to help them and talk to them, and just bother me.  It is just exausting. Then I have to prepare lessons, grade, teach, be nice, set up labs, clean, go to faculty meetings, and go to other meetings.  THEN I have to come home and have everyone want my attention, and can I buy them this or that, or help them, or clean for them, or do the dishes or cook or shop.  I had parent teacher conferences this week.  I am the teacher.  They are from 3:30 to 7:30 at night on Wednesday AND Thursday night.

Then, My Cousin, Sharon, is in town from Oregon.  I went to Marlena's house on Wed after conferences to see her.  So I didn't get home until like 10:30.  Then tonight I went over to Marlena's house again to take her to the airport.  We ended up visiting, and she changed her plane ticket to leave on Monday.  Wow.  I just got home, and it is 10:00.  I was very ornery today.  I teach productivity at school which means I don't get a break all day.  Well, I get 30 minutes for lunch.  I choose to do that so I get paid an extra hour every day.  I am broke.  However, it is very hard.  I also have some difficult classes in the afternoon so they are also taxing on me.  I am not sure what to do.....

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rootbeer and blue cards

I made rootbeer with my students on Friday.  It was a measuring lab that the students converted the amouts in English units to metric.  Then they used the Metric units to make Rootbeer.  If their Rootbeer was good, then they converted and measured correctly.  I bought way too much dry ice.  I hate to be short for just a few dollars, and my first class to do Rootbeer is around 11:00. I had to make it last for a while,  Anyway, I was a bit stingy this time with dry ice...the less dry ice in their pitcher, the less likely to have it inside someone's mouth.  Anyway, the dry ice lasted until Sunday.  So today, we used what was left and made homemade Rootbeer.

Fun fact.  Dry Ice can burn.  (well, it is like a burn.  It really freezes the skin which is similar to a burn)  Here is my burn I got from carrying the dry ice in from the car.  I had the bags resting on my arm.  The Dry Ice was Double bagged too.   This is on my example of a bad example

On another note, Andrew was delivered this stack of blue cards today.  Hmm would have been nice to have them when we filled out all our paperwork for the Eagle Scout award...

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Nick turns Thir-teen!!

Nick - o - las turned 13!  Wow.  He is the funniest kid around.  Really.  He has adjusted to Jr high very well. (well, at least so far)  He takes all things in stride and is eager to try new things.  At 7 Peaks the other day he went on the biggest slide.  It is really a scarry slide too.  He is eager to attend Young Mens and plays a mean football.  He had a great game on Saturday.  (His birthday)  He also likes to golf and just hang out.  He can entertain himself for hours just messing around.  He is a pretty good sport at going most places!!  He is the best!

That is Nick coming down the blue slide...he had already been on the yellow one which is much scarier.  He choose to go on the blue one while we watched

His best gift was his IPOD.  I didn't get a picture with it because Jack had a fit and I had to make sure Jack wasn't ruining my IPad or computer or wall or anything else due to his anger issues...

Overall it was a fun birthday.  We had rootbeer floats and ice cream sandwiches for his birthday cake.  He doesn't like Duggar Dessert like the rest of them do.  Root Beer floats are pretty good too!