Sunday, April 26, 2015

Nick's artwork

Nick made this fabulous picture at school out of buttons on canvas.  I LOVE it. Its up in our kitchen.


Andrew asked a girl to Prom.  Here is his poster.  I'm always the last to know what he does.

Andrew modeling his new suit before prom

The answer we found on our porch

Buying a new suit.  Sure looks nice

Andrew and Abi his sister

Andrew and his sister Abi

So that is the extent that i can blog about Prom.  Thats all I got.  He took his stuff to his friend's house and got ready.  He said he had some pics on his phone of his date, but he hasn't sent them to anyone because 'they aren't very good'.  Thats okay I just want to see them....

Baseball 2015

This is our first baseball game.  The first few have been rained out.  Here are some pics.  I'm sure there will be more.  Nick is on the Royals and Jack is on the Sox team I think.

Nick batting

Nick at practice

Jack waiting for Nick at practice...

Pinewood Derby

Jack participated in the Pinewood derby.  He ran a car we had from last year.  He did okay.  Not the best, and not the worst.  Which is perfect.  Somewhere in the middle.  He also helped with flag ceremony with his Wolf troop.

Jack is closest to the flag with no yellow scarf thing

Orange socks for Jack

Brooke turns 19

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Brooke turned 19 this year.  Her friends at Snow, celebrated in style.  They decorated her room.  See above pics.  I'm not sure how to save them, I think I copied them from Facebook and that didn't copy very well...but still super fun.  Then they kidnapped her and took her to Chik Fil A her favorite place.  Which is about an hour away.  It was in Provo, and they also invited McCall and Grace to join them.  They live in Provo.  Soo fun and soo nice!  She had a great time.

Here is a pic of her being kidnapped and taken to Chik Fil A.  These pics from Facebook didn't upload correctly...I had to copy and paste....but they are sitll super fun!!


Friday, April 17, 2015


Image result for arthritis So, Arthur Cahoon died.  He is my mom's cousin I think.  Which reminds me of my distant cousins and relatives.  I had an Aunt Nayon.  My Grandma Stella's sister.  She was at a family reunion one day and she was a bit old.  Anyway, people asked how she was and she said 'fine, except for Arthur.  You know, arthur-itis in my hips, my knees, legs, arms...'.  Hahahah  I was thinking about my Aunt Nayon and her Arthur.  I also have a problem with Arthur.  It started with my knees and my knee surgery. I am still very stiff in my knees and now my other knee is hurting. I have also developed pain and stiffness in my hips and legs.  The Dr said its likely arthuritis in those joints as well.  If its in my knees, then its in my hips.  Well, its hard to walk and go up stairs.  I guess I need to go back to the surgeon and see if I can get some shots or whatever so I can continue to function and work.

I have been taking this medicine Deflocec + two Tylenol.  The Dr said it was as good as a narcotic.  I can take it 2x a day, but its hard on your stomach so once is better if i can.  It does help, but not sure if it will help forever.  I wish I didn't worry about things so much.  Hope I can still be a good mother with arthritis when I am not sure I can even walk around or shop or clean....


Image result for fightingWe have lots of fighting going on with Jack and Nick.  They fight all the time.  Doesn't matter what they are doing, it always ends up with fighting, hitting, kicking and someone crying.  I mean its out of control.  I think they are both guilty in the fighting.  Jack has a huge bruise on his left side of his head from Nick pounding him.  Nick has had injuries from jack too.  Jack has a huge temper.  He gets mad and then throws stuff.  The weird part is then, when Jack needs to go somewhere like a Hockey game or the Park, he doesn't want to go unless someone goes with him.  He says its not fun to go without Nick.  I need some serious help.  I don't even like cats, but they are like a bunch of girls in their fighting sometimes... 

Friday, April 3, 2015


We went to the movies and saw Cinderella.  Nick decided to come with us.  LOVED it.  Nick really liked it too.  We even got out of the movie with no popcorn and a drink.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Very Own

I'm coming to you live today from my VERY own computer.  I have been thinking about buying a laptop for me for a while.  I have used Brooke's when she is home for the weekends but I do get tired of not having a computer that I can do my pictures or blog or read Facebook or online shop.  So today Abi and I walked in Office Depot and walked out with a computer.  I don't know if I even got a good computer.  But its the middle version of the two I  was looking at.  The guy suggested Lenovo because it was IBM I think.  So I went with him.  I don't know anything about computer other than I have bought two others and like them fine.  One for my mother and one for Brooke. 

Anyway, typing this right now on it.  I was smart enough to set it up, and here I am.  Love it soo far. 

don't mind the no sheets on the bed...washing them.

UPDATE:  August 15, 2015, that lovely computer now has a broken screen....Jack threw it at Nick....I heard.  Hopefully it can be fixed!!

UPDATE:  September 7, 2015.  got computer back and I think it is fixed!  Good thing I bought the warranty for like $150!!

First golf

Spring break is upon us.  We have not gone on a trip for Spring break, but we did manage to go to the golf course.  It was kindof late in the afternoon and our good par 3 course by our house closed last year.  So we had to go to the driving range because Abi had to be home to Ref another soccer game.  But here are the pics of our first golf.  Actually no one fought.  Nick did get a new set of clubs.  I had them for Christmas and wrapped them and put them in the back of my closet and forgot about them.  So he opened them today.  When he and Jack have their own clubs there is not as much fighting over the clubs and the driver.  They constantly fought last year over who dented the driver in Nick's set of clubs that they both were using.  So its soo much more fun when no one fights.  It was a bit chilly but otherwise fun.  It is only the first of April.  Pics aren't that great.

Jack is on the left Nick on right


Nick with his new clubs

Jack with his clubs and my clubs on right...mine are soo old

Abi and Nick

Jack carrying our bucket of balls


Nick putting on the green

guy golfing alone who needed a partner

Abi putting on the green

guy golfing alone.  I should have asked him if he wanted a partner....