Thursday, August 31, 2017

SUU for Andrew

Andrew decided to accept a scholarship and attend Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah.  It is about 3 hours away.  He was super excited.  He drove down with Brooke to check it out a few days before school started.  Here are his pics.  Good thing Brooke remembered to take some photos.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hunter Safety for Jim bob...who would have thought

Brooke took a class at USU and she had to get certified in Hunter Safety.  Who would have thought.
Now she just needs a camouflage jacket to wear while she is hunting.  She was in some wildlife classes this semester and she also had to check and measure parts on real live sheep and build a birdhouse.  I think she is ready to go on the deer hunt.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Andrew Turns 19

Andrew had his Birthday and turned 19!  Can't believe he is that old.  We had our usual Duggar Dessert for his Birthday instead of cake.  We are not big fans of cake!  He got a computer for school and some basketball shorts.   I picked out the basketball shorts and he actually kept them.  Wow!

They are holding up 19 fingers!

That is the birthday sign that Brooke made.  She put Happy Birthday over the Graduation sign...we are a bit behind.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Jack and Nick chillin

Jack and Nick chilling in the basement.  Jack likes to use my phone


I Love my Attitude problem

I have been cleaning and throwing stuff away.  It is part of my new found minimalism.  I threw out about 10 more bags of garbage and stuff to the DI.  Sometime in my cleaning, I found this shirt that Melanie bought me like 30 years ago.  I am not sure why I never opened it, but I am also not sure why she thought of me when she saw this shirt......

Hogle Zoo

The boys have been in football at night so they are tired and so we haven't been doing much in the daytime.  However, we decided we needed to go to Hogle Zoo before Brooke quits for the season.  We went and walked around for a while and got a drink, churro and popcorn.  All half price because Brooke was with us.  Price is right at the Zoo when Brooke works.

These are the only pics we took.  This is the wall at the Ape house.  where you see your arm spam with an Ape's span.

The Chairs and finished

I finished the table and was going to buy some new chairs because some were broken and we only had 4 and needed more...however I am kindof of poor. So I decided hey why not just paint the chairs I have and get more mileage out of them.  I don't even like the table so why not paint the chairs since I don't like them either.  And I had this bench that I didn't really like, but  could use it at the table. So I decided to paint that too.  It was black and a year or so ago, I was going to paint it. I painted it pink as a transition color and never did anything else. Anyway, here is the old bench.

This is the chair before

Here is the chair all sanded and ready to start painting.  You have to wipe off the dust before you paint .  That is kindof a pain

I couldn't decide what kind of paint to use.  There are a lot to choose from and I am not an expert on spray paint. here is Nick posing some of them so I can send a pic to Paula to ask her.  Paula is the expert on everything paint and home furnishings

So Paula said to use this Gray Primer by Rustoleum.  She says she loves it.  So, here is the grey primer painted on the chairs.  The problem with spray paint is that I want to do it outside and it is super hot so you have to paint early in the am or late in the pm. If it is dark you can't see what you are doing.

I was going to throw away one chair because it is broken.  But that would take me down to three chairs and a bench...kindof wierd.  Well, I decided I might as well try to repair it with my skills on youtube.  So removed the spindles on the bottom that were broken, and bought some dowels and replaced them.  not sure it will work, but I don't have much to lose since I was throwing it away.  Here I a trying to get the broken parts out of the whole.  I was using water and vinegar...I ended up drilling it out.  Much faster

Then I had to glue it together.  Here is the broken part

here is the fix.  Time will tell if it worked.

 Here are the chairs with the gray primer on then, and the white one is finished.

Contrast between before and after

my foot after spray painting the primer

Kindof anti climatic, but here is the final stage.  This is the table with the chairs.  I really love it.  The chairs are a bit white, but really considering I don't like the table to begin with, I think it looks great.  

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Football starting

Football season is upon us.  Jack and Nick both decided to play.  The first few weeks are brutal...

Jack sweated a bit at his practice...

nick in the bulls eye shirt standing

Look at all that sweat..