Monday, May 25, 2015

Cemetary 2015

The annual Cemetary trip.  Spanish Fork with the folks.  We go visit Melanie usually on her birthday, Dec 4, 1963 (thats for we know when she was born..) and on Memorial day.  We like to go on Saturday or Sunday because its not as crowded.  Nothing like a crowded cemetary.  haha. The day started with Gma and Gpa picking me up.  We wait to get to Michelle's house to get our drinks at Maverick.  Gpa is always soo generous to pay for all our stops.  He pays and gets the smallest drink.  But thats what he wanted.  We did get some nasty donuts too.

Then off to the cemetary.  Michelle cleaned off the tombstones.  We placed those mums on Melanie, Kathleen (my other sister that passed away), Helen and Madge (my dads sisters that passed away when they were like one day old), Grandpa Lewis and Grandma Lewis and Aunt June.  Sounds like we were really busy.  Nope, just Michelle.  I can't stand the sound of the shovel on the cement when she was scraping the dirt and grass clippings off.  So I had to walk away.  We take the same pics every year.  I decided its a way to just monitor our weight gain from year to year.

my older sister that died

My Oldest Sister

my grandpa, my dad's dad

my dad's sisters.  they didn't live very long

My grandma, My dad's mother

I didn't get a pic of all the windmills on Melanie's grave.  She got three.  I know she is up above saying 'how come I didn't get all that HUD all over my grave?"  well, we did the best we could.

We also stopped at Chili's for lunch on our way home.  So yummy and fun.  Cemetaries really are interesting places.  I like to look around and try to put families together.  Some people have had a life of death. (If that makes any sense.)  Lots of death.  Lots of children die.  The Spanish Fork cemetary really is pretty,  I even have a plot there for me.  I should have taken a pic of me testing out my plot.  If I got down to take it, I probably wouldn't get back up with my arthritic knee....

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Damage

 I have been traumatized about the whole event.  My brother texted me.."call me"  "no" "you won't call me?"  "what do you want?"  He says "I have some Earth Science questions to ask you".  So funny.  No he doesn't.  He wants to hear about the wreck and I can't talk about it.  Love him though.  He makes me laugh every time I hear from him.
this is my forearm. Doesn't look like that.  Hard to take with my other hand.  I stull use an old fashioned camera


side of my left arm



top of my left thigh

So, After this car wreck, my mother sent us over some dinner from Costco.  Fettuccini, salad, oreos, ice cream, and drumsticks (our favorite ice cream things..)  It was super nice and we loved it.  Costco fettuccini is absolutely Fab!

Michelle came out to Bountiful to go to Marlena's Relief Society.  She came out early and we went to Rumbis.  She treated me to dinner and then hauled in all this food from Costco, just because.  It was super nice of them to feed my family.  She said it should make it easier for me for a few days.  Waaaayyy Kind.  Love her.  She said she cried when she heard about our crash.  Me too.  It was traumatizing.  Still is.

Car pics

I can't even type up what happened yet. I am uploading some pics because michelle wants some



Sunday, May 17, 2015

McCall service Project

McCall, our cousin, decided to wash garbage cans to earn money for i don't remember what.  She passed out flyers, and on the day after garbage pick up (so their cans are empty) she would pick them up, wash them and then return them to the owners.  It was $25 for one can, and $5 for the second.  What a bargain.  She washed until late at night.  she had a lot of help.  Marti, McKenna, Jack, Nick and Mitchell.  We had to leave to go to baseball.

Nick and Jack water fighting



Nick and McCall

Jack giving McKenna a hug after he's all wet


McKenna drying the cans with the lawn blower....not sure that part was necessary


Saw this on Facebook.  hahaha  story of my life

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Baseball 2015 Nick

Abi's legs, Chilly Willy, and Nick in the front
Nick is also playing at Mueller Park.  He is playing on the Royals.  He usually hits to get on base and he plays

Nick was keeping track of the batting order for Jack's team
outfield or second base.  He just goes by Nick on his team. (I messed up this layout and can't fix it..)  He is super funny and loves it. 

Baseball fans

This was him going in the dugout after he got pegged in the arm by the pitch.  He couldn't even run the bases.