Friday, April 20, 2012

Grandpa Lewis would have been so proud of this egg!!
Our egg collection



Jack in his new easter clothes

Thursday, April 19, 2012

This and that

hmmmm. We're to begin. Been so sad that I'm being released from the best ever Church calling. The Sacrament hymn Waver. Well, the really scary parties that I'm now n RElief Society Presidentsy as Second counselor. that sounds soo old. I am the one over homemaking meetings.....WHAT were they thinking.....Now I have to go..... I also have been having a serious midlife crisis. I want to go take motor cycle lessons at the Harley Davidson store. You don't even need to have a motorcycle. You can take the class and they can certify you for a motorcycle drivers license at the end (assuming you pass of course)....Classes would be from like wednesday through Sunday for a few weeks. How do you think that excuse would go over for Why I can't be there for Relief Society on Sunday. Oh sorry, I'm at Harley Davidson lessons......How could would that be!!! Can't find anyone to take them with me.... maybe I'll tell the Pres on Sunday and see her reaction!!! Could make my whole day!!! and my vacuum is dying.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My favorite child :)

My favorite child turned 16 years old. I can't believe I'm this old and have a 16 year old.

Reflections Contest

Abi is our Local craft woman and all around creative member of our family.  She entered the PTA reflections contest.  The theme was Diversity.  She made this cute flower out of clay all by herself and them wrote about it. She took first in the 3D division.  She had to compete with the Jr high students because 6th grade is considered Middle School.  WOW!! 

She didn't know I was coming to the assembly.  Here she is in the stripe sweater.

These were her other entries.  Her 3D one was over at the Jr High for Judging

David Archuletta

So, Brooke has hauled me around looking for David Archuletta.  We went to a book signing once and it was the wrong day.  Then we went to another signing (for when he was with the mo tab choir) and we had 15 minutes left and a HUGE line. So she got in line with her friend.  THEN we went the next night and waited in line for  TWO hours with Jack.  Here are those lovely pics of him.  Really cute.  Oh and the pics of Brooke and cute too.  Jack said he was never going to see him again.

Spa Time

Soaking our feet in the bathtub
final results
Abi is our resident spa lady.  She makes her own hand and feet scrub out of a secret recipie that she got from her friend.  It is totally fabulous!!   So, here we all are waiting for our spa treatment.  Soaking our feet in the warm water and look at the final result!!!  So relaxing!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Wrestling ends

We have come to the end of the wrestling season. Had a huge wrestling tournament called South End. Andrew had 3 great matches. We were there from after school til 10:00 at night! Now he can start thinking about baseball!
my other wrestlers