Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Abi is 16 and is a Legal Driver!!

Wow.  Seems like  yesterday that Abi was just a baby.  She was the cutest baby with a birthmark on her head.  Her hair has covered it up, but until her hair grew in, everyone had to comment.  She is funny, cute, smart, and great at anything she tries.  She is willing to try most things!  Not sure I am ready for another driver or for paying for more  car insurance.  But she is worth it!

Yahoo!  legal now!!

Celebrating after with frozen yogurt!!!

LAX against Copper Hills

Andrew is still playing Lax.  I missed a few games last week due to scheduling of the other kids an driving them.  Since the baseball was rained out tonight, I was able to see most of Andrew's game against Copper Hills.  They lost.  Andrew played great.  Don't think he even had a penalty and had to kneel on the sidelines.

Weather driving over to LAX

LOIS driving to LAX.  So excited to watch Andrew!

Proms 2016

Abi and Andrew both went to Prom.  Bountiful High and Woods Cross High had the Prom on the same night. We looked all over for a dress for Abi, then her cousin Grace happen to have a dress she wore to a prom.  And it just fit.  It was Beautiful.  She went with Adam Cresswell.  Funny story, that 10 years ago he lived in our very house.  His dad was the Bishop.

Abi and Andrew

Abi and Adam

Tillie (abi's friend) and Abi

Abi Tribe and her date coming to get Abi

He asked her with this tray of chocolate strawberries.  Abi couldn't figure out who Alec Waldes was.  She didn't know him....oh she had to unscramble the letters!  Adam actually dipped the strawberries himself.  Soo Cute.

It was fun to have him come and get her instead of Andrew who leaves at 3:30 to get ready at his friends house.

Andrew went with a girl named Kenna.  

I can't remember how he asked her, but she answered him with this on the porch.  It was really cute.  My favorite part are the tall Jesus Candles near the poster.  You can't tell they are Jesus Candles in the pic.  But they are so Great!!!  THE best part!

Maureen and Andrew

Abi, Andrew and Brooke