Sunday, May 25, 2014

Spanish Fork Cemetary 2014

We took our annual jaunt to the Spanish Fork Cemetary.  But this time we had some additional members.  This time, it was Michelle, McKenna, Grace, Brooke, Abi, Grandpa, Grandma and Nick.  We had a great time.  The Clemons car arrived first so we took advantage of the time to relax in the sun next to Melanie's grave.  It was an absolutely beautiful day and this was fabulous.

from left, Maureen, Abi, Brooke, (nick taking photo)

Melanie's grave added in this shot

Nick added on the left.

Brooke attempting to balance on the fence with Mckenna

Brooke trying to get onto the fence

Then Michelle, gpa, gma, Grace and McKenna arrived.  Michelle cleaned all the graves off with a shovel and a broom and bring decorations.  We bring lots of hud to decorate Melanie's grave because we know she is saying 'oh how come I didn't get all that hud on my grave like everyone else' so michelle brings lots of hud for the grave. 

Then we have to go eat and we ended up at the Taco Bell.  After that, we went to glade's for a milkshake for on the way home.  Nick ordered a vanilla and accidentially took the dudes cookie dough.  Bummer, they should have been faster at getting orders out.  Grandpa is always a good sport about paying.  We also saw gra

ves for Grandma and Grandpa Lewis (my dad's parents), Melanie (my sister), Kathleen (my sister), Aunt June (my dad's sister) and lots of other cousins and aunts that I really don't know.  It was cool to go to the cemetery and see how beautiful it was.  I sometimes think that people who put lotsof HUD on their graves need to get therapy.  It was fun today to see all the people at the cemetery looking at loved ones and keeping the family tree alive and how much people love their families and want to stay connected. 
So, a funny note.  My Aunt June purchased like 14 funeral plots near Melanie.  Well, she was cremated and her Urn was placed BETWEEN two people that were Husband and wife!  Carl and his wife Teddy.    So that day, we were at the cemetery, their daughter was there and was quite upset that Aunt June was buried BETWEEN them.  It was weird because she purchased the 14 plots.  One would think that she would get one of those.  So, next time we were there, the headstones were moved!  Much better.  But the whole thing is kindof fishy..

Friday, May 23, 2014

Soccer 2014

Abi and Jack have played Soccer this year for Forza. Jack has played recreation soccer and Abi competition.  She is the keeper.  She is one fantastic keeper.  She stops tons of shots and comes home with at least one injury per game. 

Jack at keeper




Jack and Machine Pitch

Jack played Machine Pitch this year.  Its my favorite because everyone hits or strikes out and it is super fast. Jack has played 3rd base or left field.  He gets in trouble because he wants to catch all the balls and get all the grounders at practice!!  He usually hits too.  He did have to have a new batting helmet this year.  All the helmets are too small for him.  Imagine.  It was hard to find one that was big enough.  He also had to have a baseball bag and a new ball mitt.  But he lost the ball mitt. 

ready for the play

Jack is on 3rd base here.

I think this I jack throwing the kid out on first


Someone Special Lunch

Boulton Elementary has a "Someone Special Lunch" in the Spring each year. So, ths year, I came and brought Andrew.  We watched the second grade plays and then we had Subway on the Lawn.  So much fun to eat lunch with all my boys.  I think Andrew just wanted to come to miss school.....He had to have Panda afterwards though.  He can't do subway unless it is hot.  He likes Meatball.  Jack and Nick both had a FOOTLONG from Subway.  No wonder we are thicker than most!  LOVE those boys of mine!

Andrew and Nick

My Boys