Friday, September 28, 2012

Car trouble, barf, and dog poo

The day was great.  School good until faculty meeting (which is always depressing to me) but it was off to soccer in American Fork after and I love to go to soccer.  Andrew was taken care of because gma was going to drive him to football even though she was going to watch the game.  Then Andre was going over after his practice to watch.  So off to American Fork with Abi, jack and nick.  We were stopped in traffic after about 10 minutes...we were in BYU game least I got plenty of gas...the drive was crazy.  It took one hour and 30 minutes to drive 40 miles.  I was soo stressed.  I have this engine lighten that I haven't had time to fix.  I ally we got there just 5 minutes late for game time.  Abi was the goalie.  Great job!!  Now here is the real story...on he way home at thepoint of the mountain, my car overheats.  I got 4 beeps which means pull over immediately.... So we did.  It is dark and my caris broken down.  so abi and imet out and put water in the radiator..(good thing she didnt drink much at soccer)  and it still was overheating.  I called michelle.  I called marti.  I called chilly wily.  I called mitchell and mckenna.  Oh while i am doing that, abi tells me that Jack is in the car throwing up...nice.  How can I ask someone to come pick us up "oh and by the way my son is throwing up".

I kept starting the car and running the heater.  Each time I could drive about 4 inches with the heater on before it chimed 4 times.  FINALLY I was able to drive a bit with the heater going on the shoulder a bit.  Then it cooled down to 1/2 the temp....we kept on going... And going...and jack is sitting in the back seat in his throw up.  We couldn't stop to clean him up.  We MADE it home!!  I was soo stressed and crazy...I really didn't know what to do when no one answered... Blake finally answered and said he would come get me but would Jack throw up in his car??  Well really couldn't say .  Lynne said she would come too.  Guessing need to take it to be fixed or get a new car...I don't have money for either one ....(jack finally got taken care of!).

AND Brooke goes to feed the neighbors dog she is watching at 11:30pm calls me because the dog has pooped all over the house on the carpet.  I wanted to stab myself.  S over we went.  I gave her the rubber gloves and she didn't want to clean up dog poo.  Well, me either.  Not my dog gig.  Finally after about an hour and a rug doctor job I think we got it cleaned up...but not sure what this am will bring after the dg was inside all night..the dog would outside but they had a drunk driver drive,through their back yard last weekend in the middle of the night so the fence isn't fixed....

and I still haven't had time to go get y prose I want at kohls because I haven't had at time...if my coupon expires hen I'm really goin be mad......

Grateful to be home safely and that it didn't overheat on way down in that horrible traffic.  Guess I was watched over.  Really.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Football Helmet

Andrew has started Football.  I know when summer is over when Football Starts.  It really takes priority in your life.  every day 6-8.  Puts a damper on summer activities having to be home for him to jog in the heat at practice.  He isn't that eager to go on a hike or swim before hand.  And the best part Andrews heads soo big that he needed a custom football helmet!!  He gets to wear white instead of Gray like his beloved Bountiful Braves!  $300.  Ouch.

$300 helmet

Soccer goalie

Abi is playing competition soccer again this year.  She has had three games.  She is the goalie most of the time.  I worry all the time when she is goalie that she will go down to catch a ball and someone will come to kick the ball and kick her in the mouth and knock all her teeth out.  It hasn't happened yet.  On saturday she had three balls kicked to her and she stopped all three.  The other team didn't score at all.  Great job.

Football On the line

Football Season!  Yahoo. Andrew is number 61!  He plays on the line.  This week we played against Murray. We lost.  We have won one game this season.  The first one and lost the 2nd and third game.  There is always this week against West!  Go Braves.  Football is the best. Practice 5 days a week until school starts and then it drops to 3 days.  It lasts for two hours and Andrew is sooo tired after the practice!

jack playing in the long jump sand box at the game.

Getting their butt chewed for letting a guy through on the line who got their quarterback

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Piano Performance

Abi played a piano solo in church!  She played Renaissance Hymn.  It was an arrangement by John Schmidt of two hymns.  She did a fabulous job!!!  Everyone said what a nice job she did.  She looked so cute too in her new clothes.  Way to go Abi!!

Back to School 2012-2013

Can't believe we are back to school already!  Seems like summer just started and now it is over.  We did have some good times so that part is fun.  Brooke is a junior, Andrew is 8th grade, Abi is 7th grade, Nick is 3rd grade and Jack is in 1st grade.  All of them are in school full time.
Never thought I would reach that milestone.  Wierd to have them grow up soo fast!  love them all!!

Nick is 9

Nick turned 9 on September 3.  Wow,  Can't believe it! He is such a fabulous kid.  He loves school, piano, and playing with legos.  He got Legos for his Birthday but we have to return them because his mother picked out the ones he already had.....He choose cupcakes for his birthday cake!!  Love him

S'mores and hot dog roasting

We decided on Sunday to go to the canyon and make s'mores.  Then we decided we might as well take up hotdogs too.  It would involve two packs of hot dogs and ins and ketchup and mustard.  So we did.  Sooo fun.  We had a great time.  Little planning and not to expensive.  a few of them took a little hike and jack fell down.  (Kindof sounds like a nursery rhyme...) hahah what's funny about that......

Andrew and Abi

Abi, Brooke and Nick

Andrew and  Nick

The Mom




Brooke, Jack and Abi


Brooke, Jack, and Abi

Brooke, Nick and Jack

Brooke, Abi and Jack





Brooke and Jzck

Brooke and Jack



Nick enjoying a beverage


look at these beautiful teeth??   These are before.....

These are the After (notice the new glasses)Andrew lost his glasses at Scout camp when he was getting the Rowing merit badge.  They fell to the bottom of the lake!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

A new CAR

So now we are a two car family!  Brooke and I were looking for a car and we were at low book sales. We didn't see any cars we liked or could afford.  So the guy asked if we had financing and showed us a car in the "bull pit".  It is where trade in cars go before they fix them up for selling.  They had a fabulous KIA 2006 with 78 000 miles on it.  Sounds good.  I took it to the mechanic and he thought it was a fabulous car.  Then to the credit union and then the DMV.  We are set.  Now Brooke can get home from school and she can drop off Andrew in the am for jazz band and she doesn't have to be 45 minutes early for school.  I don't have to pick Brooke up from her friends house that takes 35 minutes round trip in the night cuz she can just drive herself!   This is great until she gets in a wreck.... and  totals it. maybe she should drive the van and I should drive the car!  I would look really good in that car!


I think I am having a personal meltdown.  I am soo tired and stressed!  Too many places to go and too little time and no car to get there.  I'm teaching productivity at school which means I don't have a period off every day to prep or grade.  But the reason I do that is because I get paid one more hour a day.  It is SOOO hard.  One is soo tired at the end of the day!  Then I have football for Andrew and soccer for Abi and buying all their school stuff...then I had back to school night for me as the teacher AND for my Elementary students.  Then Brooke thinks she needs a car...we just need two cars.  On and did I mention that I need to go to bountiful music like 10 times for stuff?  Then I have fees to pay.  Brooke was $147 to register, Andrew was 157.00 and Ab was 133.00.  That doesn't cover the cost of individual classes like the 6.00 chemistry fee or the fee  for the direct writing test...Brooke's ather did payer fees but the check was returned so that didn't help me at all.  Now I have to pay.

I haven't had time to exercise.  They're making our school open less hours so I can't go on sat any more unless there is junior jazz practicing .  I went at 5:30 in the am last year but not sure I can go at that time this year.  Here comes the diabetes then.  Or the high cholesterol.  It is already on its way!

Money causes me constant stress.  Never enough to go around .   Guess I could get a second Job at maverick convenience store.  I feel like I need something for the stress!