Friday, February 27, 2015

Valentine's Day

Valentines day is soo fun at the Elementary school.  I dont like so much making a box, but now that I just have boys left, it is easy.  They want some kindof sports box.  Here are their Valentine boxes.  Jack is the green one.  It has a picture of the Patriots Stadium glued to the middle of a green field.  Then he typed the names of the players and glued them around the stadium.  We cut a hole in the side for the valentines.  He only put from Jack on his Valentines because it takes too long to write each name.

Nicks box was for UCLA.  He covered it in blue paper and then cut the name out of Yellow paper.  He also typed the players names and cut them out.  Such a nice job for him also.  He opted to write the kids names on the valentines.

This is my Valentine I found that Jack wrote to me.  Love it

Spence Eccles Field House

Abi had a scrimage soccer game against her friend Tillie's team.  They played at the Spence Eccles Field House at the University of Utah.  It was super cool indoor soccer field.  Abi played a great game.  Her friend Tillie played a good game too.  It was fun to watch both of them.  I took some pictures, but they didn't work out very well,  The turf caused a glare, but here they are.  Abi is the keeper.  Not sure how I feel about her being a keeper.  Every time she goes down for the ball, I pray someone doesn't come and kick her in the mouth when she is saving the ball.

We had to go and buy some new chairs because we had our grandmas car and no chairs.  They were purple and 12.99 at Smiths.  I didn't get a pic.

This is what it looks like from the inside.  Super cool bldg.!
here is the pic of the inside. The turf was long, but had lots of little pieces of tire in it.  that when the ball bounces, the specs of the tire would come in the air and you could see it.

Abi at keeper, and friend Tillie on the right with yellow cleets


Hockey again

This is our third Hockey game for the year.  We have been getting free tickets on our Pass of All Passes we bought.  Soo fun to go to the Game.  This foam fish is funny because of a LONG joke with Blake.  He and Grandpa went to a BYU basketball game and he gave Blake like $20 for a treat.  Blake brought back TWO foam hands for Gpa and himself.  Oh my dad hates stuff like that.  SOOO funny.  I would loved to have been there!  so Foam hands are a total joke in our family so when we saw this FOAM fish I had to take a pic. It was cool because it said Feed the Grizzleys.  And it was a fish and Grizzleys eat fish.  I would have bought it if I had any extra money!  Fun to spend Martin Luther King day at the Hockey game.  Michelles family were out of town for this game so we had to go by ourselves.

this is funny because we have a joke about those foam hands.  this is a foam fish

Free shirts

Pucks we bought

having a snack

All of my honeys

Selfies from Jack

I found these pics on my camera (yes I still use an old fashioned camera...) of Jack taking selfies.  Too funny to pass up!

That's Andrew not jack

He looks just like Chilly willy his dad

Monday, February 23, 2015


I thought I should blog about just regular old happenings at our house.  If this is the only journal my family will have of me, then maybe I would like more day to day stuff.  Sunday is very important at our house.  We go to Church every Sunday.  We love Jesus Christ.  We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  We follow Jesus Christ.  Each week we are in church.  We never just stay home. Andrew is there blessing the Sacrament and the rest of us are sitting in the pews.  I would take a pic of us in Sacrament meeting, but we don't take pics at church on Sundays.  I love going to church as a family.  Really.

I fall short of the things we should be doing as a family to get to the Celestial kingdom.  I'm not sure how to go about some of them....

Science Fair for Abi

Abi takes Honors Earth Systems Science.  For that class, she had to do a Science fair project.  So she did one about some sea that has half salt and half fresh water.  She had to make a ppt and then present to the other science classes.  She was good enough to go to the District Science Fair.  She spent all day at the Science fair being judged by different judges.  They walked around and talked to all the students who had projects.  Grandma was nice enough to drive her to the Science fair because I was working...she also gave her a ride home. We had to go to back to get her board.  When we did, there was a pic that said she was a finalist.  Which meant she needed to stay to the awards ceremony. So we stayed and she took 3rd place in her division. She competed in Chemistry.  She also is in 9th grade and competed with High School kids. Wow!  That is terrific.  What a great job.  She does such nice work all the time.  Her mother, the Science teacher, didn't even help her out with it. She designed it, performed the experiment, and wrote it all up herself.  I did provide the board and the glue.  Great job Abi!

District Science Fair

This was on the school webpage announcing that she placed at the Science Fair!

This is abi.  This pic was in the Standard Examiner.  Stan Ellsworth from a TV show on PBS, American Ride, came to talk to our school and Abi made the paper in the audience..

shaking Superintendent Brian Bowles hand