Thursday, July 30, 2015


I am soo nervous. I need to get a chil pill about stuff...really.  Sometimes I just wake up and can't sleep because of stuff going on in my life.. Such a pain.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Days of '47 Rodeo

After Bear lake, we finished out the holiday weekend at the Days of '47 Rodeo.  Its ''47 cuz thats the year the Pioneers entered the SLC  I didn't know that for a long time.  We went with Michelle and her family (our Bear Lake Buds) and Mark's family.  It was fun.  We went General Admission since it was a last minute deal for us all.  You can tell the seats are a bit high.  They were in the upper bowl.  It was fab though.  I really wish there were more bull riding.  We saw like 6 bull riders.  Thats the best.  We will have to look for tickets to the PBR.  That is Professional Bull Riding.

Nick, Brooke and Maureen.  The only attenders

One arm Bandit
The One Arm bandit was hilarious.  Right in the middle of the rodeo, all of a sudden two buffalo come out and just walk around and roll in the dirt.  Then this truck with a ramp comes out and they walk up the ramp and walk around on the truck (Its in the background).  Then they walk off and this dude who is missing a hand, comes out and rides around with this whip.  He does some whip tricks (kindof), Then walks on this ramp truck too.  It was soo stupid.  We were just laughing about it the whole time.  Then when we left, he was outside near his buffalo that were in the pen.  So we had to have our picture!!!  Hilaraious.  He seemed to be very nice though.

Bear Lake Part 3

The rest of the trip we played on the beach, played in the water or in the swimming pool.  We also played a few games of volleyball.  Really it was a super fun trip.  filled with good memories and good people.  We had everyone there except for Mark's family. We also missed McCall this year.  Not sure who we will have next year.  It was fun to have Mitchell there since he got off his mission in December.  He has never been with us.  He certainly livens up our group.

Nick on the right, Jack on the left

Jack standing, Mckenna on the ground


Marti sleeping on the right.  Those are his shoes.  Kenna on the left




Michelle and Zach (kerry's son)

Brooke, McKenna, Mitchell, and Blake

Brooke, McKenna and Mitchell's feet