Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Bar of Soap

I have been having some signs of restless leg syndrome.  I go to bed and my legs just jolt around for a while.  I dont think it happens when I'm sleeping, but when I'm just getting in bed.  And when I'm watching Grey's Anatomy.    So I found a remedy.  Putting a bar of soap under your sheets.  Yes, a Bar of soap.  So I tried it.  SO much better.  And last night, I was thinking, I think restless is coming back and I couldn't find the bar of soap under the sheets. Have to get another bar and tie it to the bed!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Kimballs porch

My dad went home teaching.  He has 100% home teaching every month.  My mother is the partner.  They were going over to the Kimball's house and tripped up the stairs and FELL off the porch and into the dirt and under a bush.  Mrs. Kimball had to go and get some clippers to cut the bush so he could get up!!!  Got a scrape on the back of his head and hurt his leg.  Otherwise all is well.  Well, other than the bush that had to be cut!

This is him before they cut the bush out!

Annie Starring Andrew

Andrew was once again the star of the School play, Annie Jr at Mueller park Junior High School.  He was the FBI agent.  Such a star.  He worked so hard and looked so handsome!