Monday, January 23, 2017

On other days...

Saw this and made me laugh!  Soo true. Funny of the day needed or not.

This is a post i saw later.  This is a business that I have thought about going to...I like this

Health Tip of the Day: Choose to be optimistic -- it feels better :)

Friday, January 20, 2017

Blast from the Past

 I have this friend at school that texts me this picture.

This is my yearbook picture about 24 years ago.  I think it was my first year teaching...

wow.  Look what 24 years does to a person.  I am on the second row, third one from the left...

She thought it was soo funny because it was her friend's yearbook...I did have a VERY expensive outfit on from Nordstrom Invidualist department.  Those were the days.  No kids, no house, nothing but me.  All about me!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

McKenna is in Beauty School

McKenna has been in beauty school for about a while.  I went down and had a pedicure and Abi had a Scalp massage.  Next time I am having a pedicure AND a scalp massage!

Nick and Andrew went down and had a hair cut too.  Great Job!

Monday, January 9, 2017

You are always in a hurry

Nick and I went to Costco after school.  We were shopping around, and a guy wanted me to come look at his hair removal stuff.  Well, I said that I wasn't interested.  He said oh just come over.  I said that I was in a hurry tonight.  Nick says to me "You are always in a hurry".  Well, yep I am.  That is the problem with being a working mom.  We are in a hurry, always.  What we don't get done today after school (work) doesn't get done.  Everyone wants their agenda covered at home, but it comes at a price.  Yep, I am in a hurry.  I am not saying that I like it.  I actually hate it.  I think I am much better mother in the summer when we can just spend an hour at Costco or eat and sit and laugh and then go swimming and rest and watch tv or a movie or whatever. It is a hard balance.

Cancelled Church

I have been going to church for 50 years.  Today was a first.  During Sharing time, the Primary president came in and interrupted singing time and announced that we were leaving church early.  In fact, the parents were coming now to pick up the kiddies.  There is an Ice storm on the way.  Church was cancelled yesterday for some people I know in Centerville.  Wow.  The only other time I have known church to be cancelled was a few years ago we had a terrible wind storm that blew trees to the ground.  They cancelled my moms church, and told then to go home, eat lunch, get your work clothes on, and help clean up trees and stuff.  Ours wasn't cancelled because we have no trees where I live so we had no damage.

So we are home, after shoveling the driveway of previous ice and snow, (and after having an argument in the front yard that makes us look like trailer trash) and a car parked at gma's house (because we have a bunch of cars in the driveway) two jugs of Ice melt (20.00 worth) and Brooke not going back to Utah State tonight.  Not sure how this will play out in the morning, but we shall see.  I hate to not take it serious, then when I'm stranded someone says 'well, it isn't because you were not warned...'

Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas Break

Christmas break was filled with lots of fun.  So sad it is over.  Fun to not have anywhere to go and just do whatever we want.

Moana with the fam.  Well, almost the fam.   Minus Abi

Notice the weight on this guy.  They sell them every year at Maverik for like 13,99...Its an entire lb of reeses.  Well, snagged them at 4.99 after Christmas...They were a bit of a let down...too much peanut butter for the chocolate ratio...pic on the left is what it looked like opened...

Lots of sledding.  This is Nick at Boulton

Then we decided to go to Texas Roadhouse after sledding...

Nothing like the Awesome Blossom....

We also went to the Salt Lake Stars Basketball game.  They are the Minor league that feeds into the NBA...something like that.  Thsi is the Stars bear (or whatever the mascot is) that is bothering Jack

Nick caught that T shirt and Jack caught that Stars Ball

went to Michelle's house for McKenna's 21 Bithday.  We played Pie Face...Looks like most of us lost!

Last day of the Break, Abi and Maureen went to see McKenna at her Hair School.  I got a Pedicure and Abi got a Deep condition and a style!  She did such a great job.

Here we all are!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Jack videos

Random videos that I found on my phone of Jack and Brooke too...He is into taking videos on my phone...


As I reflect this past year, it is one of good memories.   Which is the way it happened or I just forgot about the bad.  Either is good.   It was a good year for the Clemons.  We survived a Car Wreck, a School shooting, Graduation from Snow, two more cars, Golf, LaCrosse, Football, Baseball, Eagle Project, Life guarding, fighting, Bear Lake, Dances, Crushes, Zoo keeping, Ulcer, Drivers License, and 4 different Schools.  I looked back on this blog (as fabulous as it is) and thought we had a good year.  We still have somewhere to live, cars to drive,  good health (so far), health insurance, food, clothes, gas, heat, cooling, friends, Family, a Job, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Are there things I would change?  Absolutely...some I won't mention but  I would like more money, a house that fits my family better, a ward where my kids have kids their age, a new car (even though I own 4, I want a new one for me...with heated seats), more time, love, less arthritis, less weight, family vacation, skiing, more shoes, less stressful job or no job at all, a new mattress, more golf, more movies, clean house, more clothes, and less fighting,,..I have been very, very blessed.  I do wonder if that means 2017 will be more heartache and even less money and more fighting.  I hope not, but here's to 2017 May it be even better than 2016!