Thursday, January 31, 2013


Well, my FAVORITE Christmas present of all was a necklace from Brooke.  It was from Vintage Pearl.  It had 5 silver coins engraved with all 5 of my children's names on it.  THEN it had a birth stone hanging of each children's birth month.  She did it all on her own, paid for it, and had Grandma order it with her credit card and had it delivered to grandma's house.  THEN on Christmas eve, we had to go to grandma's and pick up something that was in a priority mail envelope.  Couldn't figure it out.  Then on Christmas, this is what I received.  LOVE her.  So thoughtful.  (She said I had to have a vintage pearl necklace because my friend Rebecca has one, and I have been jealous of it for a while.  I couldn't afford one...)  Made me all teary on Christmas!  (and now as I type it and think about it)  It was hard to get a good pic because it would glare where the flash was!!  bummer.


A Love Note

Jack wrote me a note and put it above my bed so I could see it every time I went to bed.  (he did stick it right in the middle of the paint that he tore off!!)  Soo CUTE I love it!

It says I Love mom.  It hangs over my bed!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jack's Basketball

Jack has played Jr Jazz this year.   This is his first time playing basketball.  He LOVES it. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sunday at Michelle's house

We went to michelle's house on Sunday.  Jack is soo excited to go to Michelle's house all the time.  Nick is too.  He says Michelle is much nicer than I am.  Jack really likes B Davis (the dog).  Here's a short video on B chewing on Jack.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

soccer videos

I have only posted football videos.  I don't have many on soccer because my memory card has been full for a while. But here is some soccer videos of Abi.  She is the keeper. 



football videos

Here are some videos from football that I wanted to share with myself.  Since I'm the only one reading this blog, it is dumb to say I want to share with you all. 

And another

And another

Friday, January 11, 2013

Let it snow!!

Today there's no school because of snow!!  Yahoo!    We have like 12 inches of snow at our house and we usually get like 6 inches.   Took chilly willy to the bus this am and roads are not plowed and the snows deep.  I had already decided that Brooke was NOT driving to school and was going to get there like 45 minutes early so the ret of us could get there early before the traffic.  But instead we will just stay in bed today!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas 2012

I forgot to post about  Christmas so I'll do it now although it will be in a different order...Christmas was one of my VERY best.  I was soo tired but really, it was fun.  Brooke, Andrew, and Abi all got Golf Clubs.  Brooke doesn't golf, but if she wants to go with us, she needs some clubs.  She is left handed and hard to borrow someone's clubs when you are a leftie.  We did also get a second car that she takes to school.    Jack and Nick both got bikes.  Nick got a BYU shirt and Jack got a Utah shirt. He loves Utah.

We also went to THREE movies.  Can't believe it. The last movie I saw in a theater was LAST Christmas.  It was The Lorax. Not really that great of a movie for my annual movie.   BUT this year we saw Les Miserables.  Loved it.  Brooke, Abi and I went at 9:35 at night which is against all my rules because I fall asleep.  I stayed awake the entire time. Hugh Jackman and  Russel Crowe were  excellent and pretty cute too!   We even got a popcorn and a drink.  Living it up.  Then the next night we went to see Life of Pi.  I liked it but I think I did doze off a bit.  We went to the new Larry Miller megaplex in west valley.  The best part is there are reserved seats.  We got popcorn also.  (Little things excite me.  Only one drink this time:( )

THEN, later we went to see Rise of the Guardians.  This time with Nick and Jack.  I promised Nick we would go after I stiffed him the other night to see it.  We were driving to the theater to see it, and Michelle called to say that we were going out to dinner with Mark and I needed to pick him up at City Creek in an  hour.  so I had to drive back home with Nick and he was CRAZY mad!  This movie was my least favorite  of the three.  But fun to go with the family to a movie for a change!  Love them so much.  oh Chili and Andrew didn't go...Love Andrew though.

Basketball Boys

All three boys are playing Jr. Jazz Basketball.  This is Jack's first year.  He was soo excited to have his basketball practice.  So Cute.  He also wore his jersey to school today.  He was also the fastest running to the middle of the court.  He must not be a Clemons.  We are not the fastest at running EVER!

Nick is in yellow shirt...hardly see him




Monday, January 7, 2013

Maureen how could you leave these pictures off! Your a hottie!

I love you in your helicopter hat!

Green shirts

We are having no more green shirts in our family ...S, Brooke has a cute green shirt that she ripped on her friends rear view mirror....(not sure how that happened or what happened to the rear view mirror...)  THEN Abi got a new green shirt from Old Nay because they had a fabulous sale...and she went to iron it (this is after she asked me to do it, and I said well, get the iron out) and I hear this yelling and screeming.  She has just BURNED a hole in her green shirt.  The iron was wayyyy too hot.  Both bit the dust.  Funny thing is they were almost the same color and super cute.  Too bad there is no more.!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Pajama pants

This Christmas we got pajama pants on Christmas Eve.  Never in the history of the Clemons family have we had pajama pants.  Soo cute.  The girls matched but the polar bears didn't come in boys so they got basektballs, skulls (my favorite) and just plain old plaid flannel.

Abi, Maureen, Brooke

My very favorite treat!!!

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve we went to Temple Square with the Pearts.  We went about 7:30 so we would beat the crowd.  Marti had to work so we waited for him.  Walking around was fun and cold.  Then we stopped at mcdonalds for dinner and got some chinese food.  What a better Christmas eve activity and dinner! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 plan

Well for the new year I feel like I need a new plan!  I need something different.  Not sure how to get things different but if you do the same things you get the same result.  I need different results for my family.  A different plan besides following Jesus Christ because that's always The Plan.