Saturday, March 28, 2015

I Sure Must Love Him

I sure must love Andrew or any of my kids. I just sent Andrew on his trip with some money.  Not much, but it was my birthday money.  I have NO money right now.  It was all I had.  The reason I have no money's because of all of them spending it...I usually don't spend that on them but I have had to occasionally.  .  I paid for Brooke birthday party one year  with it....but love them so I did.  I don't want them to know they are poor...being poor is the Pitts....

Monday, March 23, 2015

Hi Ho Hi Ho, Its Off to Work We Go

Saturday found everyone at work.  Brooke is working at the Hogle Zoo for the summer.  She had to work 9:45 to 4:30.  She sells tickets and takes tickets.  Has to wear Khaki pants, preferably cargo pants but she opted for normal pants.  She should really be working in the gift shop or selling HUD in the zoo. She is all about HUD so she would be perfect.  She wouldn't pose for a picture yesterday.  I

Abi had her first Ref job. She is the AR Ref it is called. She is on the sidelines and just calls the ball in or out and takes care of substitutions. She was suppose to have two games, but the second one was cancelled.  We finally got her new Ref shirt the day before.  Nothing like waiting til the last minute.  She did a good job.  She has another ref game this week.

Abi in black and white shorts

Abi in action with her flag

Andrew was working at Subway.  He has worked there for a while.  Abi and I had time to go to Subway after the ref game, before her first soccer game of the season.  He makes a mean sandwich.  The head girl told him to give me a discount.  I taught her in school so we ate for $5.00.  I did leave them  $5.00 tip however.  Love the Subway. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Do Not Touch

Jack is the youngest.  He has to protect himself.  He had some food that he got from Panda and didn't eat it.  He put a note for Andrew or nick

 NOT to eat his food in the fridge...

Basketball and Hockey Again

Another Hockey game. This time Nick, Jack and Maureen went. The rest of the people had something else.  Michelle's family wanted to watch The Bachelor on TV.  So, we had 14 tickets and 3 attenders.  It was super fun again.  We had nachos (not that great.  Probably not get them again) and popcorn and drinks since it was just us.  We are fun that way.  They played the Ontario Reins.  The Grizzleys won.  It wasn't very crowded and  more casual so it was super fun.  I wouldn't even have posted again about it, however, this time, we got an autograph of a player.  Ryan Hayes.  Jack and Nick were pretty excited to get his autograph after the game.  They asked him if he scored, and he said yes.  Jack said oh yea in the 2nd quarter.  So funny he knows all about sports but can't do his homework.  .  .

Jack and Nick also played basketball this year.  I didn't get to very many games.  I had knee surgery during the season, and I got sick.  And I have scouts on Tuesday when Jack played.  But here is a few pics of only Jack.  I didn't see nicks game.


red shorts