Monday, September 30, 2013

Keeper Wars

Abi was involved in Keeper Wars for the Mayor's cup Tournament.  She was Awesome.  It is competition between two keeprs.  Not sure the details but it is 3 minutes of continuous diving and throwing and protecting the goal.  She had to have three shaggers to get the balls during the competition.  We had Nick and Jack.  But luckily there were plenty of other people to shag for her.
They were very good shaggers in their shirts!  Abi did fabulous.  She was really tired after. 


Goalie Wars

This is her 4 minute goalie war video!!!

Abi and Addie getting ready

Abi and Addie ready for Keeper wars

Shaggers Nick and Jack ready to roll



I decided I needed to paint my room.  I have never painted MY room before.  I have painted my last house two times but never painted my room.  It had two walls that were yellow and the other two walls a different yellow.  So now I decided it was my turn.  I currently have white walls and one that is dark brown/chocolate color.  It shows dust and is ugly.  So I bought a new bed spread from the Target and decided I needed to paint to match.   I also couldn't decide if I could just paint the brownish wall or if I needed to paint the entire thing.  Well, decided I needed to paint the whole thing even though 3 of the walls and ceilings will still be white.  Every time I have tried to not paint the whole room, I end of making a mess or it looks dumb and end up doing it all anyway.
Jack next to the paint choices

After the paint

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Crazy days

Today was Saturday.  I have been home about 45 minutes of it.  Andrew had a football game.  Jack had a soccer game at the same time.  Abi went with Jack so I could see Andrew.  I think I won't get Andrew anymore this season.  Nick played Football, then right after that I had to take Abi to her soccer game at 4:00.  they won.  That is a wierd thing to say because they are use to losing all their games.  That is Fab!  then I ran over to the Women's conference at the stake center and met michelle micaela and marlena.  I was okay.  I was late of course ...due to my schedule.  And I got there for the last speaker, a rest hymn and president Monson.  On and the closing hymn by the sister missionaries in the MTC.  There are finally enough of them with the new announcement that sisters can serve missions at age19 instead of 21.

Anyway, it is crazy around here.  I have no time to clean or do anything but football and soccer.  I have trouble finding time to grocery shop!  But I can't really think what else I would rather do on a Saturday than watch my chilis in football or soccer!  So proud of all of them for working soo hard!  and proud of my Brooke that is my partner on the sidelines and when I have to be the treat mom!

Only thing that would make it better is if I were unfathomaby wealthy and had a boat in my driveway when I got home.  Oh and I didn't have to work.  I could cook and clean and go to the gym during the day then be a fabulous mother at night!!  Love the Chili Clemons more than I ever thought I would!

Jack was asleep in about 10 seconds of laying down.  He was all sunburned from his game and his football games.  he played nonstop today!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Marti babysitting

Jack loves to go to Michelle's house.  He can't get there fast enough when he finds an opportunity.  He was helping marti do the lawn and started skateboarding.  Then Marti helped him on the skateboard.  Jack and Nick Love Marti.  They were arguing over who got to ride to Las Vegas with Marti next time.  (we aren't even going for a while).  Because when you go with Marti, you get to leave early and get breakfast and then around 3:00 you stop and get lunch. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nick on the Line

Nick has been loving football...He had his first game this week.  he played on the defensive line and he was on kickoff return.  It was a million degrees and he still lived through it.  Way to go Nick!!  Nick is number 65 and has an X on his helmet.  You have to have an X if you are over the weight limit.