Saturday, September 30, 2017


My Cousin Sharon came to visit.  She was at a funeral in Boise and decided to come the extra 5 hours to visit.  She stayed at my parents house but decided to come to the Bountiful High School Football game with me.  I went because Jack and Nick wanted to go and I don't like Jack going alone.  So we went and talked.  We had a great time.  I think I look like I could be her mother.  

We stopped at Maverik on the way home to get Jack and nick a drink.  Sharon treated them to their slurpee.  

Had a great time with her visit.  She came because she doesn't know how much longer my dad will be around.  No one knows that question. This is probably the last time to see her for a while...

 This is her cane that she left here last time in my car.  I couldn't believe that I have kept it for an entire year.  She wanted it back.  Good because I don't want it anymore. Athough I am about to use one too because my arthritis is getting bad. 


Went to the Pharmacy today because it was payday.  Here is what I got.  FIVE prescriptions !  85.00.  I thought that I would get Chili Willy's meds while I was there since he usually asks me to get his since he is working two jobs...his were 43.00.  AND I didn't even get Nick's meds because it as too early to pick them up.  Good think I have good health insurance!

Andrew goes to Priesthood Session

Andrew sent me this pic.  He said he was going to Priesthood.  So I guess those are his roommates.  They look good.  What a handsome group.  What a good choice.  Andrew is on the left.  I miss him.

Aunt Lois's

So Michelle sends me these two pics the other day.  They are a blast from the past.  That is me in the Red shirt and I am holding McCall who is now 27 or 28.  We were picking tomatoes I think.  Must have been the only time my mother planted whatever we were picking.  That is Blake in the stripe.  He is now 30.  This was the beginning of being Aunt Lois.

This Pic is McCall and Blake again.  And I am in the front and Melanie (my sister who is dead) is the other one.  She was the real Aunt Lois.  Aunt lois is a doting aunt that can't get enough of you that comes to everything, and spends all her money on you!  The real Aunt Lois that we knew was super fat and frumpy!  However, we did not have those traits.  I think this is at Melanie's apartment in Las Vegas.  I must have been like 22.  Melanie must have 
been 25.  

I wish I could be as fat as I thought I was there again!

Football against Herriman and Bingham (yes, Bingham again)

Jack played against another Bingham again today.  They played really well, but still lost by 2 touchdowns.  Here is their player getting hurt.  They think he broke his arm. 

Jack is the one on the left running towards the camera

                                                      Jack is number 98

Here is his cheering squad.  His game is right by Michelle's house.  And all of Michelle's married kids live with her so they come.  Fun to have section all for you.  Mark was there too.  It was a beautiful day because it wasn't hot.  That was nice!

                                                       Jack is behind the kid that has the ball.

                                                       He is hiking the ball in front of number 10

                                                    Jack is 98 there in the back.  He was playing line backer today too

 These two horrible pics of Nick are all I got today.  I had to film the 2nd half so I couldn't take pics for me!  They played a great game and won.  So they have won 3 and lost 2.  Which is 3 more than they have won for the last 2 years.  Nick had a great game and a great hit.  He got his head hit.  He was afraid they would call him for targeting ...He said that both of them lowered their shoulders.  But he didn't.  He did get a penalty though.  (I think)

Jack Football and his cheering squad

This is Jack's game against Bingham.  It was a beautiful and hot day.

There is Jack with the light blue shirt under his jersey

Jack is the center.  You can see his arm getting ready to hike the bal

This is his cheering squad. Mark, Michelle, Mckenna

Paula, Hayden, Luke and Mark

Stella, Chili and me

                                                Luke, Chili, Trey and Marti and Stella's arm

So fun to have someone to sit by.  Fun of them to come especially on such a HOT day.

Nick the Football Captain

Nick was the football captain today.  He was pretty excited because he said he had been working really hard all week and hoped he would be picked.  So here he is.  They are holding hands waiting to walk out for the toss.  He is holding hands with his friend Marcus Tanner that lives by us.

Getting ready to walk out.  Coach Smith in the front going to lead them out.

Made it out to the center for the toss.  Guess you don't have to hold hands when you are out there.